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Unter meinem Namen erscheinen alle Artikel, die von bisherigen, nicht mehr registrierten oder Gastautoren verfasst worden sind. Eigentlich trifft man mich also überall auf diesen Seiten - immer mal wieder, und bin wie die Seiten selbst - mehr oder weniger virtuell.


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28.11.2012 10:15:52Virtuell Pokern - Casinogames in 3D
02.09.2012 04:06:00Fun, surprises and crowds can increase visits
01.09.2012 17:13:00See Happy Hunting Episode 15 on the web!
01.09.2012 11:16:00FdL-Planung heiße Phase
31.08.2012 21:05:00NWN's Monthly Blogger Challenge #1: MMORPG Style!
31.08.2012 19:07:00Happy Hunting! with guest Xandra Bressig – and the 1st episode of The Blackened Mirror!
31.08.2012 06:32:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: A chance to solve the mysteries of The Blackened Mirror
30.08.2012 21:39:00Modding Tips and Tricks for an Easy Makie Makeover
30.08.2012 18:57:00SimLife3D
30.08.2012 18:53:00Wir erfüllen deine Träume!
30.08.2012 17:49:00A new hunt reporter: Rosamoo Mendelsohn joins the team for Happy Hunting!
30.08.2012 00:41:00William Weaver Shoots SL Machinima of Luminous Beauty
29.08.2012 23:43:00Round Three of LEA AIRs Announced!
29.08.2012 23:05:00President Obama Visits the Virtual Community of Reddit
29.08.2012 22:07:00The Second Life of Isadora Tooley: New Novel That's Sorta SL-Meets-50 Shades of Grey Romantic Thriller
29.08.2012 20:04:00Top 50 Most Popular Second Life Sims for July 2012
29.08.2012 15:26:00American Precisionists Art at First Bank Gallery in Seraph City
29.08.2012 14:22:00Gewinner "Colorful" und neuer Room Contest Wonderland!
29.08.2012 00:27:00Philip Rosedale: SL Revealed The Limits of What We Can Do Online, But Will Still Change the Real World -- Someday
28.08.2012 22:36:00Black & White Challenge for SL Fashion Bloggers
28.08.2012 20:46:00Pathfinding Demo for Drone War, FPS Game in Second Life
28.08.2012 09:36:00Neue Aufgaben!
28.08.2012 00:02:00ON24′s sexy-and funny-media win
27.08.2012 22:56:00Second Life is Not the Metaverse -- But That's Not What It Was First Invented to Be
27.08.2012 21:34:00Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: Get a 20% Discount, Meet Co-Authors Tom Boellstorff and Celia Pearce in SL on 8/30
27.08.2012 18:58:00Top Eight New World Notes Posts from Last Week
27.08.2012 01:00:00Mal ein paar Bildeindrücke
26.08.2012 20:15:00Relay for Life launches in Inworldz!
26.08.2012 02:14:00ReactionGrid retreats from OpenSim
26.08.2012 01:51:00The future of the Metaverse: If there has been a failure, it is ours
25.08.2012 15:05:00SUYS mews.
24.08.2012 23:15:00Cloud Party Gets Island Created by Jewell of an SL Artist
24.08.2012 22:18:00I Love How Suriko Leimes Shoots SL Vintage Fair Fashion
24.08.2012 21:15:00Tiny Take Over for the new issue of Prim Perfect
24.08.2012 20:57:00SL Art Installation by claudia222 Jewell Gets Nearly 20K Unique Visitors -- But Goes Away Next Week!
24.08.2012 18:09:00Hol dir deine Coins zurück!
24.08.2012 18:00:00FATEwear: New Mesh Menswear Line Coming Soon to SL
24.08.2012 15:05:00Blasts from The Past: Posts on Virtual Events, Airlines, Facebook and More
24.08.2012 03:48:00Navigation versus immersion
24.08.2012 00:48:00Cloud Party Marketplace Now in Beta - Commerce System Comes With Royalties for Resold Items!
23.08.2012 23:09:00Plea to SL Bloggers: Clear Links, Names, & Titles, Please!
23.08.2012 23:03:00Serious games now $2 to $10 billion industry
23.08.2012 20:15:00Steam Adding Creativity Software in September - Important Context for SL's Move to Service
23.08.2012 18:40:00Der Zirkus ist da!
23.08.2012 15:42:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw – Celebrating Steelhead – and a Birthday!
22.08.2012 23:52:00Want to Take Great SL Images? Get Mr. Weaver's Phototools!
22.08.2012 21:47:00Makies Makes 3D Printed Dolls That Are Great for Modders (But Maybe Not Others -- Yet)
22.08.2012 19:42:00MMO Challenge: Does Second Life Have the Most Realistic Avatars of Any Online World?
22.08.2012 18:09:00Jetzt wird es bunt!
22.08.2012 03:10:003DMee
22.08.2012 02:21:00Speculoos
21.08.2012 23:35:00Virtual Worlds (Slowly!) Emerging from Disillusionment Trough In Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle
21.08.2012 21:21:00Keiko Takamura Performs Next Sunday at SF's Legendary DNA Lounge With Crashfaster!
21.08.2012 18:09:00How to Create a 3D Joystick to Use in Second Life
21.08.2012 17:56:00Vivox expands OpenSim support
21.08.2012 01:36:00Why DayZ's Open Ended Gaming Has Become So Popular
20.08.2012 23:23:00Founding Linden Advises Tech Companies Avoid God Mode (Listening, Linden Lab?)
20.08.2012 20:35:00OnLive, Not Very Live: Only 1600 Concurrent Users of Cloud Service, Company Tumult Reveals
20.08.2012 12:35:00Are you exploring the secrets of The Blackened Mirror?
20.08.2012 12:08:00Emo Style!
20.08.2012 03:35:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Beauty of the Wetlands
19.08.2012 13:33:00See Happy Hunting – with the Blackened Mirror trailer!
18.08.2012 23:13:003Di Cloud embed code released
18.08.2012 22:11:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Windlight in Wendell
18.08.2012 14:51:00SUYS goes rawr.
17.08.2012 22:14:00Kitely rolls out megaregions
17.08.2012 22:00:00Is Skyrim's Dawnguard Expansion Worthwhile... If You Don't Care About the Vampire Lords?
17.08.2012 21:13:00Second Life on Steam as Expressed in a Single Screenshot
17.08.2012 20:17:00Liebe in Stein gemeißelt!
17.08.2012 20:15:00Two Tutorials for Taking SL Photographs Like a Boss
17.08.2012 18:57:00Happy Hunting is back – with an exciting new season!
17.08.2012 15:05:00Top 10 Tips for Social Media Time Management
17.08.2012 13:42:00But ALL my friends are called Resident!
17.08.2012 03:15:00Project to Improve Graphics Rendering in Second Life
16.08.2012 23:28:00Second Life Coming Soon to Steam with Improved Graphics in Apparent Move to Position Virtual World as Gamer Platform
16.08.2012 20:37:00Johnny Cash's Childhood Home Recreated in Second Life by Arkansas State University
16.08.2012 12:39:00Room Contest "Dark"!
15.08.2012 21:35:00Four Tricks for Taking Gorgeous Skyrim Screenshots
15.08.2012 20:22:00Virtual World Stimuli Affects the Mind Like Physical Stimuli (Kindle Book Excerpt)
15.08.2012 18:45:00Yes, This is Actually a Mesh-Based Avatar in Second Life
15.08.2012 14:06:00Jetzt neue Gewinne!
15.08.2012 10:43:00OpenSim passes 200 grid milestone
14.08.2012 23:48:00Click to Visit Rustica & See How Far Cloud Party's Come
14.08.2012 23:31:00How to Make Mesh Words in SL With Google Sketchup
14.08.2012 21:09:00Open Forum: What's the Best Way to Display SL at a Public Event Under Non-Ideal Conditions?
14.08.2012 19:47:00Even Years After Leaving Linden, Lindens are Still Lindens
14.08.2012 07:51:00Litera-Tour
14.08.2012 01:26:00Watch "The Last Syllable of Recorded Time", Winner of UWA's Fiercely Competitive SL Machinima Contest
13.08.2012 23:47:00SL Pathfinding Update: No Negative Impact on Almost All Existing SL Content, Says Lorca Linden
13.08.2012 22:01:00Submit Content to Reddit's SL Subreddit, Get It on NWN!
13.08.2012 21:18:00Good Intro to Videogame Screenshots as Art Photography
13.08.2012 19:40:00Top 10 New World Notes Posts Last Week You Can't Miss
13.08.2012 12:20:00ABC Island to Close in Second Life
12.08.2012 22:00:00FireSabre waives fees for ReactionGrid refugees
12.08.2012 21:45:00Virtual Highway adds search, calendar, Lightshare
12.08.2012 08:13:0010 ideas for a press release
11.08.2012 22:15:00Skore lança videoclip de labirinto
11.08.2012 21:36:00Conheça a leveza de: Alpine
11.08.2012 11:57:005 ways platforms are better than games
11.08.2012 03:11:00Six steps to turn your designing into a business
11.08.2012 00:30:00Visit a Strange and Magical SL Sim Known as Black Kite
10.08.2012 22:37:00How to Play Dawnguard So It Doesn't Seem Like More of the Same Old, Same Skyrim
10.08.2012 20:48:00Is DayZ a Virtual World? It Has Users Roleplaying Journalists, Doctors, and Crazed Game Show Hosts, So Why Not
10.08.2012 18:00:00Should We Call This a Screen Capture or a Photograph? Hint: Neither (at Least for Now)
10.08.2012 17:50:00Tá mais do Que na hora de conhecer: HUSKY
10.08.2012 15:23:00Jetzt 50% sparen - nur bis Montag!
10.08.2012 10:50:00Botanicus Interacticus – Die Pflanze als Controller
09.08.2012 23:30:00Awesome Evening Gown by Eshi Made With Old Shirt, 300 Garbage Bags & Blow Torch - Get a Virtual Copy!
09.08.2012 21:53:00Thursday Machinima: "tactile illusions", Kaleidoscopic Visual Feast Shot in SL
09.08.2012 20:03:00Virtual World User or Gamer? Please Take This 5 Minute Survey for an Academic Study on Male & Female Avatars
09.08.2012 18:05:00Kinect System Turns Objects Into Human-Controlled Avatars
09.08.2012 17:42:00Piraten bei Smeet!
09.08.2012 15:05:00Summer Reading List: Books on Happiness, Neuroscience, Games and More
09.08.2012 07:07:005 ways to increase land sales
08.08.2012 23:16:00Damien Fate Gets His Head Into Second Life -- Literally
08.08.2012 21:07:00Cloud Party Update: Marketplace Transactions, Avatar & Camera Tools, Other Features Coming Soon
08.08.2012 18:27:00Classic Style and Retro Flair from Second Life's Vintage Fair
07.08.2012 23:26:00WELL Community Members Create For-Profit Corporation in Bid to Buy The WELL
07.08.2012 20:52:00Second Life Marketplace Grows to Nearly Half a Million Users
07.08.2012 19:17:00Minecraft Used as an Education Tool by 300 Schools
07.08.2012 17:00:00O que dizer sobre: Esteban - Canal 21 (videoclip)
07.08.2012 00:49:00Citing Havok License & Lack of SLer Usage, Linden Prohibits Viewer Log-in Option to Second Life's Open Source Spinoffs
07.08.2012 00:14:00Shock! Griefer/Egghead/Hollywood Conspiracy Exposed!!!
06.08.2012 22:26:00Would You Want to Wear Your Real Head in Second Life?
06.08.2012 17:27:004 Jahre Metropolis Grid – Happy Birthday
06.08.2012 05:22:00Pause
05.08.2012 04:35:00Virtual worlds and The Innovator’s Dilemma
04.08.2012 11:48:00Philosophie in der Bibliothek
04.08.2012 06:45:00Linden Lab cuts viewer link to OpenSim
03.08.2012 18:39:00Tá na Hora de conhecer: Villagers
03.08.2012 14:35:00The Secret World: A Review
03.08.2012 14:20:00Márcia Castro lança 29 beijos
02.08.2012 17:34:00Vamos ajudar a Apanhador Só?
02.08.2012 17:17:00Ouça nova faixa do velho Dylan
02.08.2012 15:05:00How I Attended My 25th High School Reunion on Facebook
02.08.2012 10:07:00Menschen hinter Avataren ... Menschen ?!?
01.08.2012 01:13:00SL Creators: What Will You Do With Your New Teleport Agent & Temporary Attachment Tools?
31.07.2012 23:09:00Old Republic Admits New Reality, Becomes Free-to-Play -- So Yes, This is the End of New Subscription-Only MMOs
31.07.2012 21:26:00HBO Documentary Featuring Second Life & Machinima Gets Emmy Nomination for Innovation in News
31.07.2012 19:37:00Facebook Says Facebook Full of Bots: Frankly, Fifty Million
31.07.2012 11:02:00Ja, ich will!
31.07.2012 10:52:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The wrong – or right – side of the tracks in atmospheric Seraph City
31.07.2012 00:19:00Will Second Life Go the Way of The WELL?
30.07.2012 21:44:00Watch Duran Duran With SL Avatars at the Olympics
30.07.2012 21:04:00Die Pegasus Bibliothek, Ernst Bloch und Gary Zabel...
30.07.2012 19:54:00Chris Marker, La jetée Artist & Sometime Second Lifer, Dies
30.07.2012 14:29:00ReactionGrid moves away from OpenSim
30.07.2012 12:15:00Süße Gewinner!
30.07.2012 02:50:00SpotON3D woos Linda Kellie for big PR coup
30.07.2012 02:41:00O Expresso do Folk Rock
29.07.2012 12:16:00Zartes Bloggerfleisch
29.07.2012 11:41:00Wenn das Internet voll ist ...
29.07.2012 11:08:00Das Wort zum Sonntag
29.07.2012 06:01:00Should we gamify the hypergrid?
29.07.2012 04:20:00Vendors slow to offer on-demand hosting
28.07.2012 21:53:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Perfect Library
28.07.2012 15:57:00Machinima Expo 2012: submissions open
28.07.2012 01:06:00London Olympics Come to Second Life (and Vice Versa)
28.07.2012 00:03:00Immer On
27.07.2012 22:45:00Guild Wars 2's Sylvari Race is a Pleasant Twist on the Elf Archetype... But it May Not be Twisted Enough
27.07.2012 21:01:00I Sure Love SL Fashion Screenshots Shot in Dynamic Shadow
27.07.2012 18:35:00Second Life Etiquette Tips on Love, Learning & Linden Dollars for New Users -- and Oldbies Who Deal With Them
27.07.2012 13:35:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Honour is Sleepless
27.07.2012 12:09:00Kunst und Grill - das Wochenende wird lecker
27.07.2012 11:55:00Die Sintflut bei Bookcrossing
26.07.2012 21:56:00Myst Co-Creator Rand Miller Thinks Worlds Like Second Life & Uru Live Have a Future on Tablets
26.07.2012 20:50:00Bathsheba "Dorn" Grossman Sculpture Becomes North America's Largest 3D Printed Object
26.07.2012 19:43:00Thursday Machinima Does Things Mother Told You Not To Do
26.07.2012 18:54:00My Wiley Author's Speaking Page for Game Design Secrets is Up, Let Me Show You It
26.07.2012 18:14:00KISS rockt Smeet!
26.07.2012 13:44:00Ein goldener Phönix!
25.07.2012 23:49:00Dayz Gets Its Own Embedded Journalist/War Photographer
25.07.2012 20:31:00Watch "The 3rd", Surreal & Lovely SL Machinima Inspired by Eliot's "Wasteland"
25.07.2012 19:27:00Edward Hopper Work Recreated in SL With Dynamic Shadow
25.07.2012 18:53:00Got Etiquette or Ethics Questions About SL Noobs? Ask Miss Metaverse Manners!
25.07.2012 18:23:00Crítica: Kamau - ... Entre ...
25.07.2012 15:05:00How iPads Transform Product Marketing
25.07.2012 14:46:00Knacke den Wochen High Score!
25.07.2012 13:48:00Die Mauer muss weg
25.07.2012 02:30:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: ChangHigh Trinity Sisters with Cypress Rosewood at RFL
25.07.2012 00:36:00Koinup Adds Printed Screenshot Service for Buying & Selling RL Copies of Virtual World Screenshots
25.07.2012 00:03:00Tuesday Machinima: "?", a Question Asked by a Fool & His Robot Friend
24.07.2012 22:25:00Die Presse über uns
24.07.2012 20:01:00Rod Humble Asking Hardcore SL Users How to Create More Hardcore Users (Which is Probably the Wrong People to Ask)
24.07.2012 18:32:00My Facebook Account Seems Throttled, How About You? UPDATE: Problem Solved, Here's How to Fix Your Updates
24.07.2012 13:13:00Euer außerirdisches Geschenk!
24.07.2012 06:58:00Features of a minimum usable WebGL viewer
24.07.2012 05:48:00OSGrid celebrates its fifth anniversary in style!
24.07.2012 05:24:00Open Wonderland showcased in Boston
24.07.2012 04:51:00Virtual salon builds confidence
24.07.2012 03:58:00Firestorm viewer upgrades OpenSim support
24.07.2012 03:40:00AvayaLive used for federal security training
24.07.2012 03:06:00Avination’s C$ now traded on PODEX
24.07.2012 00:19:00Cloud Party Usage and Growth Seems to Plateau
24.07.2012 00:16:00Reddit's Second Life Subreddit Needs More SLers Who Reddit!
23.07.2012 22:36:00Cool Kickstarter Merges MMO Gameplay to IRL Musical Taste
23.07.2012 21:04:00Monday Machinima: Watch "echo quietus serenata", a Whirlwind Montage of Magic, Madness
23.07.2012 19:38:00Top 9 New World Notes Posts on SL & MMOs Last Week
23.07.2012 18:31:00Prim Perfect Jigsaws: Three views of Knowledge at Relay for Life
23.07.2012 17:25:00Criolo estréia videoclip de "Mariô"
23.07.2012 17:02:00Um ano sem Amy Winehouse
23.07.2012 10:48:00Die Gewinner vom Raum-Contest!
22.07.2012 15:30:00Jetzt wird's abgespaced!
22.07.2012 09:49:00Choosing the virtual reality experience that’s right for you
21.07.2012 21:05:00Relay for Life – Time for a Cure in Prevention
21.07.2012 15:36:00Achtung! Letzte Chance!
21.07.2012 15:05:00Let’s Hangout, Then Share Our Conversation with the World
21.07.2012 00:35:00Bryn Oh's Latest Second Life Art: "Virginia Alone"
20.07.2012 23:07:00I Love This Muslim SLer's Stylish Tribute to Ramadan
20.07.2012 21:52:00Future Phoenix Viewer Development in Peril?
20.07.2012 20:46:00EA CEO Admits Problem Launching SWTOR as Subscription "In the World of Free-to-Play"
20.07.2012 18:22:00Iris Rants: SL Designers Missing Deadlines Drives Me Crazy!
20.07.2012 17:32:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Tower of Relay for Life
20.07.2012 17:30:00Resenha sobre o filme 2 coelhos
20.07.2012 12:47:00Smeet Runway!
20.07.2012 05:46:00Top 5: Parcerias entre amigos
19.07.2012 23:34:00Duran Duran's Olympics Opening Show for Four Billion Viewers Expected to Feature Second Life
19.07.2012 23:26:00Tá na hora de conhecer: Laura Marling
19.07.2012 22:55:00O que dizer sobre: Fresno - Videoclip de Infinito
19.07.2012 22:37:00Entrevista com Analisando Sara
19.07.2012 20:34:00Tutsy Navarathna's New SL Machinima Dazzles Dreamily
19.07.2012 19:15:00Attack of the Not-Bots - Cautionary Tale About Trying to Spot Automated Avatars in SL
19.07.2012 12:41:00Players Penthouse!
19.07.2012 11:30:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: ChangHigh Trinity Sisters at Relay For Life
19.07.2012 07:36:005 ways to fund a WebGL viewer
18.07.2012 23:46:00LEA Land Grant Applications Now Open!
18.07.2012 23:38:00Ausstellung und Lesung mit Moewe Winkler: "Im Immer-on"...
18.07.2012 23:32:00What to Wear in Second Life If You Like What Not to Wear: Virtual Fashion Primer for Fans of TLC's Makeover Show
18.07.2012 22:07:00Philip Rosedale: Second Life Usage Surpasses 2 Billion Hours
18.07.2012 20:16:00Watch "run RAM": Fantastic SL Machinima About Life Lived Between Two Worlds
18.07.2012 19:40:00In the Bay Area This Friday? Come See Linden Lab's Peter Gray Rock It With The Butterfly Knives!
18.07.2012 13:16:00Süße Geschenke!
18.07.2012 11:07:00Möwen im Café
18.07.2012 10:51:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Waterfalls at Relay for Life
18.07.2012 01:11:00Watch the "What Not to Wear" Team in Second Life Here
17.07.2012 23:24:00SWTOR Layoffs Also Mean End of Subscription-Based MMOs
17.07.2012 21:00:00Kitely cuts prices, adds cover charges
17.07.2012 20:23:00Tuesday Machinima: 2 Penguins Talk About Wisdom. Yes.
17.07.2012 19:27:00Coming of Age in Second Life Author Tom Boellstorff Joins Intel Science and Technology Center
17.07.2012 14:08:00Urlaub für die Seele!
17.07.2012 13:48:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: They Keep Good Time in New Babbage
16.07.2012 23:24:00Second Life Stays on Nielsen's Latest Top 10 Played PC Games & Increases Total Share, Engagement
16.07.2012 21:30:00Top Second Life Sims by Popularity for June 2012
16.07.2012 20:42:00Top 10 NWN Posts from Last Week You Can't Miss
16.07.2012 19:59:00Join Designing Worlds on a fantastic journey
16.07.2012 18:28:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Into the Cauldron
16.07.2012 14:43:00The End of the Second Life Community Convention
16.07.2012 14:39:00Raum-Contest: BonbonFarm!
16.07.2012 08:13:00Free Open University offers free OpenSim hosting
16.07.2012 06:37:00Sydney Fashion Week in Second Life
16.07.2012 00:14:00Time is running out…
15.07.2012 23:03:00Its the final countdown..
15.07.2012 19:52:00You may delay, but time will not.
15.07.2012 18:54:00Time brings all things to pass.
15.07.2012 15:19:00Streng limitiert! Das Bonbon Paradies Raum Paket!
15.07.2012 10:16:003Di to launch free Unity-based world – Hypergrid Business
15.07.2012 10:15:00Thoughts on the serious games scene in Singapore
15.07.2012 07:46:003Di Cloud no threat to Cloud Party
15.07.2012 00:25:00Hypergrid passes 100 grid milestone
14.07.2012 15:14:00Auf geht's in den Bonbon-Himmel!
14.07.2012 15:05:00Initial Impressions of Google+ Events and Hangouts
14.07.2012 04:35:003Di to launch free Unity-based world
14.07.2012 01:33:00SpotON3D suffers outage, denies closure
14.07.2012 00:32:00Sneak Peek: SL Hair Fair Benefit for RL Charity Wigs for Kids
13.07.2012 23:09:00You Are the Customers Linden Lab Wanted (It's Just That They Need So Many, Many More)
13.07.2012 20:01:00Bitcoin Owners Buying Over USD$650K in Linden Dollars Per Month on a Single Exchange!
13.07.2012 18:00:00How to Turn SL Fashion Screenshots Into 3D Animated Gifs, the Brie Wonder Way
13.07.2012 14:31:00Süßer gehts kaum noch!
13.07.2012 01:00:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Let’s get ready to “Go Relay!”
13.07.2012 00:07:00Web-Based 3Di Cloud Beta Testing Its Unity-Powered Virtual World Platform This Weekend
12.07.2012 22:25:00Facebook Investigating Accounts With Short Names Like Au?
12.07.2012 18:30:00SL Fashion Community Launches One Voice, a Fundraiser to Help Cover Designer's RL Legal Fees in IP Rights Dispute
12.07.2012 16:17:00Das neue Smeet Game ist online!
12.07.2012 15:05:00How Social Media Can Create Lifelong Friends (That You Never Meet)
11.07.2012 23:11:00Linden Lab Developing New 3D Sandbox Game Like Minecraft & Little Big Planet, Code-Named Patterns, Say Sources
11.07.2012 21:12:00Das große Bloggergrillen am 28.7...
11.07.2012 21:02:00SL Artists Like Aristide Depres Are Now Creating Interactive Experiences in Cloud Party
11.07.2012 17:12:00Ein Artikel über das Bücherpicknick...
11.07.2012 17:01:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Getting Ready to Relay (and setting up the Telethon)
11.07.2012 15:58:00Norwich students explore environment in OpenSim
11.07.2012 09:21:00Who Killed SLCC? Linden Lab and the Second Life User Community, Suggests Post by Former Director
11.07.2012 05:11:00There may be trouble ahead … and they’re already calling it Hell Week
10.07.2012 22:57:00Neal Stephenson on What He Learned from Funding His Game Kickstarter CLANG! (at the Last Possible Moment)
10.07.2012 20:40:00ProtoSphere adds Outlook support, bots, and more
10.07.2012 20:35:00SLCC for 2012 Cancelled (Which is Probably Just as Well)
10.07.2012 15:18:00Smeeter bist du das?
10.07.2012 10:45:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Unreal City – with a Real History
10.07.2012 05:55:00The University of Western Australia in Second Life: Audience Participation Events: UWA Centenary 3D Art & MachinimUWA V
10.07.2012 05:53:00Charting the growth of Second Life
09.07.2012 23:20:00Bitcoin Usage Now Under 15K, According to Bitcoin Wiki Link UPDATE: Bitcoin Advocates Disagree, Point to Link that Shows... Less than 25K Regular Bitcoin Users
09.07.2012 23:20:00Bitcoin Usage Now Under 15K, According to Bitcoin Wiki Link UPDATE: Bitcoin Advocates Disagree, Point to Link that Shows... Less than 25K Daily Bitcoin Users
09.07.2012 19:00:00Did Any Second Life Competitors Pass 1M Users? I'd Say So
09.07.2012 16:00:00Amors Pfeil hat getroffen!
09.07.2012 15:50:00Designing Worlds returns to the wonderful world of SL9B
09.07.2012 14:52:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Welcome to Utopia at SL9B
09.07.2012 14:27:00Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail
09.07.2012 09:07:00Top Five New World Notes from Last Week You Need to Read
08.07.2012 19:02:00Und wo war Second Life?
08.07.2012 16:57:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: All About the Art
08.07.2012 12:55:00Rückblick aufs Bücherpicknick
07.07.2012 14:46:00SL9B – how was it for you? The Lab wants to know too
06.07.2012 23:21:00Second Life Fashion Designer Raising $20,000 to Pay for Real Life Legal Fees in Copyright Dispute
06.07.2012 22:18:00When You See It (SL Version)
06.07.2012 21:42:00UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge and MachinimUWA V: Grand Finale & Audience Participation Event
06.07.2012 21:37:00SL Sweet Fridays are as Saccharine as SL Secrets are Savage
06.07.2012 20:49:005 Reasons Bitcoin is a Bad Idea for Virtual Worlds (Plus 2)
06.07.2012 20:23:00Talk on Copyright Issues Tomorrow
06.07.2012 18:20:0010 SL Stores That NEED a Second Life Marketplace Presence
06.07.2012 16:37:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: One Hundred Words away from One Hundred Dollars (from One Hundred People) …
06.07.2012 14:56:00Küssen für den Weltfrieden!
06.07.2012 10:22:00Bücher aus Backsteinen
06.07.2012 00:29:00How to Change Your Cloud Party Display Name and Limit Your Facebook Details That Other Users Can See
05.07.2012 21:29:00Get a Free Lepidopter Flying Machine Inspired & Authorized by Dinotopia Author James Gurney
05.07.2012 20:00:00Awesome Large Hadron Collider Machinima is Awesome
05.07.2012 15:05:00Lessons, Tips and Useful Thoughts on Social Marketing [PRESENTATION]
05.07.2012 11:38:00Wen küsst du?
04.07.2012 21:09:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick - 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für: Heidi Hensges...
04.07.2012 20:43:00The Good, Bad & Ugly of The Secret World, EA's New MMO
04.07.2012 14:44:00Neue Gewinne!
04.07.2012 11:21:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Pip, Pip – in Fermi!
04.07.2012 11:01:00Das wird DER Samstag!
04.07.2012 10:36:00A Prim Perfect Challenge for July 4th!
04.07.2012 08:17:00Rezension: Mein Kind ist bei Facebook
03.07.2012 21:13:00Cloud Party's Virtual World Islands Offer Declaration of Independence from High Second Life Land Tier
03.07.2012 20:59:00Prim Perfect – Calm Wind in Airflow
03.07.2012 19:44:00Valve's Machinima Platform is Now Available for Free -- And You Can Make Money from the Movies You Make With It
03.07.2012 13:02:00American Dream Haus!
03.07.2012 09:02:005 reasons grids should avoid Bitcoin
03.07.2012 06:36:00A mamãe gritou
03.07.2012 00:30:00Virtual currency 101
02.07.2012 22:45:00Will The WELL Survive? Members Pledge $100K+ to Buy Influential Virtual Community from Corporate Owners UPDATE, 7/3: Community Now Looking for Major Investors
02.07.2012 19:49:00Linden Lab War on Lag Feels Like US War on Drugs to Me
02.07.2012 19:21:00Designing Worlds visits SL9B – and we have jigsaws!
02.07.2012 17:36:00Techno Points sammeln und Coins abstauben!
02.07.2012 15:58:00Designing Worlds explores the wonderful world of SL9B
02.07.2012 13:48:00Pia Piaggio besichtigt State of the World
02.07.2012 11:04:00Top Seven New World Notes Posts from Last Week
02.07.2012 00:30:00Ernst Bloch in Virtueller Welt geehrt
01.07.2012 22:48:00Alurel : Music for Life Event July 1st
01.07.2012 13:58:00Can you film for Relay for Life in Second Life? Volunteers needed!
01.07.2012 11:59:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Sailing in the Blake Sea
30.06.2012 23:14:00Saffia up for Sale! Rowan to be Rented! And a chance to buy Mr Biggins …
30.06.2012 17:59:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick - 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für: Emine Textor
30.06.2012 14:05:00SUYS takes more vacation days.
30.06.2012 11:19:00Die Verlosungsaktion des Begedia Verlages zum Bücherpicknick...
30.06.2012 00:57:00ResLive, Web-Based Virtual World from OpenSim/SL Innovator, Getting Big Update Next Week
29.06.2012 22:41:00Cloud Party CEO Sam Thompson: Avatar Shape-Tweaking Sliders, Island Search, More Camera Control Coming Soon
29.06.2012 20:58:00Alyx Aerallo Finds Mesh Fashion Fitting for Fit Avatars
29.06.2012 19:49:00I Still Love the Second Life Images Ms. Lilliehook Likes
29.06.2012 19:21:00Lernen in 2020 – Blogparade
29.06.2012 15:47:00Vorfreude auf 2014!
29.06.2012 15:05:00How You Can “Imagine” to Be More Creative
29.06.2012 00:59:00OpenSim and Xbox Kinect sensor integration
28.06.2012 23:28:00Neal Stephenson's CLANG! Not Yet Crowdfunded -- Game Kickstarters Reached Saturation Point?
28.06.2012 22:52:00I Bet We'll Experience Virtual Worlds Through Google Glass
28.06.2012 22:31:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick - 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für: Sven Klöpping...
28.06.2012 20:56:00Awesome SL9B Machinima Montage is Awesome
28.06.2012 19:30:00New SL Skins from Gauze May Not be Right for Everyone, But They Might Be For You
28.06.2012 17:25:00Jetzt täglich Coins verdienen in deinem Restaurant!
28.06.2012 14:41:00Auf gehts Jungs!
28.06.2012 14:21:00Einladung zum 35. AK Heike Philp: MachinEVO
27.06.2012 21:48:00Many Second Life T-Shirts Use Unauthorized Copies of Real Life Art, Says Leading Fashionista
27.06.2012 21:06:00Daden releases easy 3D design tool for educators
27.06.2012 21:03:00Pioneering Economist Argues Diablo III's Auction House Removes Distinction Between Real Money & Virtual Gold
27.06.2012 19:25:003 Things Cloud Party Needs to Attract Virtual Fashionistas
27.06.2012 14:44:00Farbe bekennen!
27.06.2012 10:20:00Daden Unveil Oopal
26.06.2012 23:36:00Second Life Back on Nielsen's Latest Top 10 PC Game Ratings
26.06.2012 21:58:00Cloud Party Gains 2000 Users in Under a Week
26.06.2012 20:36:00Why's Airship Fetish Sex the "Ralph Pls Go" SL Meme of '12?
26.06.2012 18:25:00Unsere Helfer beim Bücherpicknick...
26.06.2012 17:55:00Pink Party Palace!
26.06.2012 17:32:009 ways virtual learning is better
26.06.2012 14:15:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick - 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für: Peter Borjans Heuser
26.06.2012 01:17:00First Rule of SL Tank Club: Let's Talk About SL Tank Club
25.06.2012 22:55:00Germans retake lead with 2 mil prims
25.06.2012 21:21:00SL Co-Founder Cory Ondrejka Now Facebook's Mobile CTO
25.06.2012 20:38:00What Virtual Flash Communities Make Possible
25.06.2012 15:01:00Hier sind sie, die Gewinner!
25.06.2012 13:09:00Don't Miss These Top Seven NWN Posts from Last Week
24.06.2012 22:04:00Japan-Woche Runde 1
24.06.2012 18:28:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick in Duisburg Meiderich - 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für Frederic Brake...
23.06.2012 15:55:00Time to Cloud Party
23.06.2012 03:41:00OpenSim NPCs simulate disasters
23.06.2012 01:48:00See SL9B's Destination Guide for this Weekend's Celebration
22.06.2012 22:48:00SoftPaw offers free land on OSGrid
22.06.2012 22:42:00Yes, Linden Lab Should Buy Cloud Party (But Likely Won't)
22.06.2012 20:38:00Speculoos grid adopts OMC money from Virwox
22.06.2012 19:47:00Fab Flickr Find: Awesome Illustrations Inspired by Avatars!
22.06.2012 15:34:00Der digitale Imperativ
22.06.2012 15:05:00How Social Media is Similar (and Different) to Swimming
22.06.2012 06:24:00Cloud Party is a social platform, not a business venue
22.06.2012 03:58:00An educator looks at Cloud Party
21.06.2012 23:09:007 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Party, The Web-Based, Cloud-Deployed, User-Created Virtual World
21.06.2012 21:48:00Facebook Credits Being Phased Out, Making Way for Many More Virtual Currencies
21.06.2012 18:38:00Iris Rants: Why SLsecret Drives me RL Crazy
21.06.2012 14:16:00Junaio 4.0: Wenn Augmented Reality wird
21.06.2012 06:14:00Hypergrid travels to get safer
21.06.2012 00:32:00Linden Lab COO/CFO Bob "BK Linden" Komin Leaving Linden Soon, Say Sources
20.06.2012 21:38:00Awesome Remote Solar-Powered Internet Office is Awesome
20.06.2012 19:24:00Die Japanische Woche am Kafé KrümelKram
19.06.2012 20:39:00Cloud Party Updates: Build Dynamic 3D Content, Log in Anonymously... But No ***-ing Swearing Allowed!
19.06.2012 19:36:00Facebook Fails to Understand the Pseudonymous Internet
19.06.2012 19:13:00Real Economist Joins Valve as Virtual Goods Economist
19.06.2012 14:31:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick - 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für: Frank Hebben
18.06.2012 22:07:00Cloud Party: New Facebook-Based User-Generated 3D Virtual World Supported by SL Co-Founder Cory Ondrejka & Ex-Cryptic Studios CTO Bruce Rogers
18.06.2012 19:30:00South Korea Bans Real Money Trading of Virtual World Items
18.06.2012 19:03:00Post Secret Secrets Versus Second Life Secret Secrets
18.06.2012 09:03:00My Favorite Nine Posts from New World Notes Last Week
17.06.2012 17:46:00Rendezvous mit dem Tod
17.06.2012 11:02:00Hilfreiche Faustregeln für deine erste Lesung...
17.06.2012 02:35:00In Case You Missed It: Posts on Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and Personal Branding
16.06.2012 05:36:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Prim Perfect tearoom at SL9B
16.06.2012 00:36:00Myst Adventure Game Classic Tailored for iPad Launches
15.06.2012 23:15:00Die Japanische Woche am KrümelKram...
15.06.2012 23:00:00Awesome Second Life Evening Gown is Awesome
15.06.2012 21:45:00Grid numbers rise, visitors fall
15.06.2012 21:03:009/11 Memorial Deemed "Offensive", Rejected from SL9B
15.06.2012 19:00:00Test Viewer With Mesh Deformer Available, But Linden Still Needs Mesh Samples to Make it Official
15.06.2012 18:32:00Freaky Friday - Party Dschungel!
15.06.2012 16:58:00Metaverse: The Movie -- Snow Crash Back in Development
15.06.2012 13:29:00AK 34 – Die 3D Arbeiten der Uni Augsburg
15.06.2012 10:45:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Fun Noir at SL9B
15.06.2012 02:08:00Firestorm viewer to support OpenSim
14.06.2012 23:24:00Photoshop for SL Screenshots Tutorial, Part 2: Making Your Avatar Figure Flawless With the Liquify Tool
14.06.2012 22:31:00Students use virtual world to learn math
14.06.2012 21:19:00Awesome Open Source 3D Human Skin Tech is Awesome
14.06.2012 20:20:00Pia Piaggio bei #SL9B
14.06.2012 18:35:00A Head-Turning Trend: Your First-Look at Leverocci's Upcoming Mesh Heads in Second Life
14.06.2012 18:17:00Hol dir das kostenlose Husky Baby Pet!
14.06.2012 15:05:00What the TV Commercials Tell Us About Twitter
14.06.2012 04:06:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: It’s going to be a real Hoedown at SL9B!
14.06.2012 00:21:00Try Telly: Video Sharing Service from John Hurliman is Like a Super-Social Pinterest for Video
14.06.2012 00:05:00New Webcam to Avatar Motion Capture System from Japan
13.06.2012 21:40:00Gaming vets seek $600,000 for MyWorld Kickstarter
13.06.2012 20:14:00A Very Very Early Look at Dio, Linden Lab's Upcoming Text Adventure Game -- Is It for Kids?
13.06.2012 18:00:00Virtual World Innovators Innovate Virtual Office Like a Boss
13.06.2012 05:50:00Avination donates code to improve OpenSim guns, vehicles
12.06.2012 23:13:00OSGrid prez sets 1 million object record
12.06.2012 22:42:00New Second Life Ad Targets IMVU's 18-24 Female Market
12.06.2012 21:14:00How to Import a Real World Object as a 3D Mesh in SL
12.06.2012 20:30:00iOS App Takes 3D Photos You Can Share on the Web
12.06.2012 19:53:00EON Reality updates 3d creation tool
12.06.2012 14:58:00Ein Fußballparadies!
12.06.2012 11:30:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Beautiful Builds at the Birthday – SL9B
11.06.2012 23:29:00Neal Stephenson Talks CLANG! The Game, The Stories That Inspired It, and Why He's Funding it With Kickstarter
11.06.2012 22:06:00Game Dev Michael "Gez Linden" Gesner Leaves Linden Lab -- But Plans to Add Game Mechanics to SL Will Likely Continue
11.06.2012 21:32:00The Free Syrian Army's Main Media Channel... is Facebook
11.06.2012 21:30:00Vernissage
11.06.2012 18:08:00NWN's Top 9 Posts from Last Week
11.06.2012 17:40:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: SL9B is so immersive!
11.06.2012 13:43:00Colour Blocking
11.06.2012 12:53:00GOLD High Society!
11.06.2012 10:57:00Fußballfieber - EM 2012
10.06.2012 21:44:00White House studying use of video games in education
10.06.2012 21:19:00Kitely rolls out in-world payments, Web messaging
10.06.2012 19:27:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick am 7.7.: Michael Iwoleit
10.06.2012 15:23:00Prim Perfect’s Meet the Designer Sessions at SL9B
10.06.2012 12:55:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Booshies at the Birthday
10.06.2012 11:14:0010 steps to a good press release — plus one bonus step for a great one
10.06.2012 11:08:00it`s about light color & prim - Kjs Yips Ausstellung in Bell`s Kulturcafe in München
10.06.2012 01:46:00Pegasus - Bibliothek hat Arbeit ...
09.06.2012 20:03:00Um patinho foi passear
09.06.2012 20:01:00E. A. Poe für die Ohren
09.06.2012 19:02:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Every garden has its lurking snake!
09.06.2012 05:39:00Celebrating the Birthday – without bludgeoning people with your brand
09.06.2012 00:51:00Troubled Twinity bought by Exit Reality
09.06.2012 00:03:00Founding Linden on the Trouble With Tech Turnarounds
08.06.2012 22:34:00Marvel at Ms. Messioptra's State of Second Life Screenshot
08.06.2012 21:41:00Make or Wear SL Mesh? Take Nalates' Survey!
08.06.2012 21:24:00Dark Desert Roleplay in SL's Kingdom of Sand
08.06.2012 20:21:00Freaky Friday – Techno Bunker
08.06.2012 19:00:00Lovely Minecraft Machinima With Dynamic Shadow is Lovely
08.06.2012 18:18:00Das virtuelle Präsenzseminar zum #SOMM des ILS – Social Media Manager
08.06.2012 13:46:00Lasst die Spiele beginnen!
08.06.2012 10:46:00This world my sandbox … and then what next?
08.06.2012 10:37:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: It’s all about Community!
08.06.2012 10:34:00Bücherpicknick im Parkhaus: Der Ablaufplan steht...
08.06.2012 00:56:00Welcome to Winterfell, Rustica!
08.06.2012 00:23:00How to Make Your Second Life Portrait Utterly Flawless With Photoshop's Liquify Tool
07.06.2012 23:44:00Gaikai's Facebook Fail: Hardly Anyone's Playing "Real Games" through the Cloud-Based Service's Facebook Portal
07.06.2012 21:11:00CyberLightning launches virtual collaboration environment
07.06.2012 19:10:00Miss Metaverse Manners: Surviving Survival Mode with Friends and More Minecraft Etiquette Questions!
07.06.2012 18:32:00Kick it like Diego!
07.06.2012 15:05:00How to Use “Brain Rules” to Make Your Next Event More Impactful
07.06.2012 11:04:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Taking shape – and shapes – at SL9B
07.06.2012 09:40:00Anpfiff bei Smeet!
07.06.2012 03:07:00Special Days at SL9B: Mesh and the AIDS Benefit
06.06.2012 23:55:00SL Forecast to Lose 10% of World's Private Sims This Year
06.06.2012 22:28:00Would You Play a Mobile Game in Which a Psycho Who's Kidnapped a Friend of Yours Calls You Up?
06.06.2012 21:39:00Reddit Island in Second Life has a Temple to Reddit
06.06.2012 20:28:00Got an Etiquette or Ethics Question About Minecraft? Ask Miss Metaverse Manners!
06.06.2012 18:00:00Are You Interested in the Online World of SimCity 2013?
06.06.2012 13:24:00Lass knacken!
06.06.2012 10:52:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Jumping for Joy at Winter’s (at SL9B)
06.06.2012 08:37:00Kitely to add in-world payments this month
06.06.2012 05:34:00SoftPaw Estates
06.06.2012 00:41:00Ceri Starts Selling Her Super-Sized SL Avatars
05.06.2012 23:17:00Top 25 Second Life Most Popular Sims for May 2012
05.06.2012 21:48:00Read Ready Player One, Acclaimed Story About Online Worlds (Says Douglas Story)
05.06.2012 20:47:00Autoren beim Bücherpicknick: 3 Fragen und 7 Sätze für Stefanie Jerz
05.06.2012 20:37:00Read & Play Bee, a New Interactive Novella from Linden Lab's Dio-Developer Emily Short
05.06.2012 19:12:00Al-Andalus closes
05.06.2012 12:24:00The Birthday Building has begun! (And there’s a jigsaw to prove it)
05.06.2012 11:56:00Technical glitches hit Designing Worlds
05.06.2012 11:08:00Die exklusive Fußball EM Vorschau!
05.06.2012 09:46:00Linden Lab registers new trademark
05.06.2012 00:43:00Linden Lab Market Capitalization Decreases $102 Million from 2011, According to Analyst Estimate
04.06.2012 23:07:00If Facebook's So Important to the Internet, Why’s the Internet Hardly Blink When Facebook Goes Down?
04.06.2012 21:18:00New World Communication: Wireless Network Names as Local Message Board
04.06.2012 20:48:00How to Market on Reddit Without Being a Marketing Weasel
04.06.2012 19:00:00Top 7 New World Notes Posts from Last Week
04.06.2012 17:35:00Revisit the Home and Garden Expo – with Designing Worlds!
04.06.2012 16:03:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Almost Flat Land
04.06.2012 13:05:00Hot-Or-Not?!
04.06.2012 11:20:00Pia Piaggio beim Machinima-Festival
03.06.2012 23:32:00The Great New Babbage Bar Crawl
03.06.2012 21:19:00Prim Perfect jigsaw: Broadway Cares Equity Fight Aids in Costa Rica
03.06.2012 15:23:00More Art for your Weekend!
03.06.2012 02:42:00Tyrehl Byk’s ‘Almost Flat Land’ Opening Today at LEA 13
03.06.2012 01:30:00lyrical moments
02.06.2012 23:40:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: A sense of tradition
02.06.2012 17:33:00The SL9B Celebration HUB
01.06.2012 23:23:00Three Reasons Why Your Mom Might Love Diablo III
01.06.2012 23:04:00Have You Seen Yooma Mayo's Dreaming Machine?
01.06.2012 21:30:00Webcam-Powered Facial Recognition Coming to Everquest II
01.06.2012 21:16:00Blogger Kara Trapdoor Leaves SL Through the Outdoor
01.06.2012 21:11:00How to Kickstart your virtual project
01.06.2012 21:10:00Stylissimo Appartment
01.06.2012 20:33:00What Went Wrong With the Word "Gamification"?
01.06.2012 20:04:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Let them eat cake!
01.06.2012 18:00:00Isa Messioptra Makes Masterful Single-Frame Movies With SL
01.06.2012 17:23:00What is Happening to Happy Hunting?
01.06.2012 13:22:00Einladung zum 34. AK E-Learning: 3D Arbeiten der Uni Augsburg
01.06.2012 11:00:00NWN in Japanese:Second Lifeの技術的問題へのユーザーの寛容さが、SLの成長を邪魔している--その理由
31.05.2012 23:20:00Want to Save Your Second Life Estate? Do What Desmond Did, and Offer Your Renters a Minecraft Server
31.05.2012 19:39:00Ekphrasis: Japanese Fun and Dreams at the LEA
31.05.2012 19:00:003 Fabulously Feminine Fan-Made Minecraft Skins
31.05.2012 18:05:00See StarForge: Minecraft Meets Halo in Infinite, Procedural 3D World With Dynamic Content Creation
31.05.2012 15:05:0010 Reasons Social Media Addicts Should Go Camping
31.05.2012 11:00:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Sheep Watching on Alchemy Immortalis
31.05.2012 09:47:00Welcome to St. Tropez!
31.05.2012 08:42:00Euclideon pops its head above the parapet
30.05.2012 23:38:00Facebook Didn't "Kill" Virtual Worlds, But It Did Show Their Shortcomings (Then Again, the Opposite's Also True)
30.05.2012 21:24:00Dio: Name of Heavy Metal God Also Linden Lab's Apparent Name of Upcoming Platform for Creating Adventure Games
30.05.2012 19:04:00SL Social Network: Less Than 100K Users, Says Google
30.05.2012 11:34:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Building the Birthday
30.05.2012 11:29:00Ahoi Matrosen!
30.05.2012 10:37:00Rezension: Gewaltphantasien Zwischen Welten und Wirklichkeiten
30.05.2012 01:54:00Second Life machinima helps Vermonters start driving
30.05.2012 01:12:00Georgia students discuss first OpenSim project
29.05.2012 23:13:00SL Founders Philip Rosedale & Mitch Kapor Invest in Sunglass, "Google Docs for 3D Objects" Startup
29.05.2012 21:40:00Annotated 9 Year Timeline of Social Controversies in SL
29.05.2012 21:12:00Outerra 3D World Engine Displays 400K Blades of Grass
29.05.2012 19:42:00SL Redditors Advise SL Newbie on Reddit
29.05.2012 12:48:00Japanische Woche
29.05.2012 11:05:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: What will SL9B look like?
28.05.2012 21:40:00Last Week in New World Notes: 10 Highlight Posts
28.05.2012 21:37:00Making It Real: Designing Worlds looks at businesses moving from Virtual to Real worlds
28.05.2012 20:26:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Farewell to the Home and Garden Expo
28.05.2012 03:24:00Exhibitor Applications for the Second Life Ninth Birthday coming in rapidly
27.05.2012 19:32:00Meet the Designers: Trompe Loeil and Rustica
27.05.2012 16:59:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Morphe’s Castle and Julia Hathor’s Cottage
26.05.2012 20:35:00Blue Willow Hunt at the Home and Garden Expo
26.05.2012 16:25:00Prim Perfect Meet the Designers: Black Tulip, Intellibook, Tranquility Way Station and Full Perm Mesh
26.05.2012 15:32:00Choose SUYS!
26.05.2012 12:21:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Going All Rococo
25.05.2012 23:19:00How to Turn Your SL Avatar into a Real Life, 3D Printed Doll with Makies: Iris Ophelia's Tips!
25.05.2012 22:13:00How an SL Creator Learned to Love the Zombie-Filled DayZ
25.05.2012 21:26:00SL9B Site Live: Resource for SL's User-Run 9th Anniversary
25.05.2012 20:48:00How to Fix Your Secondlife.Com Profile (If It's Worth Fixing)
25.05.2012 19:47:00SL Petites: Great Avatars... Not So Great Avatar Accessories
25.05.2012 18:38:00Freaky Friday – Liebeshöhle
25.05.2012 15:16:00Join Happy Hunting for a trip to the Home and Garden Expo!
25.05.2012 13:30:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Steampunk Cats!
25.05.2012 13:08:00Prim Perfect Meet the Designers: Builder’s Brewery, KittyCatS!, Park Place and Clutter
24.05.2012 23:32:00Second Life-Based Autism Therapy Yields Meaningful Real Life Improvements in Social Abilities, Study Suggests
24.05.2012 22:14:00Augmented Reality Apps on Tablets: Seems Like a Big Fail
24.05.2012 21:25:00Kitely now disconnects idlers, replaces OARs
24.05.2012 20:32:003 Ways Diablo 3's Lack of Avatar Customization Fails Players
24.05.2012 18:07:00Five uses for virtual worlds in the workplace
24.05.2012 18:00:00Who's Interested in the Zombie-Filled Virtual World of DayZ?
24.05.2012 15:05:00How Social Networks Facilitate Discovery and Engagement
24.05.2012 12:52:00Roundup from FCVW 2012
24.05.2012 11:34:00Aliens gesichtet!
24.05.2012 11:24:00Sprachschätzchen
24.05.2012 11:15:00Hauteng und super sexy!
24.05.2012 00:20:001920s Paris Meets the Metaverse in Mixed Reality Performance Art Show in Los Angeles Gallery
23.05.2012 22:59:00FCVW: Keeping up with the future
23.05.2012 21:32:00Cool Kickstarter: Zombie Playground, Kids vs. Undead Multiplayer RPG from All-Star Developers
23.05.2012 20:52:00Havok licensed for military simulations
23.05.2012 19:20:00Adeon Writer Builds Working Portal Gun in Second Life!
23.05.2012 11:32:00Welt-Schildkröten-Tag!
22.05.2012 23:00:00Lack of Linden Communication Causes Community Concern
22.05.2012 21:21:00Ever Advertised Your Virtual World Content on Facebook?
22.05.2012 19:39:00Heute ab 21 Uhr: Oliver Buslau liest im virtuellen Köln
22.05.2012 18:00:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: The Etiquette of Using (and Abusing) Second Life Templates
22.05.2012 14:13:00Kassiere doppelte Home Points!
22.05.2012 04:25:00Virtual worlds conference looks to the future
22.05.2012 00:18:00The Phoenix Viewer Project is a Non-Profit Corporation Registered in a US State
21.05.2012 23:21:00Leap in PC Computing: Kinect-Style Control of Your Desktop!
21.05.2012 22:07:00SL Pathfinding: Less a Potential "Tsunami" Than Postulated?
21.05.2012 20:44:00Settlers of Catan Parody Music Video ft. Keiko Takamura!
21.05.2012 19:21:00Top 7 Posts You Might Have Missed From Last Week
21.05.2012 13:52:00Bist du in den Top 500?
20.05.2012 17:15:00Räderwerk
20.05.2012 10:51:00Bücherpicknick im Juli
19.05.2012 20:08:00VastPark moves to the browser
19.05.2012 10:46:00Stockschmeißen
18.05.2012 23:01:00Makies, Customizable, 3D Printed Avatar Doll Creation Site Alpha Launches: Make Your Own Makie Today!
18.05.2012 22:01:00SLer Harlow Heslop Says: Pay it Forward to Another SLer
18.05.2012 20:52:00The Second Life of Facebook: How SL Helped the Social Network Go Big
18.05.2012 20:42:00Happy Hunting! tapes today
18.05.2012 19:32:00Fashionography: SL Fashion Blog for Manly Metaverse Men
18.05.2012 18:09:00Freaky Friday - Wildlife Loft
18.05.2012 14:34:00Pia Piaggio in der Oper
18.05.2012 14:05:00Community Leader Kev Sweetwater Passes Away At 35
18.05.2012 13:22:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Blue Willow Preview
18.05.2012 03:26:00How to tell if a region is up
18.05.2012 00:42:00Why Virtual World Content Creators & Game Developers Will Like Storybricks -- Brian "Psychochild" Green Explains
17.05.2012 22:39:00Why we switched from OMC to a local currency
17.05.2012 22:05:00Ekphrasis: Rusted Developments
17.05.2012 21:30:00New Mesh Eyes Will Revolutionize the Way Avatars Look -- and How We'll Photograph Avatars
17.05.2012 20:19:00SL Pathfinding a Potential "Tsunami" (If We're Not Prepared)
17.05.2012 18:58:00Hunting for Treasure in Armada Breakaway
17.05.2012 15:05:00Harness the Power of Your Personal Brand
17.05.2012 13:00:00SLACTIONS 2012: Call for Papers
17.05.2012 12:40:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Home and Garden Expo Preview
17.05.2012 00:00:00Second Life Usage Dominated by Third Party Viewers -- Linden Lab's Own Software Only Used by "Minority" of SLers
16.05.2012 22:17:00Cool Kickstarter: Word Realms MMO from Kingdom of Loathing Team -- Think WoW Meets Words With Friends
16.05.2012 20:52:00See Metaverse Arts with Steam Powered Giraffe and Destany Laval
16.05.2012 20:50:00Run Second Life on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet (Like a Boss)
16.05.2012 19:04:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: ArtWalk in Raglan Shire
16.05.2012 18:00:00Ask Miss Metaverse Manners About the Etiquette & Ethics Around SL Templates
16.05.2012 17:46:00Werde jetzt zum Zoodirektor!
16.05.2012 14:13:00Mini Diablo 3 Help Guide
16.05.2012 13:56:00Online Educa 2011 in Berlin
16.05.2012 13:00:00Die Dark Love Halle ist da!
16.05.2012 12:31:00Das ist Magie!
16.05.2012 04:26:00Shakeups on the hypergrid
15.05.2012 23:08:00Diablo III's Virtual Economy About to Transform the Real One
15.05.2012 21:07:00Phoenix SL Viewer Probably Has About At Least 50K Active Users UPDATE: But Likely Much More Than 50K
15.05.2012 19:43:00Storybricks MMO Builder/Kickstarter Project Alpha Launches
15.05.2012 11:39:00Smeetovision 2012!
15.05.2012 11:23:00Designing Worlds looks into Making It Real
15.05.2012 10:10:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: A Wizard’s Geometry
14.05.2012 23:54:00Lumiya: Second Life Viewer for Android Phones & Tablets -- With 3D Graphics Display!
14.05.2012 21:26:00Top 25 Most Popular Second Life Sims for April 2012
14.05.2012 21:07:00Get a 40% Discount for My New Wiley Book on iOS, Facebook, and Web Game Design!
14.05.2012 20:24:00Skyrim: How Marketing Turned a Niche Product Into a Mass Market Hit
14.05.2012 19:26:007 Posts You Might Have Missed Last Week (But Shouldn't)
14.05.2012 11:42:00Neueröffnung - Kingston Club!
13.05.2012 11:06:00Steampunker in Mannheim
12.05.2012 16:30:00A RUSTED DEVELOPMENT opens @ LEA 1 today!
12.05.2012 14:00:00Neues im Shop!
12.05.2012 12:39:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: A Rusted Development
12.05.2012 02:13:00Five tips for better provenance
11.05.2012 23:44:00Waking Mars: Thief Designer Randy Smith on the Virtual Ecosystem & Emergent Gameplay in His New iOS Game
11.05.2012 22:40:00Linden Lab's Emily Short Drops Hints on Linden's Next Project: Relaxed Storytelling for the Angry Birds Audience
11.05.2012 22:16:00Ashraya Project: Second Life Fundraisers for RL Indian NGO
11.05.2012 21:08:00Second Life’s Ninth Birthday: good news at last!
11.05.2012 20:46:00Oz Linden on the Mesh Deformer: We Want it in SL's Viewer
11.05.2012 18:15:00Iris Rants: Why Templates (and the SL Designers Who Use Them) Get Under My Skin
11.05.2012 16:31:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Sanity Falls
11.05.2012 15:56:00Freaky Friday - Partybutze
11.05.2012 13:44:00Sanity Falls and It’s Fun to be 5 on today’s Happy Hunting!
11.05.2012 12:27:00Am Rubikon zwischen Realität und Virtualität
11.05.2012 08:28:00Sichtweisen
11.05.2012 03:14:00Exciting changes in Costa Rica!
11.05.2012 00:39:00Cool Kickstarter: Panzer Pets, Customizable Pet Robot MMO
10.05.2012 22:35:00Second Life Users' Tolerance of SL's Technical Troubles Helps Stymie SL's Growth -- Here's Why
10.05.2012 20:56:00Founding Linden Hunter Walk on the Power of User-Generated Content on YouTube
10.05.2012 18:22:00SL's Latest Mesh-Based Style Craze: Petite Fairy Avatars!
10.05.2012 15:31:00Pimpe deinen Avatar!
10.05.2012 15:05:00It’s All Popular: Top 2012 Posts at It’s All Virtual
10.05.2012 14:50:00Frenzoo gets more funding for Me Girl
10.05.2012 13:56:00Pia Piaggio auf der Titanic
10.05.2012 11:30:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Lighthouse at Saerlaith
10.05.2012 03:49:00Designing Worlds visits Fantasy Faire
09.05.2012 23:18:00How to Rent Virtual Land for Your SL Store (Excerpt from Second Life Business Advice)
09.05.2012 22:19:00Google Reportedly Investing $30 Million in -- Now's a Good Time to Promote SL Machinima, Linden Lab!
09.05.2012 21:36:00Old Republic MMO Losing Subscribers Faster Than Expected, Hurting EA's Stock in the Process
09.05.2012 20:51:00Kinect-Driven 3D Holographic Chat: Is This the Future of Avatar Interaction?
09.05.2012 18:09:00Awesome Kickstarter to Turn an iPad Into an Etch A Sketch!
09.05.2012 17:14:00Neue Smeekiez im Shop!
09.05.2012 10:46:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Attack on the Birthday!
09.05.2012 03:50:00There have been better weeks for Second Life
09.05.2012 00:16:00Are Tablets the Breakthrough Virtual Worlds Need? Tech Editor Mitch Wagner and Me Debate
08.05.2012 23:24:00Linden Lab Needs Mesh Samples to Test Qarl's Mesh Deformer -- Or May Not Incorporate It Into SL Viewers At All
08.05.2012 21:35:00Top 50 Second Life Sims for April 2012, Excluding Porn... But Should I Exclude Porn from These Lists?
08.05.2012 20:33:00There May be Trouble Ahead … there’s certainly Major Second Life Maintenance
08.05.2012 18:02:00SL Marketplace Makeover: Linden Lab, Your Search Function's Fail, So Create a User-Made Collection Feature!
08.05.2012 10:13:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Kick (and the Community)
08.05.2012 06:36:007 ways to bootstrap a VW business
07.05.2012 23:33:00Augmented Reality Sandbox Displays Virtual Water Flowing Through Grooves You Make in Real Sand
07.05.2012 22:38:00Francois Hollande Nationalizes Second Life (Or Something)
07.05.2012 21:28:00SL Parody: What if Humble, Rod (I.E. God) Was One of Us?
07.05.2012 21:23:00Should virtual environments be realistic?
07.05.2012 20:53:00How to Advertise on Reddit & Not Be a Big Advertising Jerk
07.05.2012 19:12:00English learning grid launched
07.05.2012 18:00:0010 Posts You Might Have Missed Last Week (But Shouldn't)
07.05.2012 17:45:00Return to the Fantasy Faire with Designing Worlds!
07.05.2012 16:11:00Mark Your Calendar NOW! Bay City is Turning Four!
07.05.2012 13:09:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Return to the Fantasy Faire!
07.05.2012 04:35:00Virtual worlds offer variety, less stress for language learners
07.05.2012 02:40:00Six myths about the hypergrid
07.05.2012 00:03:00LyriKunst
06.05.2012 15:12:00Celebrating Prim Perfect’s 5th Birthday – Let’s Hit the Beach!
06.05.2012 11:17:00C´est la vie
05.05.2012 21:23:00Kitely adds groups, profiles, offline IMs
05.05.2012 17:04:00Want More Klout? Here’s How To Get It.
05.05.2012 00:24:00Swimbots: Free Evolution Sim Game for iPad by Linden Alum Jeffrey Ventrella, Ported by Karl "Qarl" Stiefvater
04.05.2012 22:50:00Elder Scrolls MMO: Massively Missed Opportunity (So Far)
04.05.2012 22:20:00Why An SL Educator Switched to Mobile Apps Instead
04.05.2012 21:01:00Virtual Drag Pageant Challenges Male Avatars to Cross-Dress as Hot Women (While Still Being Male Underneath)
04.05.2012 19:58:00How to Take High Contrast Chiaroscuro Photos in SL
03.05.2012 22:36:00Boobs for Humanoid Cats? Guild Wars 2 Controversy Latest in Debate Over Female Avatar Sexualization
03.05.2012 21:47:00Second Life Drops from Nielsen's Top 10 Most Played PC Games, Sees Significant Drop in Average Minutes Played
03.05.2012 21:21:00Echt Virtuell live bei Annette Chusts virtueller Vernissage
03.05.2012 20:22:00Fünf Kontinente übernehmen das Internet
03.05.2012 20:07:00Elder Scrolls World Becoming an MMO - Freemium, Please!
03.05.2012 19:26:00Reset, a Co-Op Game Where You Play With Your (Past) Self
03.05.2012 15:05:00So Just What Is Product Marketing?
03.05.2012 04:01:00Utherverse offers virtual world franchises
02.05.2012 23:49:00Storybricks: Innovative, User-Friendly, Build-a-Story Kit for MMO Players & Developers Backed by All-Star Team - Similar to Linden Lab's Upcoming Storytelling Platform
02.05.2012 23:13:00Ex-Lindens to Linden: Make Bold & Radical Changes to SL!
02.05.2012 20:41:00Beautiful SL Machinima Music Video Created & Performed by Ole "Mr. Bones" Etzel Who's a Rising Star Don't You Think?
02.05.2012 12:22:00Mach dich bereit für den Sommer!
02.05.2012 00:07:00Eindrücke von der Lesung
01.05.2012 23:48:00Meet SLer Ceri Quixote, Whose Avatar Stands at 200 Feet
01.05.2012 21:20:00Cool Kickstarter Uses Kinect & 3D Gaming to Teach Biology
01.05.2012 18:38:00Konvergenz-Thriller: Daemon und Darknet von Daniel Suarez
01.05.2012 18:30:00Second Life Problems Go Viral - Though Many Are Actually Linden Lab Problems
01.05.2012 12:31:00Lesung und Schreibprojekt
01.05.2012 00:41:00Galactica MMO Probably More Popular Than Old Republic
30.04.2012 22:07:00Was This Absolut Vodka Ad Inspired by Second Life?
30.04.2012 21:29:00Play Plink, Real-Time Collaborative Music Creation Web Toy
30.04.2012 20:14:00Homme Styles :: AVENUE Magazine April 2012
30.04.2012 20:08:00Femme Styles :: AVENUE Magazine April 2012
30.04.2012 19:28:00Top Ten New World Notes Posts from Last Week
30.04.2012 13:27:00Finde deine Julia - werde Smeets Romeo!
29.04.2012 02:13:00AVENUE Magazine April 2012 Exclusive - Zanze
28.04.2012 18:16:00Mal was zum Nachdenken
28.04.2012 04:30:00Some users turn to OpenSim during outage
28.04.2012 02:30:00I'm Writing a Book on Game Design for iOS, Facebook, and the Web: Readers, Get a 40% Discount Code -- Developers Reading This, Get in Touch With Me!
27.04.2012 22:12:00Guild Wars 2: The 1st MMO to Get Avatar Individuality Right
27.04.2012 22:05:00Shadow's Claw SL Sim Seems a Sliver of Skyrim
27.04.2012 20:53:00Minecraft Makes Collaborative Creation a Matter of Survival
27.04.2012 18:07:00First World Problems, Meet Second Life Problems
27.04.2012 14:19:00Freaky Friday - Relax Terasse
27.04.2012 01:24:00Watch This Awesome Machinima Tribute to SL Avatars
26.04.2012 23:20:00The Pros & Cons of Linden Lab's Glass Door Reviews -- Plus My Own "Advice to Senior Management" on Second Life
26.04.2012 21:06:00Cool Widget Turns Web Into 3D Experience (Kinda Sorta)
26.04.2012 20:30:00Rejuvenation :: AVENUE Magazine April 2012
26.04.2012 19:44:00Rescue Saffia from Jail at the Fantasy Faire!
26.04.2012 18:00:00Iris Rants: The SL Marketplace's Mad Men-Inspired Mad Style Featurette is a Mad Failure
26.04.2012 15:05:00Post Your Slogan for Virtual Event Experiences
26.04.2012 14:22:00Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 5- Shadow’s Claw
26.04.2012 11:53:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Sirens’ Secret at Fantasy Faire 2012
26.04.2012 11:03:00Snoop Dogg setzt noch einen drauf!
26.04.2012 09:41:00Zeig uns dein spanisches Temperament!
26.04.2012 03:51:00Fairelands Saga leads to a hunt at the Fantasy Faire!
25.04.2012 23:50:00Popular Virtual Cat Breed in SL Now Exportable to the Web!
25.04.2012 21:53:00Second Life Facebook Page Grows Past 250K Fans - Probably Making It More Popular Than SL's Own Community Site
25.04.2012 21:23:00NWN Partner Thanks: Non-Profit Research Organization RTI International!
25.04.2012 20:00:00Do You Want to Date My Facebook Avatar? For $5, You Can!
25.04.2012 18:54:00Tor Books drops DRM
25.04.2012 11:35:00Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 4- Meandervale
25.04.2012 10:56:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Devil’s Locket at Fantasy Faire 2012
25.04.2012 02:58:00Last chance for advertising in the Birthday Issue!
24.04.2012 23:18:00SL's Web Map & SLurls Get Little Traffic: 77-154K Visitors
24.04.2012 23:00:00Die nächsten Projekte bei den BB
24.04.2012 21:25:00Cool Kickstarter: Deepworld, MMO With Collaborative Content Creation (I.E. Minecraft-ish Metaverse)
24.04.2012 20:09:0030% Internet Usage is Probably Porn (While SL Likely Isn't)
24.04.2012 10:31:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Shifting Sands at Fantasy Faire 2012
24.04.2012 03:18:00Bowling and Griefing Going Strong in Second Life
24.04.2012 02:27:00Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 3- Jungle Bungle
24.04.2012 01:03:00Do you have May News for Prim Perfect?
23.04.2012 23:25:00In Recent Years, Few SLers Attended SL Anniversary Events -- Declining Sense of SL as a Unified Virtual Community?
23.04.2012 21:20:00Alduin, All Disappoint: Skyrim Confuses Non-Linear Questing with Non-Climactic Storytelling
23.04.2012 19:53:00Top 10 NWN Posts from Last Week: Myst Inspires OpenSim, SL Gets a Reddit Island, Facebook Gets Cloud Streaming, Etc.
23.04.2012 15:05:00Why (and How) Realistic Avatars Can Be More Effective
23.04.2012 10:13:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Jungle Bungle at Fantasy Faire 2012
23.04.2012 07:51:00Virtual Ability Mental Health Symposium 2012
23.04.2012 04:57:00Marketing your new grid
23.04.2012 00:38:00Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 2- The Ruins of Nu Orne
22.04.2012 23:26:00Justine Babii – Post 6 Grrrrrl
22.04.2012 22:41:00Cyber Wrld
22.04.2012 19:36:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Meandervale at the Fantasy Faire 2012
22.04.2012 14:48:00According to the Marketplace, I publish Adult magazines. Who knew?
22.04.2012 10:52:00Federal Virtual Worlds moving beyond Second Life
22.04.2012 02:47:00Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 1 – Time for …
22.04.2012 00:31:00Your Guide to the Fantasy Faire – now available inworld and online
21.04.2012 21:06:00The Love, The Hope - ein Besuch auf der Vernissage von Annette Chust...
21.04.2012 20:47:00Fragile Earth Studios
21.04.2012 14:10:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Faireland Junction at the Fantasy Faire
21.04.2012 14:10:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Fairelands Junction at the Fantasy Faire
21.04.2012 03:32:00Fantasy Faire 2012 – The Story is just beginning…
21.04.2012 00:08:00New World Notes Turns 9 This Weekend - Thanks for Reading, Standby for Some Announcements Soon!
20.04.2012 20:30:00Myst & Uru Roleplay Regions Leave Second Life to be Beautifully Reborn on OpenSim Grid
20.04.2012 18:36:00Three Fabulous and Fashionable SL Flickr Streams You Should See This Weekend
20.04.2012 17:38:00Alcatel, Phillips, govs back $25 mil OpenSim R&D project
20.04.2012 15:05:00What The @NFL Can Teach You About Virtual Events
20.04.2012 13:39:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Many Loves of Second Lie
20.04.2012 13:05:00Freaky Friday - Diamond Island!
20.04.2012 11:31:00Look-a-Like Tag!
19.04.2012 23:11:00Minecraft for Girls: Google Says Game's Main Site Gets Far More Female Visitors Than Generally Assumed
19.04.2012 22:07:00SL's New Pathfinding Tools Now Available in Beta -- Region Owners Can Opt-In to Pathfind-ize Their Land Early
19.04.2012 21:05:00Crowdfunding Cautionary: Game Developer Raises $37K on Kickstarter... But Ends Up With Just $6K to Develop Game
19.04.2012 19:38:00X-Avatars offers age verification to OpenSim
19.04.2012 18:39:00Die Nacht gehört dir!
19.04.2012 18:20:00Put Your Avatar in Striking New Poses from SL's Pose Fair!
19.04.2012 17:35:00Avination, Diva work on hypergrid permissions
19.04.2012 14:01:00AK 33 Björn Lefers, Das Nachfolgelabor
19.04.2012 11:11:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: A Peek at Fantasy Faire
19.04.2012 10:02:00Augmented Reality und die altbackene Seite der Kriminologen
19.04.2012 02:50:00AVENUE Magazine April 2012
18.04.2012 22:25:00Reddit is an (Unofficial) Sandbox Island in Second Life
18.04.2012 21:14:00Confirmed: Linden Lab Won't Host Any Events for SL's 9th Anniversary (Which is Probably Just as Well)
18.04.2012 20:01:00Cool Kickstarter: Ensemble Online, a Sandbox Strategy MMO with Collaborative Real-Time Building
18.04.2012 19:45:00New World Notes Comment Guidelines & Contact Info
18.04.2012 18:44:00Academic Virtual World Conference Calling for Papers
18.04.2012 17:27:00Kitely adds NPCs, blamgates in upgrade
18.04.2012 11:47:005. Virtual Round Table Conference #vrtwebcon
18.04.2012 11:31:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Resident Builds at SL8B
18.04.2012 01:16:00So who does Second Life’s birthday belong to?
17.04.2012 23:35:00Grids defend themselves against hackers
17.04.2012 21:45:00Simulacron
17.04.2012 21:31:00SL Marketplace Traffic at 430K Uniques -- I.E. About the Size of SL's Total Economic Participant Base
17.04.2012 20:27:00Republia Times: Brilliant Web Game Where You Play a Propaganda Paper Editor
17.04.2012 18:06:00SL Performer Sings & Makes Machinima for Rising Ambient Pop Star Owsey
17.04.2012 11:16:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Magic of Second Life at SL8B
17.04.2012 10:53:00Ein Geschenk für dich!
17.04.2012 08:24:00Poesie & Fantasie
17.04.2012 03:10:00Second Life’s Ninth Birthday is all about the community – wherever that is
16.04.2012 23:16:00Playable Defense of the Ancients Created in Minecraft!
16.04.2012 22:02:00Holographic Tupac Avatar Performs "Live" at Coachella
16.04.2012 20:49:00Gaikai Now (Imperfectly) Streams High End Game Demos on Facebook -- Full Games & MMOs Coming Soon
16.04.2012 19:39:00Are you the Prim Perfect winner? Find out tonight!
16.04.2012 18:00:00Top Twelve New World Notes Highlights From Last Week
16.04.2012 16:30:00Georgia school grid to triple land area
16.04.2012 14:31:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Waterfall at our Head Offices
16.04.2012 11:14:00Super Outfit!
16.04.2012 06:30:00Wer ist Karl Olsberg?
16.04.2012 02:55:00OMC experiences rapid growth in first quarter
16.04.2012 02:26:00Small grid explosion in OpenSim
15.04.2012 21:21:00Cyberpunk in Wuppertal
15.04.2012 19:18:00Marketers pick Sim-on-a-Stick for easy machinima
15.04.2012 15:09:00Spring Flights – The big Aviation Show & Contest on Germany in 3D May, 6th 2012
15.04.2012 14:29:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Remembering the Titanic – Memorial
15.04.2012 10:44:00Halbfinale bei DSDS
14.04.2012 10:59:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Remembering the Titanic – All at Sea
14.04.2012 03:49:00Virtual campus tours: 4 wrong turns
13.04.2012 23:06:00This SL Avatar Makeover Inspired by French New Wave Fashion Will Leave You Breathless
13.04.2012 21:43:00Cry Havok: New Linden Rules May Forbid 3rd Party Viewer Development for Use on Non-Lab Servers (i.e. OpenSim)
13.04.2012 19:21:00Join us for the Friday 13th broadcast of Happy Hunting!
13.04.2012 19:03:00OpenSim on USB Stick Chosen Over Google SketchUp for Real World Product Placement Project
13.04.2012 18:00:00Avatar Texts Hillary from SL (as You Might Have Expected)
13.04.2012 15:05:00How I Curate (and Share) Content on Twitter
13.04.2012 13:27:00Pia Piaggio bei den 99%
13.04.2012 11:30:00Freaky Friday – Party Beach
13.04.2012 10:07:00Hol dir die GOSSIP GIRL Kollektion!
13.04.2012 09:04:00Danke
13.04.2012 00:02:00Five SL-Based Crowdfunders I'd Love to See and Help Promote -- And Two I Probably Won't
12.04.2012 22:24:00Linden CEO Acknowledges SL Marketplace Direct Delivery Problems, Announces Fixes
12.04.2012 21:28:00Cool iOS Game Crowdfunder: Republique, in Which You Save an AI by Controlling the Surveillance Tech Surrounding Her
12.04.2012 18:29:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Etiquette for the Second Life Photographer (and their Clients!)
12.04.2012 15:38:00light & shadow
12.04.2012 12:34:00Kostenlose Coins abholen!
12.04.2012 00:22:00Sim Deathwatch: SL's Whimsical Town of Drowsy Gone?
11.04.2012 21:55:00Make Your SL Avatar Magnifique With Collabor88's French New Wave-Themed Fashion Line
11.04.2012 21:33:00Why Do My Failed SLurl Teleports to G-Rated Regions Send Me to an Adult-Rated Sim? (UPDATED)
11.04.2012 20:06:00New Linden policy may hurt viewer development
11.04.2012 19:08:00Japanese Pop Group Promotes Itself With Mocap Code of Dance Routine -- Who Wants to Make Machinima of This?
11.04.2012 17:09:00Unity Reaches One Million Registered Developers
11.04.2012 15:59:003D Virtual Campus Tours wins honor
11.04.2012 13:57:00Sommer, Sonne, Strand!
11.04.2012 06:20:00Campus Tour wins US Virtual Worlds Challenge
10.04.2012 23:49:00IVN gets rid of cartoony avatars
10.04.2012 23:36:00Top 25 Second Life Sims for March 2012, Excluding Porn
10.04.2012 21:45:00Defiance, an MMO Designed to Overlap with the Defiance TV Show (and Vice Versa)
10.04.2012 19:53:00Want to Play With an A.I. Based On Your Quantified Self?
10.04.2012 10:59:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Remembering the Titanic – The Beginning
10.04.2012 10:00:00Die glücklichen Gewinner!
10.04.2012 07:01:00HG Biz Plan: Safety Viewer
10.04.2012 03:52:00Hobbyists becoming more important to OpenSim success
10.04.2012 01:11:00Second Life Size Shrinks to Lowest Point Since January 2010
09.04.2012 23:48:00Celebrate our Fifth Birthday and share your memories of Prim Perfect!
09.04.2012 23:35:00Ask Miss Metaverse Manners About SL Fashion Photographer & Model Etiquette!
09.04.2012 22:17:00Impressive SL Pathfinding Test with Cars is Impressive
09.04.2012 20:35:00CraftStudio: New Indie Game Enables Real-Time Collaborative Content Creation and Game-Making
09.04.2012 19:06:00Top 10 NWN Posts From Last Week: SLers in Minecraft, Karma in SL, Wondering Who's in Entropia, and Much More
09.04.2012 11:20:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Breakfast on the Patio
08.04.2012 14:00:00Exploring the Titanic – virtually… on Designing Worlds
08.04.2012 13:24:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw – what could possibly go wrong with that?
08.04.2012 03:14:00Response: InWorldz at three
07.04.2012 13:56:00Avalon Collector’s Circle: Amber Eyre
07.04.2012 13:17:00Prim Perfect Jigsaw – A Splash of Fashion for Life!
07.04.2012 00:37:00Watch Abso the Vampire, an Impressively-Produced Feature-Length SL Machinima With Cool Effects
06.04.2012 21:52:00Ride a Giant Fricking Peep in SL's Easter Town
06.04.2012 20:29:00Using Second Life Can Help Relieve Stress - If You Can Get Past the Stress of Using Second Life
06.04.2012 19:31:00Entropia Universe: Lots of Big Reported Virtual Goods Sales, But Few Evident Users (Far as I Can Tell)
06.04.2012 18:24:00Buch´s Reisen
06.04.2012 15:54:00Two guests and two exciting Hunts on Happy Hunting!
06.04.2012 11:51:00Adventurous Sheep – the Prim Perfect Jigsaw
06.04.2012 04:30:00Bay City Fashion Week Coming Soon!
05.04.2012 23:37:00SL Steampunks Set Up New Colony on a Minecraft Server
05.04.2012 22:09:00Philip Rosedale's Karma-Powered Stock Option Reward System Featured in the Wall Street Journal
05.04.2012 19:20:00New Second Life Mesh Eyelids from SLink are a Must-Have for Photographers (Though They Aren't Yet Perfect)
05.04.2012 17:11:00Freaky Friday - Fitness Palast
05.04.2012 12:16:00Smeet macht dir ein Ostergeschenk!
05.04.2012 09:30:00The Next Big Thing | Das Allgegenwärtigkeits-Internet & Google vs. Apple
05.04.2012 09:26:00Bewgeung und Variation
05.04.2012 09:26:00Bewegung und Variation
04.04.2012 23:18:00Second Life Needs a User-to-User Karma System Like Reddit
04.04.2012 22:22:00How to Put an OpenSim World on a USB Stick
04.04.2012 20:26:00What Kind of Worlds Will We See Through Google's Augmented Reality Glasses?
04.04.2012 19:46:00Osterevents bei Smeet!
04.04.2012 19:12:00Minecraft Maker Making an MMO Multiverse -- In Which You Can Make Your Own Games (I Think)
04.04.2012 19:01:00Hier wird die Nacht zum Tag!
04.04.2012 17:43:00"Nein nein, das hat ein Kunde hier vergessen!"
04.04.2012 15:44:00Das Osterspezial – ein EXTRA Geschenk für Gold VIPs!
03.04.2012 22:30:00Cool Real World Use of OpenSim on a Stick: Retail Store Layout and Salesperson Training
03.04.2012 21:00:00Blaze Borgin Builds Mesh-Based Terrain in Second Life
03.04.2012 19:22:00Maps TD: Google Maps Mashed-Up Into Tower Defense Game
03.04.2012 14:54:00Der Osterhase wird sich freuen!
03.04.2012 00:21:00Here's the Top 50 Most Popular SL Sims for March 2012
02.04.2012 22:22:00Reddit Virtual Community Rallies to Repair Photo of Fellow Redditor's Reportedly Deceased Brother & Fiancé
02.04.2012 20:03:00Kickstarter Pledges to Game Projects Spike After Double Fine's Successful Crowdfunder
02.04.2012 19:39:00Hier sind sie, die GEWINNER des „Zeig dein wahres ICH Wettbewerbes!“
02.04.2012 15:05:00New Book: 42 Rules of Product Marketing
02.04.2012 14:25:00Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand!
02.04.2012 12:12:00MusicTime Osterspecial am Ostersonntag
02.04.2012 11:52:00Einladung zum 33. AK E-Learning, DAS NACHFOLGELABOR
02.04.2012 09:03:00New World Notes' Top Eight Posts Last Week
02.04.2012 00:32:00Fünf Kontinente lesen
01.04.2012 20:39:00InWorldz at 3: Turning point or more of same?
31.03.2012 23:07:00Orbitale Revisionen: Finissage und Lesung
31.03.2012 19:30:00InWorldz plans marketing campaign, seeks mentors
30.03.2012 23:47:00Virtual receptionist project
30.03.2012 22:04:00SL's Spirit Art Installation's Free Fantasy Mesh Avatar are Stunning (If You Can See Them)
30.03.2012 21:36:00Kitely adds teleports, new viewers
30.03.2012 20:27:00SL Marketplace Direct Delivery Reportedly Delivering Fail
30.03.2012 19:49:00SL Men, Want More Mesh Fashion? Share Your Avatar Sizes (Update: Broken Link Fixed)
30.03.2012 18:51:00Pia Piaggio bei den Mayas
30.03.2012 18:50:00Awesome SL Fashion Photography on Modavia is Awesome
30.03.2012 12:31:00Teleport Between Kitely Worlds | Kitely Blog
30.03.2012 04:13:00Fashion-Forward in Second Life: The Viktor-Viktoria Fashion Show
30.03.2012 00:00:00Penny Arcade's Tycho Explores SL - Where Should He Go?
29.03.2012 23:34:00Internetarchäologische Entdeckung
29.03.2012 21:26:00Job Posting: Online Events Manager at BNP Media
29.03.2012 19:34:00Mad Men's Megan Gets a Zou Bisou Bisou Encore in SL!
29.03.2012 19:30:00Worlds Inc. promises to go after patent infringers
29.03.2012 07:54:00The hypergrid is getting friendlier
29.03.2012 06:02:00The new side of Menswear :: AVENUE Magazine March 2012
29.03.2012 01:33:00The Lab: the great work continues
29.03.2012 00:04:00Genieße die ersten Sonnenstrahlen in deinem eigenen Frühlingsgarten!
28.03.2012 23:29:00Play World of Warcraft... With Your Mind!
28.03.2012 21:03:00Kickstart This: Epic RPG Game Satirizing Epic RPG Games
28.03.2012 19:13:00Penny Arcade Nails Second Life's New Sign-Up Page Avatars
28.03.2012 15:32:00Gute-Laune-Wetter!
28.03.2012 10:05:00Eve Online FanFest panel accused of mocking suicidal player
28.03.2012 10:01:00Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Pirates in Second Life
28.03.2012 09:57:00WETTBEWERB - Zeig dein wahres ICH – Zeig mehr Mut zur eigenen Schönheit!
28.03.2012 07:32:00Fashion ENTENTE :: AVENUE Magazine March 2012
28.03.2012 01:25:00Designing Worlds explores Business Models in Virtual Worlds
27.03.2012 23:36:00This SL Pic is Full of Awesome (But Little Post-Processing)
27.03.2012 22:34:00Google+ Still Feels Like a Ghost Town to Me Traffic-Wise
27.03.2012 20:14:00Why All Social Media Sites Should Have Embedded Journalists
27.03.2012 14:21:00Sommerzeit!
27.03.2012 10:03:00How a Georgia district built its grid
27.03.2012 07:09:00Education dominates private hosted grids
27.03.2012 01:48:00How I learned to stop worrying and love SLV3
26.03.2012 23:03:00Minecraft's Made as Much Money as Second Life Makes in a Year - When's Linden Going After That Market?
26.03.2012 21:15:00SL Fashion Bloggers: Is Pinterest Plumping Your Pageviews?
26.03.2012 20:13:00Auditorium Music Game Needs $15K for Multiplayer Sequel
26.03.2012 19:07:00Top 10 Posts from Last Week
26.03.2012 15:05:005 Ways, Tips, Things and Reasons on Virtual Events and Social Media
26.03.2012 11:40:00SMS Happy Hour!
26.03.2012 11:22:00Designing Worlds pays a visit to New Babbage – what could possibly go wrong?
25.03.2012 21:35:00Samstagnachmittag mit Timo Kümmel
25.03.2012 19:58:00Welcome to Warren Town – a new Victorian/steampunk roleplay in Second Life
25.03.2012 15:49:00The ultimate prison is in your mind …
25.03.2012 06:41:00New World Studio to get upgrade next month
24.03.2012 20:52:00The issues about blogging charity events
24.03.2012 20:00:00Open Wonderland to be used as catalyst for African education
24.03.2012 19:20:00SpotON3D changes name, denies bankrupcy rumors
24.03.2012 17:54:00Christopher`s Walmers Dreamers in Köln
24.03.2012 17:01:00Prim Perfect: It’s Fun to be 5 Hunt – now open for applications
24.03.2012 14:33:00March SUYS flies again!
24.03.2012 10:19:00Terminkorrektur
23.03.2012 23:09:00Grace Revealed: Watch Turner VP Rhonda Lowry's TEDx Talk on Networked Society & Being a Famed SL Performer
23.03.2012 21:49:00Weekend Listening: Bitcoin Podcast With Virtual World Philosopher Ren Reynolds & Economist Jon Matonis
23.03.2012 21:16:00Why SL for Enterprise Failed: Linden Lab's Heart Wasn't In It
23.03.2012 21:06:00Students test virtual debating environment
23.03.2012 19:11:00Second Life Wilderness: Not So Premium Experience?
23.03.2012 18:54:00Spooky Mistwallow and Up4 Dawes on Happy Hunting!
23.03.2012 18:32:00HG Biz Plan: Virtual Train Set
23.03.2012 17:59:00Sim Deathwatch: Firefly Roleplay Site Washtown to Close
23.03.2012 11:29:00Freaky Friday – Model Galerie
23.03.2012 03:54:00AVENUE Magazine MWFW 2012 Exclusive
22.03.2012 22:50:00Was wurde aus dem Nirvana Baby auf dem Albumtitel „Nevermind“?
22.03.2012 21:33:00How Kingdoms of Amalur Made Me Reconsider My Feelings About Sexy (and Sexist) Armor in Games
22.03.2012 19:43:00Raglan Shire's SL-to-RL Crowdfunder Raises Its $8.5K Goal!
22.03.2012 18:30:00SL Musicians: Have You Tried Stageit, Where Performers Can Play Live Online, Earn Cash Tips & Ticket Revenue?
22.03.2012 11:45:00Hurra, Hurra - der Frühling ist da!
22.03.2012 09:38:00Ausblick
22.03.2012 01:18:00Hunt Golden Sheep – and You Could Win Prizes Worth More than 10,000 Linden!
22.03.2012 00:55:00Will SL's Welcome Area Ever Actually Be Welcoming?
21.03.2012 20:54:00Second Life Enterprise was a costly mistake
21.03.2012 20:47:00Second Life Ad & Homepage Visuals Finally Improve... Mostly
21.03.2012 18:41:00SLurls on NWN Get Way Less Clickthrough Than URLs
21.03.2012 18:19:00Freunde kann man nie genug haben!
20.03.2012 23:15:00Enter a 48 Hour Machinima Contest Head Judged by Star Wars FX Creator (UPDATED)
20.03.2012 22:30:00Follow Me on Kickstarter -- and Tell Me About Great Gaming/Virtual World/Augmented Reality Kickstarters!
20.03.2012 21:47:00Making OpenSim safe for students
20.03.2012 20:54:00Guess Which 4 Were NOT Internal Linden Lab Project Names
20.03.2012 18:41:00Ana Somnia: Amazing Immersive Interactive Web Experience
20.03.2012 10:57:00Großartige Neuerungen!
20.03.2012 04:59:00AVENUE Magazine March 2012
20.03.2012 01:45:00Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 10 – DreamSeeker Tiempo
20.03.2012 00:27:00Second Life, Facebook, and OpenSim
19.03.2012 21:56:00How SL Can Gain New Users But Not Gain User Concurrency
19.03.2012 20:02:00Linden Launches New SL Game Area to Boost Subscribers
19.03.2012 18:45:00Last Week's NWN Big 8: Philip Rosedale's New Project, Linden Lab's New Direction and Much More
19.03.2012 17:20:00New life for enterprise virtual worlds
19.03.2012 16:40:00IDIA builds virtual museum in Unity 3D
19.03.2012 14:05:005 Reasons “Words With Friends” Is Awesome
19.03.2012 09:59:00Social Media Manager lernen beim ILS auch via Second Life®
19.03.2012 02:49:00Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 9 – DreamSeeker Tijd
18.03.2012 19:04:00Celebrate an Irish-flavoured Spring with the latest issue of Prim Perfect!
17.03.2012 23:06:00Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 8 – DreamSeeker Zeit
17.03.2012 20:14:00Goodbye, Hotel Chelsea (updated with news of a reprieve)
17.03.2012 19:03:00Having a fun hunt at the Home and Garden Market!
17.03.2012 18:13:00Happy Fifth Birthday, Galland Homes!
17.03.2012 14:13:00March SUYS – Fly!!
17.03.2012 02:29:00Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 7 – DreamSeeker Momentum
16.03.2012 22:02:00Second Life is Mostly Played as a Game & Needs a Game Company to Run It (Comment of the Week)
16.03.2012 21:45:00Atlanta puts OpenSim in every classroom
16.03.2012 21:10:00What Lindens & SL Content Creators Could Learn From Gary Vaynerchek
16.03.2012 20:56:00How to Avoid Browser-Based Phishing Scams in SL
16.03.2012 20:02:00Google Chrome Crashing? Here's Some Tips from Nalates
16.03.2012 19:21:00Draw Something Now Facebook's Biggest Game: Great News for User-Generated-Driven Gaming... Bad News for Zynga
16.03.2012 18:20:00How to Promote Your SL Brand in Facebook (Without Revealing Your RL Name)
16.03.2012 17:47:00Spooky Mistwallow and Up4 Dawes, Happy Hunting! Guests on March 16, 2012
16.03.2012 17:04:00Pia Piaggio entdeckt japanische Kunst
16.03.2012 15:19:00Coral Estates
16.03.2012 13:13:00Great overview of VWBPE 2012 by Daniel Voyager
16.03.2012 11:13:00Serious Games mit der Kinect oder Wohin mit der Bewegung?
16.03.2012 10:02:00Freaky Friday – Lucky Loft
16.03.2012 02:20:00Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 6 (part 2) – DreamSeeker Epoque
15.03.2012 22:57:00What Makes Tyche Tick: Q & A With the Leading SL Surveyor
15.03.2012 21:50:00Spring cleaning, database outage cuts region counts
15.03.2012 21:16:00Raph Koster's Definition of a Game is Useful When Thinking About SL
15.03.2012 19:16:00Linden Lab's LittleTextPeople Making a Second Life for Text-Based Shareable Storytelling
15.03.2012 18:24:00Kurzweil Crowdsourced: Sentiment Analysis of His SXSW Talk
15.03.2012 15:52:00Dein Glück in 3D!
14.03.2012 22:00:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: How to Handle Usernames with Crazy Capitalisation and Confusing Characters -- with Complete Class!
14.03.2012 19:30:00Be Fresh-Faced for Spring with Neutral and Natural Second Life Skins
14.03.2012 18:08:00The BBC Features Raglan Shire's SL-to-RL Tinies Kickstarter!
14.03.2012 12:59:00Afrika in 3D!
14.03.2012 04:08:006 cheap ways to market your virtual business
13.03.2012 20:40:00Mass Effect Meets Second Life (and Fair Use Parody)
13.03.2012 17:48:00Philip Rosedale's New Project: A Site Where You Keep a Public Promise to Philip Rosedale (or Pay Philip Rosedale)
13.03.2012 09:24:00Der spaßigste Ort bei Smeet!
12.03.2012 21:02:00Where Linden Lab First Went Wrong With Second Life: Treating SL as Programming Problem (a Persisting Perspective with TPVs)
12.03.2012 20:51:00Orbitale Revisionen
12.03.2012 19:09:00Raglan Shire Crowdfunder Update: 65% of Goal Raised!
12.03.2012 18:14:00Top Stories Last Week: Avatars in Kenya, Minecraft & Mass Effect in SL, Augmented Reality Opportunities, & Much More
12.03.2012 15:05:00What Virtual Event Platforms Can Learn
11.03.2012 02:06:00Create a billboard network
10.03.2012 23:42:00The hypergrid is a social web
10.03.2012 21:33:00At SXSW? Come Hear About Crowdsourcing & the Future of Work for Pay, Play & Virtual Goods
10.03.2012 03:45:00It’s time for … Relay For Life of Second Life
10.03.2012 02:46:00The new frontier: on the hypergrid
09.03.2012 22:30:00Iris Rants: 3 Reasons I Support Virtual Cosplay (Despite Complaints About Copyright Infringement)
09.03.2012 21:52:00SL's Linden Realms Gets 250K Visitors Since 11/11 Launch
09.03.2012 19:38:00Second Life Joins Widely Hyped Sharing Site Pinterest
09.03.2012 18:53:00LOTRO Demo Getting Cloud-Deployed by Gaikai; Move Could Make MMO Streaming More Mass Market
09.03.2012 18:45:00DaseinGrid fails to launch with SimHost
09.03.2012 18:34:00Freaky Friday – Landhaus Appartment
09.03.2012 18:24:0032. Arbeitskreis E-Learning Avatarsynchronisation mit Kinect
09.03.2012 14:50:00Designing Worlds explores Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand
09.03.2012 01:12:00Swondo
08.03.2012 23:39:00Night4 Life
08.03.2012 22:01:00ACTA
08.03.2012 21:01:00Desmond Shang on Why Augmented Reality Offers Massive Potential for SL's Great Content Creators (NWN Guest Post)
08.03.2012 20:36:0015 Million Have Bought Facebook Credits - More Virtual Currency Buyers Than Money of Many Real Countries!
08.03.2012 18:59:00My3dLife
08.03.2012 18:54:00Watch & Try a Demo of the Outerra Engine, Which Makes Photo-Realistic Virtual Worlds Using Real World Data
08.03.2012 12:47:00Linden Lab clams up on metrics
08.03.2012 09:47:00Those who play together, stay together – study
08.03.2012 09:25:00ClassRealm: How One Teacher Turned Sixth Grade Into An MMO
08.03.2012 08:14:00Ehre wem Ehre gebührt!
08.03.2012 02:18:00It’s (nearly) time to ….. Relay
07.03.2012 22:00:00Kenyan Charity Thanks SL Avatars for Raising RL Funds
07.03.2012 21:00:00A Second Life Tribute to FemShep, Mass Effect's Feminist-Friendly Uberheroine
07.03.2012 18:30:00If Your SL Business is Slow, the Problem Might be You
07.03.2012 16:08:00Fingerakrobatik in virtuellen Welten
07.03.2012 15:57:00How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Products #prodmktg
07.03.2012 07:05:00Free OpenSim in a snap
07.03.2012 02:26:00LuftschiffSteampunkBibliothek
07.03.2012 00:37:00Minecraft Fan Recreates His Minecraft Server in Second Life
06.03.2012 22:20:00Watch Dynamic Collaborative 3D Creation in Blockland
06.03.2012 20:17:00Here's the Top 50 Most Popular SL Sims of February 2012
06.03.2012 19:54:00Meeting Makie Lab's Customizable 3D Printed Avatar Dolls
06.03.2012 14:17:00Coins gewinnen!
06.03.2012 12:23:00Students Enter Virtual World of Finance (Second Life)
06.03.2012 12:22:00EVE Online offers lessons for the financial crisis
06.03.2012 12:15:00Ultima Returns as Browser-Based F2P MMO Strategy Game
06.03.2012 10:33:00Communication through the Keyhole
06.03.2012 03:56:00Op/Ed: Limits of Freedom of Speech: Reddit’s Child Pornography Problem
06.03.2012 00:18:00Raglan Shire Launches Kickstarter to Bring SL's Beloved Tinies to Real Life and a Mass Audience
05.03.2012 23:12:00Blockland, a Multiplayer, Collaborative 3D Building Game
05.03.2012 21:36:00Blue Mars gifts $10 mil in rights to Ball State
05.03.2012 21:12:00Island Oasis quits the hypergrid
05.03.2012 20:25:00Comment of the Week: Why Linden Lab No Longer Reporting SL Stats Might Be a Good Idea
05.03.2012 19:33:00Top 8 New World Notes Stories From Last Week
05.03.2012 17:52:00Werde der beste Farmer aller Zeiten!
05.03.2012 15:05:005 Things I’ve Learned About Pinterest
05.03.2012 12:04:00Talking about Kitely (and visiting it too) on Designing Worlds
05.03.2012 02:34:00Fandom Observer
04.03.2012 21:42:00Lesung & Finissage
04.03.2012 04:29:00Fail, but not an Epic Fail? So where are all the leading Residents?
04.03.2012 02:34:00Take a trip round the London Sims with Designing Worlds!
03.03.2012 06:16:00Why do residents get so angry at Linden Lab decisions?
02.03.2012 23:12:00Bad Sign: Linden Lab to No Longer Publish SL User Stats
02.03.2012 22:32:00SL Installation Inspired by Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities
02.03.2012 22:03:00The three bridges to mass adoption
02.03.2012 20:18:00Happy 10th Anniversary, Steller Sunshine, SL's Oldest User
02.03.2012 20:15:00Bots get new life in OpenSim
02.03.2012 20:15:00Daden seeks responses to chatbot survey
02.03.2012 19:25:00Architect sells prefab sims on Kitely
02.03.2012 18:02:00Last Names for Avatars Hurt SL User Growth & Won't Return, Linden CEO Reveals -- Good, Hamlet Responds
02.03.2012 17:06:00Kitely allows Twitter, email logins, OSSL functions
02.03.2012 15:02:00Into the Unknown – with added music – on today’s Happy Hunting!
02.03.2012 13:28:00Freaky Friday Backstage Lounge!
02.03.2012 13:25:00L3T – Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien
02.03.2012 02:57:00No return for Second Names in Second Life
02.03.2012 01:21:00In Waiting – A new art installation by Alexx Fenstalker
01.03.2012 23:05:00Iris Rants: Linden Lab's New Third Party Viewer Policy Could Help Bring the SL Fashion Industry Up to Date
01.03.2012 22:24:00Hangars Liquides: Cyberpunk City in SL Now Open for Roleplay Inspired by Brazil's RL Slums
01.03.2012 21:07:00Awesome SL Screenshot Without Post-Processing
01.03.2012 20:25:00Learn About the Future of 3D Graphics at the TL; DR Conference -- And Get the NWN Discount Code!
01.03.2012 20:05:00Dein eigenes Tonstudio!
01.03.2012 18:00:00Start this Month in the Latest Second Life Mesh Fashions at March Mesh Madness
01.03.2012 11:06:0029. Februar
29.02.2012 21:52:00OpenSim vs. Unity: A Pros and Cons Dialog With a Co-Founder of OpenSim (Who Now Works in Unity)
29.02.2012 20:01:00Let´s rock!
29.02.2012 18:15:00Find Ultra Unique Art-Inspired Fashion at SL's EPOCH-Legend Event
29.02.2012 18:05:00Military to test OpenSim scaling
29.02.2012 16:56:00Die nackte Wahrheit ...
28.02.2012 21:53:00Help Me Crowdsource Oz Linden's Explanation of the New Third Party Viewer Policy - What Does It Actually Mean?
28.02.2012 20:51:00MakieLab Makes Customizable 3D Printed Avatars
28.02.2012 19:36:00Brie Makes Second Life Seem Like Immersive O'Keefe
28.02.2012 14:27:00Style dich wie ein Rockstar!
28.02.2012 00:58:00Linden Lab Regulates Third Party SL Viewers to Preserve Objective Virtual Reality -- UPDATE: Provoking Questions About What That Objectively Means
27.02.2012 23:35:00Gabriele Behrend in der Galerie
27.02.2012 23:25:00Main Street MMO: Virtual World Kickstarter by Jon "Keystone" Brouchoud to Dynamically Simulate Cities in 3D
27.02.2012 20:51:00International Spaceflight Museum Update: SL Sims Get Full Funding by Donor, Volunteers Promise Site Revamp
27.02.2012 18:39:00Exploring London in Second Life – with Designing Worlds
27.02.2012 17:00:00Top Seven New World Notes Posts Last Week You Can't Miss
27.02.2012 15:05:005 Reasons I’m Breaking Up With You, TweetDeck
27.02.2012 14:45:00Oscars 2012
27.02.2012 04:07:00Moving from Second Life to OpenSim and back again
27.02.2012 03:50:00They don’t know about us …
27.02.2012 02:50:00Galerieführungen
27.02.2012 00:04:00Celebrating Leap Day with a Party at Prim Perfect!
26.02.2012 21:33:00Der Vernichter
26.02.2012 12:38:00Ball State University buys out Blue Mars platform
26.02.2012 10:32:00What’s your favourite place for St Patrick’s Day?
26.02.2012 06:41:00Avination vehicles to cross borders
25.02.2012 18:26:00Taking to the Rails of Second Life with Designing Worlds
25.02.2012 15:25:00SUYS – Bad Romance comes around again
25.02.2012 14:03:00Warm anziehen! Die Killer-Apps kommen!
25.02.2012 04:01:00If it ain’t broke … why fix it?
24.02.2012 22:03:00Get Stylish at SL's Festival of Sin, Fashion Inspired by the 7 Deadlies
24.02.2012 21:32:00Visit Venexia, A Spectacular SL City for Vampire Roleplay
24.02.2012 19:43:00Celebrate Oscars in SL with Rebel Hope's Latest Mesh Gown
24.02.2012 18:54:00Mia Dagger Deftly Does Dreamlike Depth of Field
24.02.2012 18:33:00Der Hamster liest was vor
24.02.2012 16:40:00Pia Piaggio in Afghanistan
24.02.2012 14:44:00Freaky Friday - Hollywood Hills Appartement
24.02.2012 14:34:00Happy Hunting goes into the Unknown!
24.02.2012 12:27:00Einladung 32. AK e-Learning am 08.03.2012 um 18:00 Uhr
24.02.2012 10:17:00Das Kino erstrahlt in neuem Glanz!
23.02.2012 22:09:00Mocap Suit-Powered, Real Steel-Style, Real Time Robot Control Created by VR Researchers
23.02.2012 20:59:00Animated Mesh Tears Will Win Your SL Heart By Breaking It
23.02.2012 19:56:00Indie Free-to-Play MMO Kingdom of Loathing "Quite Profitable" With 45K Regular Players
23.02.2012 19:42:00Serious games professionals form group
23.02.2012 18:49:00International Society for Technology in Education Leaves SL for OpenSim
23.02.2012 15:05:005 Hybrid Event Tips for Trade Associations (via @EastVirtual)
23.02.2012 13:56:00Hol dir jetzt die neueste Rocawear Kollektion!
23.02.2012 12:46:00Musik in virtuellen Räumen
23.02.2012 09:14:00Smovie Awards Palace
23.02.2012 02:34:00Rise to the Bell
22.02.2012 23:31:00SL's Spaceflight Museum Returned to the Grid After Community Outcry & Linden Intervention
22.02.2012 21:02:00Second Life Returns to Nielsen's Top 10 PC Game Ratings -- But Total Average Minutes Played Drops by Half from 2009
22.02.2012 20:21:00Earn L$1000 by Taking a 20 Minute Survey for RTI International, a Research Non-Profit
22.02.2012 19:08:00FRACT: 3D Game Mixes Puzzles & Realtime Music Creation
22.02.2012 14:34:00Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
22.02.2012 12:44:00Konkurrenz mit unterschiedlichen Konzepten
21.02.2012 23:20:00Live Konzert
21.02.2012 23:10:00International Spaceflight Museum Update: After Paying Back Tier, Lindens Require Re-Purchase of Sims to Restore SL's Longtime Aerospace Museum
21.02.2012 20:27:00Why Linden Lab Didn't Tell SLers About Little Text People
21.02.2012 19:28:00Trouble With My Well.Com E-mail Now Fixed
21.02.2012 18:33:00Journalists train for disasters — virtually
21.02.2012 18:08:00Rezension: Mein Avatar und ich – Die Interaktion von Realität und Virtualität in der Mediengesellschaft.
21.02.2012 11:16:001001 Nacht Salon
21.02.2012 09:51:00Let’s talk about Kitely … on Designing Worlds: join us for a special taping!
21.02.2012 09:09:00Rosenmontagszug
21.02.2012 00:22:00Rod Humble Drops Hints About Linden's New Projects
20.02.2012 22:49:00Open Forum for SL Developers: What'll You Do With the New Pathfinding Tools?
20.02.2012 22:37:00Orbitale Visionen - Nachschlag
20.02.2012 21:22:00Weekly Recap: Top Ten New World Notes Posts Not to Miss
20.02.2012 15:05:005 Reasons Google Plus May Be the Social Network of the Future
20.02.2012 13:32:00Explore the virtual railroads with Designing Worlds!
20.02.2012 11:58:00Der Skandal-Kampf!
20.02.2012 11:42:00Rosenmontag!
20.02.2012 10:49:00Orbitale Visionen - Review
19.02.2012 12:47:00Clubbing 2.0: Bei grooven die Avatare
19.02.2012 08:44:00Pull in data from Google spreadsheet
19.02.2012 02:35:00Finale! Quartet of Romantic Places: Favourites of the Prim Perfect Readers
18.02.2012 21:57:00Karneval in Köln
18.02.2012 15:44:00February SUYS
18.02.2012 12:58:00Heiraten in 3D!
18.02.2012 02:54:00Linden Lab acquires experimental game studio LittleTextPeople
17.02.2012 22:55:00Blog-Vernetzung
17.02.2012 22:50:00Play Galatea, Classic Adventure Game by New Linden Lab Hire Emily Short
17.02.2012 22:31:00The Most Interesting Avatar in SL Needs an Avatar
17.02.2012 21:58:00OpenSim's Top Grid To Purge 50%+ Regions Due to Inactivity
17.02.2012 20:18:00Lindens Buy Adventure Game Studio, Aq-Hires A.I. Innovator
17.02.2012 18:56:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Should You Leave Your Guildies for Another MMO & Other MMO Etiquette Queries
17.02.2012 17:20:00Nochmal Kulturkonferenz
17.02.2012 14:41:00Watch Happy Hunting to see Danika Mavendorf, Guest on Episode #7 (and get all the latest Hunt News!)
17.02.2012 12:32:00Freaky Friday - Partybude!
17.02.2012 11:58:00Karneval in G3D
17.02.2012 07:57:00Hyperica hyperport conquers 4096 barrier
16.02.2012 23:14:00Nach den Orbitalen Visionen nebenan in Cat`s Circus: Thumper Boucher...
16.02.2012 22:57:00SL Machinima for Chouchou's Latest Album Full of Awesome
16.02.2012 21:09:00A Shadowy SL Snapshot Inspired by Back to Black Style Gala
16.02.2012 21:05:00Orbitale Visionen
16.02.2012 19:19:00Facebook to Allow Limited Pseudonyms, But Too Limited to Compete With Twitter or Google+
16.02.2012 02:20:00OpenSim exceeds Second Life private regions
15.02.2012 23:00:00International Spaceflight Museum Will Return to SL, But Will Need More Funding to Stay in SL
15.02.2012 21:45:00Why SL Eyes Are So Important -- And How to Make the Most of Yours!
15.02.2012 19:26:00Chouchou's Popular Immersive Music Regions Return to SL!
15.02.2012 19:07:00Connect Your Second Life to Reddit's Second Life Subreddit
15.02.2012 18:19:00Kinect Install Base Grows to 1 in 4 Xbox 360 Owners
15.02.2012 14:16:00Aussie R18+ legislation aiming for Jan. 2013 introduction
15.02.2012 11:10:00Designing Worlds explores romance in Avilion
14.02.2012 23:06:00Sim Deathwatch: Spaceport Alpha Disappears, Victim of Unpaid Tier & IRS Refusal to Exempt Virtual Museum
14.02.2012 21:53:00AVENUE Magazine February 2012
14.02.2012 21:05:00Ask Miss Metaverse Manners About MMO Etiquette & Ethics!
14.02.2012 20:17:00Coming Soon: Linden Realms Tools for SL Game Developers, Like Auto-Teleporting & Auto-Equipping Players
14.02.2012 19:12:00Fight Bots & Disable Bombs in Drone War, FPS Made in SL
14.02.2012 10:27:00And the Richness of the Mezzo Soprano is Heard in the Quartet of Romantic Places: Favourites of the Prim Perfect Readers
14.02.2012 08:47:00Der Tag der Liebe!
14.02.2012 06:00:00Credit card thieves target OpenSim grids
14.02.2012 01:16:00Credit card thieves attack OpenSim grids
13.02.2012 22:58:00Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the Virtualization of History
13.02.2012 22:29:00I'm Blogging on the Future of Online Work for CrowdFlower
13.02.2012 22:01:00Lesung mit Frost
13.02.2012 21:09:00New SL Machinima Contest Launches: Here's What I'm Looking for When I Co-Judge It
13.02.2012 18:52:00Last Week's Top 7 New World Notes Posts
13.02.2012 18:21:00VWBPE 2012 in Second Life
13.02.2012 16:29:00Celebrate Valentine romance in Avilion with Designing Worlds!
13.02.2012 15:05:005 Things Virtual Event Platforms Can Learn from Pinterest
13.02.2012 14:40:00ACTA: Deutschland sagt „Nein!“
13.02.2012 14:31:00Register for the Home and Garden Expo now!
13.02.2012 00:10:00The Second Voice in Our Quartet of Romantic Places: Favourites of the Prim Perfect Readers
12.02.2012 18:37:00Metaverse Arts launches its new season with a new host in a new studio today!
12.02.2012 16:33:00Designing Worlds visits the beautiful Costa Rica estate
12.02.2012 09:39:00KK im KKK
11.02.2012 15:04:00Ekphrasis: the Spirit of claudia222 Jewell
11.02.2012 14:40:00A Quartet of Romantic Places: Favourites of the Prim Perfect Readers
10.02.2012 23:29:00How Kids Could Benefit From Using a Safe Version of SL
10.02.2012 21:01:00Join us for a Happy Hunting with Hollywood style!
10.02.2012 20:59:00New MMO Called TERA Promises Mind-Blowing Fantasy Fashions and Super-Stylish Combatants
10.02.2012 20:36:00Valentinstag - Events
10.02.2012 20:23:00Review Blog for Live Music in SL Launches, Seeks Reviewers
10.02.2012 19:00:00Lindens on Why They're Not Paying SL Bloggers in Lindens
10.02.2012 18:15:00Freaky Friday - Jungesellen Loft!
10.02.2012 16:59:00Pia Piaggio ad ACTA
10.02.2012 13:53:0031. AK E-Learning «Identity Games»
10.02.2012 09:16:00Kokua viewer to support Imprudence exports
10.02.2012 07:48:00Rivers Run Red leaves Second Life for Kitely, Unity
09.02.2012 22:20:00An Awesome Old Republic Avatar Feature Every MMO Needs
09.02.2012 20:59:00The Ultimate Reply for an Increasingly Ridiculous Thread
09.02.2012 19:35:00Perfect for Your SL Valentines: Sexy New Releases from the Dynamic Designers of Collabor88!
09.02.2012 19:01:00Adventure Game Crowdfunder Raises $700K+ in 24 Hours
09.02.2012 18:54:00Deine kostenlose Farm in 3D!
09.02.2012 08:55:00Der Countdown läuft!
08.02.2012 22:32:00SL Bloggers Wonder About Blogging for SL on an Unpaid Basis
08.02.2012 20:35:00G+: Growing Size, Weak Traffic (Even for Posts About G+!)
08.02.2012 19:19:003rd Party Viewers Google Higher Than SL's Official Viewer
08.02.2012 15:13:00Why My Third Grader Loves Second Life
08.02.2012 13:25:0028 Australian Tertiary Institutions in Joint Paper on Second Life
08.02.2012 11:15:00Meilen unter dem Meer!
08.02.2012 06:52:00Survey: Educators want to easily create 3D environments, exercises
08.02.2012 06:18:00OpenSim founder goes for Unity
08.02.2012 00:37:003D Printing: Over-Hyped Like 3D Virtual Reality, or Not Hyped Enough?
07.02.2012 20:30:00Now Your SL Avatar Can Take a Mesh Arrow to the Knee
07.02.2012 18:46:00Estranged Real Life Couple Argue Through the Facebook Avatar of Their Unborn Child
07.02.2012 16:40:00A Quest With A Heart!
07.02.2012 14:30:00Brich das Eis!
07.02.2012 10:45:00Tag der Geschenke bei Smeet!
06.02.2012 22:36:00Top 50 Most Popular Second Life Sims January 2012
06.02.2012 21:19:00Old Republic MMO Gets 1.7M Subscribers in About 2 Months
06.02.2012 20:03:00Haters Gonna Hate -- But SLaters Gonna SLate
06.02.2012 18:48:00Top Seven New World Notes Posts Last Week
06.02.2012 15:05:005 Tips for Organizing Your Google+ Circles
06.02.2012 14:01:00Visit the beauties of Costa Rica with Designing Worlds
06.02.2012 13:20:00Einladung zum 31. Arbeitskreis E-Learning am 09.02.2012
06.02.2012 12:37:00Cybergrooming in virtuellen Welten
06.02.2012 12:33:0060. Thronjubiläum!
06.02.2012 09:41:00Virtual reality contact lenses beam images directly into your eyes
06.02.2012 00:49:00Where to build in OpenSim
06.02.2012 00:38:00Frost im Kafé II.
05.02.2012 23:17:00Prim Perfect’s First Issue of 2012 says it with Hearts!
05.02.2012 13:27:00Designing Worlds celebrates 150 episodes of Design and Designers in Virtual Worlds
05.02.2012 10:20:0028 Tage Frost
04.02.2012 16:11:00Zuwachs in der Großfamilie iTeems
04.02.2012 00:24:00Join us for the Broadcast of Happy Hunting today – and learn how you can win 10,000 Lindens!
03.02.2012 23:53:00NWN Comment of the Week: Steampunk Land Baron Desmond Shang on Why Losing SL Land is Healthy for SL
03.02.2012 21:17:00Since Avatars Can Be Perfect, "Flawed" Hair Seems Stylish
03.02.2012 20:26:00SL Bloggers Group Back in Business in SL and Social Media
03.02.2012 19:57:00New Novel About a Man Who Falls in Love With Siri
03.02.2012 19:13:00Who's Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower?
03.02.2012 17:19:00Frost im Kafé
03.02.2012 16:58:00The 1st Question – Quiz Show to The SuperStars
03.02.2012 16:37:00Deutschland schnurrt!
03.02.2012 15:47:00Neue Musik-Plattform lädt Avatare zum Tanz
03.02.2012 15:38:00Musik-Community startet Tanz der 3D-Avatare
03.02.2012 15:34:00Online-Disco Gemeinsam Musik erleben!
03.02.2012 14:28:00Are you doing the Home is Where the Heart Is Hunt?
03.02.2012 12:47:00Freaky Friday Wellness-Strand!
03.02.2012 07:30:00How educators can benefit from Kitely
02.02.2012 21:53:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: The SL Etiquette of Copycats, Copyright, and Crying Wolf
02.02.2012 21:38:00FB Users Spent $1.85 BILLION on Virtual Goods in 2011!
02.02.2012 20:18:00Badass SL Avatar Inspired by Hellboy Movies is Badass
02.02.2012 19:15:00How Reddit's Virtual Community Helped a Real Community
02.02.2012 18:13:00Dreh dich zum Glück!
02.02.2012 18:09:00Kitely starts charging; gives one free region to all
02.02.2012 18:03:00Der Bilderwettbewerb geht in eine neue Runde
02.02.2012 16:11:00Verbreite Liebe!
02.02.2012 15:05:00Product Marketing Is Dead. Long Live Product Marketing!
02.02.2012 01:59:00christin sucht Smeet Partner!
01.02.2012 23:47:00Give a Warm Reception to coldLogic's New SL Mesh Fashions
01.02.2012 21:29:00The Short But Friend-Filled Life of a Hot Facebook Bot
01.02.2012 19:47:00Be a Rat in the New Second Life RPG by Grendel's Children
01.02.2012 18:45:00Indie Game: The Movie, Documentary on Indie Developers of Fez and Super Meat Boy
01.02.2012 16:12:00Prim Perfect’s Home is Where the Heart is Hunt Starts Today!
01.02.2012 11:11:00Der neue Sport Club!
01.02.2012 09:59:00Was für ein Event!
01.02.2012 09:47:00Löschen
01.02.2012 09:38:00Virtual dummy makes designing clothes easy
01.02.2012 05:15:00MESH :: AVENUE Magazine January 2012
01.02.2012 04:41:00©MusicTime© – schläfst du noch, oder hörst du schon?
01.02.2012 02:10:00Jador Re-invented with Mesh :: AVENUE Magazine January 2012
31.01.2012 23:05:00Last Names for SLers Return Soon -- Plus News & Updates
31.01.2012 21:31:00Uncanny Valley Theory: The Effect Occurs When We're Passive Viewers, Not Interactive Participants
31.01.2012 19:40:00Epic Second Life Clockwork Orange Outfit is Epic
31.01.2012 18:57:00Kunst in Köln
31.01.2012 12:15:00Keine Winterflaute!
30.01.2012 23:35:00Second Life’s greatest strengths are also its greatest weaknesses
30.01.2012 23:27:00LEGO Universe is shuts up shop
30.01.2012 21:09:00SL Estate Revenue Falls Below $5M/Mo, Lowest Since 10/09
30.01.2012 19:53:00Why Reddit Rules Over Facebook: It's the Pseudonymity, Stupid
30.01.2012 19:06:00New World Notes Highlights from Last Week: Kinect and SL, Google+ and SL, Avatars vs. Hollywood, and Much More
30.01.2012 17:29:00Romantisches Inselparadies!
30.01.2012 15:30:005 Tips for Hosting Google+ Hangouts
30.01.2012 13:51:00Celebrate 150 Episodes of Designing Worlds!
30.01.2012 10:39:00Verschenke Freude!
30.01.2012 01:10:00Flugstunde
29.01.2012 21:38:00It’s exciting times for Metaverse Arts!
29.01.2012 09:57:00Die ersten Bilder von der Eröffnungsparty
28.01.2012 23:52:00Science Fiction im KrümelKram
28.01.2012 23:03:00Litigating Trademark And Copyright Cases In The Metaverse | The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
28.01.2012 22:58:00Podcast: “What Games Mean (And How They Mean It)”
28.01.2012 16:00:00A Visit to Laurel Arts Isle on Designing Worlds
28.01.2012 15:20:00SUYS – the choice is ours (part 2)
28.01.2012 00:39:00Why Lindens in Second Life Seem Arrogant & Out of Touch
27.01.2012 21:01:00Iris Rants: Don't Let Fear of SL Content Theft Cause Paranoia Over Alternate Designer Identities!
27.01.2012 20:30:00OpenSim Study on Virtual Treatment for Phobia Needs Cars!
27.01.2012 19:36:00Worte wie Donnerhall
27.01.2012 19:36:00Welcome region checklist
27.01.2012 19:21:00Happy Hunting! is filming today!
27.01.2012 19:19:00Sim Deathwatch: SL's Hardcore Hard Alley Hits Hard Times
27.01.2012 16:25:00Freaky Friday Spaßbude!
27.01.2012 16:13:00Pia Piaggio entdeckt die Nanotechnologie
27.01.2012 12:32:00Dein Ort für Glitzer, Glanz und Glamour!
27.01.2012 09:05:00NWN in Japanese: Bryn OhのSLアートがクラウドファンディングを通じて、1日でUS$6000の寄付を獲得!
27.01.2012 04:30:00The Ti Mosienko Interview: Transmedia and Mermaids of the Chicago River
26.01.2012 23:10:00ProtoSphere 2.0 released
26.01.2012 22:42:00Explore OpenSim & SL Regions on the Web & Convert Others for Web Use With Avatars Via the ArchTech Engine
26.01.2012 20:47:00Google Reportedly Allows Second Life User to Keep Google+ Account Named For His SL Avatar
26.01.2012 19:27:00Ask Miss Metaverse Manners About Dealing With SL Content Theft Accusations!
26.01.2012 08:02:00Ganz Deutschland bibbert!
25.01.2012 22:59:00Tokyo University Developing Real Time, Open Source Kinect-to-Second Life Software
25.01.2012 21:24:00Have Furries Fairly Fled Second Life for Furry Forums?
25.01.2012 20:44:00How to List Your Avatar Name Next to Your Real Name on Google+ (Which I Generally Recommend)
25.01.2012 18:53:00How to Photograph Photoshop-Free SL Water Reflections
25.01.2012 18:39:00Smeet im Wandel der Zeit!
25.01.2012 17:34:00Davon darf jede Frau nur träumen!
25.01.2012 14:03:00Wir sind zurück!
25.01.2012 10:07:00Brief exploration of creativity in virtual world of Second Life
25.01.2012 05:33:00Hard Alley To Be Cleaned Out March 10?
24.01.2012 23:34:00Google Now Allows Fully Pseudonymous Google+ Profiles -- But Only Those Known by a "Meaningful Number" of People
24.01.2012 21:36:00Do Hollywood Actors Fear the Rise of Avatar-Based Acting?
24.01.2012 21:27:00Do you have Valentine News for Prim Perfect?
24.01.2012 20:22:00A Klein Bottle Comes to Second Life (Again)!
24.01.2012 16:15:00How to Make Money with Virtual and Hybrid Events
24.01.2012 07:33:00Jibe platform walkthrough
23.01.2012 22:31:00OpenSim Active Users: Now About 15,000 (Same as in 2009)
23.01.2012 21:00:00Second Life Redditors Wonder WTF is Up With Linden Lab's SL Poor Ads -- Please Tell Them, Lindens!
23.01.2012 19:57:00Newt Gingrich, SL Fan, Likely to Be GOP's 2012 Candidate
23.01.2012 18:27:00Top Five New World Notes News From Last Week
23.01.2012 16:20:00“Berliner Mauer” Vernissage
23.01.2012 15:10:00The Biggest Virtual Events Opportunity No One Is Focusing On
23.01.2012 13:53:00Designing Worlds visits Laurel Arts Isle
23.01.2012 09:27:00Überraschendes Dschungel-Wochenende!
23.01.2012 04:38:00AVENUE Magazine January 2012
23.01.2012 02:48:00Learn all about the TNT Cabin Fever & Bookworm Hunts & the Whiz Glam Hunt with Happy Hunting!
21.01.2012 23:30:00Is OpenSim usage falling?
21.01.2012 14:59:00SUYS – the choice is ours! (part 1)
21.01.2012 11:34:00ChangHigh Sisters – Fireshow of Light, Life and Love on Designing Worlds!
21.01.2012 10:54:00Literaturknüller
21.01.2012 08:49:00This is how an augmented-reality Love Plus date feels like
21.01.2012 04:44:00Stanford offers tours of the virtual future
21.01.2012 00:24:00How to Stylishly Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in SL
20.01.2012 22:08:00Here's the Vampire That Should Be On SL's Homepage
20.01.2012 21:32:00Sim Deathwatch: Cartoonimals Leaving SL on the 14th
20.01.2012 20:10:00Good Marketing Tips for SL Fashion Bloggers
20.01.2012 17:41:00Zeig Snoop Dogg, was du drauf hast!
20.01.2012 15:52:00Freaky Friday - Hip Hop Studio!
20.01.2012 15:50:00Join Happy Hunting! to see our guests on the January 20th broadcast
20.01.2012 13:47:00OpenSim vs Second Life vs Minecraft
20.01.2012 13:12:00Da waren´s nur noch 10!
20.01.2012 09:59:00Channel 7 jumps on the Second Life bandwagon: 5 years late
20.01.2012 00:50:00World of Skyrim Actually Much Smaller Than San Francisco
19.01.2012 23:01:00#ocwl11 Grounding im Kommunikationsprozess in virtuellen Welten
19.01.2012 22:24:00Bryn Oh's SL Art Crowdfunder Raises USD$6K in One Day!
19.01.2012 19:32:00How to Shoot Spectacular Second Life Screenshots: Iris Ophelia's Way... Versus Linden Lab's Way
19.01.2012 17:26:00Die Burg Transilvania! Nur bis 30.01. erhältlich!
19.01.2012 17:04:0030. AK E-Learning Begabtenförderung in virtuellen Welten
19.01.2012 13:25:00Fashion Week!
19.01.2012 11:49:00Jetzt Coins absahnen!
19.01.2012 04:07:00Photo Contest with L$3000 prizes at Gumi’s Flower Shop!
19.01.2012 02:03:00SOPA, PIPA, and OpenSim
18.01.2012 23:55:00OpenSim Gaining Regions... But Not Gaining Many Users
18.01.2012 23:21:00Open Wonderland’s Games Village
18.01.2012 23:00:00Coliloquy Launches Dynamic Interactive Fiction E-book App
18.01.2012 21:45:00Founding SL Coder Comments on Qarl's Alignment Code
18.01.2012 20:34:00Richard Garriott Built Virtual Worlds to Leave the Real One
18.01.2012 18:04:00Protest Today Against SOPA & PIPA, Which Threaten SL
18.01.2012 13:01:00Einladung: die virtuelle Trainingsumgebung ViPOL #Veranstaltung #ocwl11
18.01.2012 12:02:00Die Royal Smeekiez sind zurück!
18.01.2012 11:14:00Echte Gefühle im Dschungel?
18.01.2012 04:34:00International collaboration — in 3D
17.01.2012 23:27:00Peter Greenaway Acclaims SL Artist Bryn Oh, Donates to Crowdfunder to Re-Open Immersiva -- and So Can You!
17.01.2012 21:38:00SL Insiders on Alignment Code Controversy: No Personal Animus, Karl's Code Will Be Integrated into the SL Viewer
17.01.2012 20:47:00Prim-Based Game Minecraft Exceeds 20 Million Registered Users, Almost 5 Million Paying Customers
17.01.2012 19:55:00Made in Hawaii: Tetris Battle, One of Facebook's Top Games
17.01.2012 12:14:00Unwort des Jahres 2011!
17.01.2012 07:00:00Academic Research Paper on OpenSim Community
17.01.2012 00:52:00The Great SMS Cramming Game
16.01.2012 22:39:00SOPA Seems Dead, But PIPA Still Threatens Second Life
16.01.2012 22:36:00Rod Humble (and I) talk SL on Australian radio about Second Life
16.01.2012 21:57:00Claiming Staff Bias, Ex-Linden Karl Stiefvater No Longer Helping Linden Integrate Alignment Tool into SL Viewer
16.01.2012 20:46:00Aurasma: Virtual & Real Augmented Reality for Smartphones
16.01.2012 20:09:00Top 7 New World Notes Posts Last Week
16.01.2012 17:04:00Designing Worlds is back – with a visit to the spectacular ChangHigh Sisters!
16.01.2012 16:50:00Ice Ice Baby!
16.01.2012 13:21:00Kostenlos Coins!
16.01.2012 12:18:00Geschüttelt, nicht gerührt...
16.01.2012 01:35:00Entrepreneurs key to OpenSim success
15.01.2012 21:53:00OpenSim hits new high; small grids multiply
15.01.2012 16:31:00Pia Piaggio sucht ein Konzept
15.01.2012 10:08:00Einladung
14.01.2012 16:56:00Æther Salon: Heraldry!
14.01.2012 08:02:00Log your visitors to Google spreadsheet
14.01.2012 02:49:00EFF Confirms: SOPA & PIPA, If Passed, Would Jeopardize Second Life and Its Users (And Here's How to Take Action)
13.01.2012 21:48:00Buchstabenlesung?
13.01.2012 21:00:00Iris' 5 Point Checklist for Flawless, Foolproof, & Photoshop-Free Second Life Snapshots
13.01.2012 18:37:00Freaky Friday - Arktische Oase
13.01.2012 18:13:00Join us today to celebrate the return of Happy Hunting!
13.01.2012 15:15:005 Ways Face-to-Face Events Are Like Family Reunions
13.01.2012 11:41:003D GUI for iOS Devices on the way
13.01.2012 11:23:00Der schwarze Freitag!
13.01.2012 07:07:00My son’s future — on the holodeck
13.01.2012 02:24:00Ekphrasis: The Conservation of Virtual Art
13.01.2012 01:54:00AvaHeart by Burke Benoir – Relay For Life of Second Life
12.01.2012 23:58:00Second Life Lost 879 Private Sims and $500K to $2M in Revenue in '11 -- I.E., Why Tier Costs Won't Likely Lower
12.01.2012 23:05:00What Went Wrong With Multiverse: VentureBeat's Take
12.01.2012 21:46:00Sim Deathwatch: Without Funding, Bryn Oh's Landmark Immersiva Art Space to Close Soon
12.01.2012 18:00:00Could SOPA Strangle Second Life? Sadly, Seems So.
12.01.2012 17:08:00Smeet schenkt dir ein Unterwasserparadies!
12.01.2012 15:15:0010 Lead Generation Tips for Digital Events
11.01.2012 23:48:00What "Other Products" Will Linden Lab Launch in 2012?
11.01.2012 21:32:00Youthful Opportunity: Most Who Visit SL's Site Are Under 34
11.01.2012 21:01:00How to Handle PR Crises on the Virtual Community of Reddit
11.01.2012 17:51:00Altadyn launches 3D Virtual Events
11.01.2012 03:47:00Trying on your clothes for Virtual Size
11.01.2012 02:22:00Smoking Cannabis Not Linked with Lung Damage
10.01.2012 23:48:00Second Life Mesh Stats, January 2012: 22% Sims Have Some Mesh From 240 Daily Uploaders for 140K+ Total Objects
10.01.2012 23:12:00Second Life Has an Official (If So Far Unused) Google+ Page
10.01.2012 22:18:00Raph Koster's Tip for Low Budget Game Development
10.01.2012 21:29:00Lovely Tribute to Burning Man, Which Once Inspired SL
10.01.2012 05:07:00Court Rules That Rights Belong to Bethesda
09.01.2012 23:09:00Want Qarl's Alignment Tool for SL Building in the Official SL Viewer? Then Vote On It! (UPDATED)
09.01.2012 21:42:00Reddit's SL Community Among the Top 10% Largest (But Could Be a Lot Larger)
09.01.2012 21:12:00Want to Play a Massively Multiplayer Storytelling Game?
09.01.2012 20:40:00Skyrim Dragonslaying: Such an Anti-Climax (So Far)
09.01.2012 20:04:00HELP WANTED: Segment Producer for Happy Hunting!
09.01.2012 18:45:00Einladung zum 30.AK E-learning am 12.01.2012
09.01.2012 17:33:00Vivox spreads fast through OpenSim grids
09.01.2012 15:45:00My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Social Media
08.01.2012 11:58:00American Library Association’s SL Island Closes
08.01.2012 11:49:00Game companies raise $1.54B in 2011
08.01.2012 11:46:00Open Metaverse Currency and grids rise in 2011
08.01.2012 11:42:00“Levitating” Residence | OpenSim Creations
08.01.2012 00:56:00Crossworld und VWI
07.01.2012 10:22:00OMC users, grids rise in 2011
06.01.2012 21:58:00The Mermaid Arcade in New Babbage closes
06.01.2012 21:27:00SL Fundraising Scandal Strongly Suggests Need to Work Directly With Real World Non-Profit Organizations
06.01.2012 18:00:00Iris Ophelia's Top 5 Talked-About Posts in 2011: Gender Bending, Avatar Race, Virtual Fur & Other Touchy Topics
06.01.2012 17:22:00Where’s your favourite virtual place for romance?
06.01.2012 15:44:00Freaky Friday - Luxus Suite
06.01.2012 13:12:00Christmas in New Babbage: The Credits
06.01.2012 13:06:00Quick stat: Top 15 Virtual Worlds
06.01.2012 12:12:00Virtual World registered accounts reach 1.7bn in Q4 2011 | KZero Worldswide
06.01.2012 00:00:00Tipodean Converts Second Life & OpenSim Content to Web Using Latest Version of Flash & Unity
05.01.2012 22:28:00Top 50 Most Popular Second Life Sims for December 2011
05.01.2012 21:12:00Multiverse Becomes Open Source MMO Platform After Closing
05.01.2012 18:00:00Does Tintin Take Us Past the Uncanny Valley into a Future of Hyperreal 3D Graphics?
05.01.2012 13:20:00Neues Jahr - neues Abenteuer!!!
05.01.2012 13:06:00Mittlerweile hat die Gewinner unseres Buchregalwettbewerbs auch ihr Preis erreicht...
05.01.2012 10:36:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 12: Christmas Came Early for the Urchins!
05.01.2012 04:48:00Devs divided on scripted vehicles
05.01.2012 00:06:00Survey Suggests Substantial Market for Cloud Streaming Second Life -- Which an Expert Says is Feasible at $99/Year!
04.01.2012 22:44:00Best of New World Notes 2011: My Favorite 10 Posts
04.01.2012 21:13:00SL Viewer Performance Comparison: Linden's Still Best, Exodus & Mikshake Best of Third Party Viewers
04.01.2012 10:07:00Wir haben Nachwuchs!
04.01.2012 09:51:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 11: All’s Well That En … What?
03.01.2012 22:48:00In NWN Survey on Improving Second Life, Plurality Call for Making Mesh-Capable Viewers Mandatory for All Users
03.01.2012 22:01:00Can people steal my stuff in OpenSim?
03.01.2012 21:25:00Google+ Forecast to Have 400M Registered Users by 2013 -- But How Many Will Be Actual Users?
03.01.2012 20:37:00Island Oasis reverses OAR export policy
03.01.2012 12:17:00Ende einer Ära
03.01.2012 11:55:00Großer Neujahrs Sale!
03.01.2012 10:39:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 10: Hooked!
03.01.2012 01:42:00Prof: Schools moving to OpenSim should pay for hosting
02.01.2012 23:47:00Ex-Linden Karl Stiefvater Explains How His Crowdfunded Code Improves SL Mesh - Get the Alpha, Give Him Feedback!
02.01.2012 22:51:00Top 6 NWN Posts Last Week: 2011 Recaps, Tops Sims & More
02.01.2012 22:15:00Qarl’s parametric mesh deformer on display, feedback sought
02.01.2012 21:40:00Founding Linden Describes Second Life's Failure to Go Mass Market as a Failure of Personality
02.01.2012 21:40:00Founding* Linden Describes Second Life's Failure to Go Mass Market as a Failure of Personality (UPDATED)
02.01.2012 18:25:00It’s All Virtual: 2011 In Review
02.01.2012 10:36:00Open Forum: What Are Your Predictions & Resolutions for Virtual Worlds, Gaming, and Technology in 2012?
02.01.2012 10:13:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 9: On the Trail of the Evil Santa!
02.01.2012 09:59:00Virtual fitness resolution
02.01.2012 09:55:00Zwischen Orient und Okkzident
02.01.2012 09:09:00CAT UDC Blog: Second Life to vAcamedia: The Future of Virtual Worlds for Distance Learning
02.01.2012 01:31:00That Was the Year That Was
01.01.2012 23:51:00Invoked computing: you really can use a banana as a telephone
01.01.2012 21:16:002011 ein großes iTeems Jahr
01.01.2012 15:44:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 8: Meanwhile, back in the secret underground store …
01.01.2012 12:47:00Last Look at 2011 - AVENUE's December Issue
01.01.2012 07:13:00Virtual Combat IED Simulation
01.01.2012 04:24:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 7: Enter Mr Biggins!
31.12.2011 13:16:00Vorankündigung
31.12.2011 10:48:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 6: Where are they?
31.12.2011 09:25:00Leichenstellung in Europa
31.12.2011 04:53:00Second Life Statistics for 2011
31.12.2011 04:50:00A good year
31.12.2011 00:33:00New World Notes' Top 5 Second Life Machinima for 2011!
30.12.2011 22:49:00SL Stylista Steals & Stabs in Skyrim (Sexily, Snarkily)
30.12.2011 21:16:00Second Life Statistics for 2011, Beautifully Presented
30.12.2011 18:30:00Pop Quiz: Which of These Photos of a Photographic Studio is From Second Life?
30.12.2011 16:57:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 5: Caught!
30.12.2011 12:37:00facebook ist doof ...
30.12.2011 07:24:00Fashion at is Finest - AVENUE's December Issue
30.12.2011 01:49:00“Surround Vision” : Turns TV Into Augmented Reality
29.12.2011 23:47:002011's Top 10 Second Life Fashion Items: Iris Ophelia's List!
29.12.2011 22:50:00Top Facebook Game Genres for 2011 (My Latest Report)
29.12.2011 19:30:00Head-Turning Dresses for New Year's Eve in Second Life
29.12.2011 16:35:00Neuer Roomcontest voller Erfolg!
29.12.2011 13:00:00NWN in Japanese: Kailua Beach経由で訪れる、オバマ大統領のハワイ別荘(UPDATE 12月26日リアルオバマ出現)
29.12.2011 12:19:00Silvester Smeekiez nur bis zum 1. Januar erhältlich!!!
29.12.2011 11:07:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 4: An unexpected discovery!
29.12.2011 07:27:00Linden Lab’s take on 2011… and 2012
29.12.2011 07:01:00Free texture downloads for Second Life / OpenSim grids
29.12.2011 02:39:00The Mystery of Second Life's Flat Growth in 2011 -- Despite 16K New Users Daily! (As NWN Readers Predicted)
29.12.2011 01:55:00Interesting Talks on Virtual Ability Island
28.12.2011 23:25:00Dot Friends: New Facebook Virtual World With Some User-Generated Content -- Renewed Investor Interest in Synchronous, Avatar-Based Socialization?
28.12.2011 17:32:00Second Life als Gaming-Plattform?
28.12.2011 16:25:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 3: A rather special new sleigh
28.12.2011 13:38:00Schmeiß dich in Schale für deine Silvester Party!
28.12.2011 09:11:00WonderSchool streams world to a tablet – Hypergrid Business
28.12.2011 09:00:00Virtual world to help kids overcome trauma – The Times of India
28.12.2011 08:59:00Massively’s MMO predictions for 2012
28.12.2011 01:56:00Top New World Notes Posts for 2011 by Popularity
28.12.2011 00:12:00Educational Project by Linden Alum Seeks Tax Deductible Donations for Civil Rights Mapping Project
27.12.2011 21:52:00Survey: Which of These Simple Features Would Most Improve the SL Experience?
27.12.2011 10:09:00Zwei Weihnachtsgeschenke
27.12.2011 07:09:00From Star Wars: The Old Republic To EVE Online – Keeping MMOs In The “Friend Zone”
27.12.2011 02:06:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 2: Exciting News from an Engineer
27.12.2011 01:44:00Top SL Sims This Month (PG & M Rated): Only 5 New Entries from Last Month
27.12.2011 01:21:00Visiting President Obama's Hawaii Vacation House Via Kailua Beach (Real World Notes)
27.12.2011 01:21:00Visiting President Obama's Hawaii Vacation House Via Kailua Beach (UPDATED With Actual Obama 12/26 Sighting!)
26.12.2011 22:44:00Exodus SL Viewer: Appealing Successor to Kirstens' Viewer
26.12.2011 22:22:00Please Take NWN's Survey on Paying to Stream Second Life!
26.12.2011 18:50:00Noam Chomsky, Anonymous Speak Out on Rap News
26.12.2011 18:25:00Christmas in New Babbage: Part 1: The Sleigh of Gifts
26.12.2011 18:05:00Top Six Second Life News & Posts Last Week!
26.12.2011 17:55:00Spare 100 Coins für den kompletten Smeekie Adventskalender!
26.12.2011 17:29:00Geschenke für Literaten
26.12.2011 15:05:00Event Planning Tips Courtesy of the Times Square Ball
26.12.2011 10:44:00Mechanische Tiere
26.12.2011 01:32:00Christmas in New Babbage
25.12.2011 15:30:00Santa and the Sim Crossing Part 2
24.12.2011 23:47:00Santa and the Sim Crossing
24.12.2011 13:06:00Get Great Second Life Holiday Gifts for Just L$100
24.12.2011 02:57:00Office Zombie Simulator in Flash via Unity |
24.12.2011 02:25:00Kitely rolls out Vivox voice
24.12.2011 00:06:00Have Yourself a Merry Little SL Steampunk Christmas Book
23.12.2011 22:27:00SL Fashion Brands on Facebook: Strawberry Singh's List
23.12.2011 20:51:00Join us for the last episode of Happy Hunting – until 2012!
23.12.2011 15:47:00Wir schreiben (bald) das Jahr 2012 – Rückblick und Vorschau
23.12.2011 15:16:00Linden Lab To End Era As Second Life-Only Company In 2012
23.12.2011 14:37:00Hol dir dein GRATIS Weihnachtsgeschenk ab!
23.12.2011 12:31:00Xmas Partysaal und Freaky Friday Special!
23.12.2011 09:42:00Die Gewinner des Winterzauber Contests!
22.12.2011 23:50:00Robots as simulation tools: great summary of progress
22.12.2011 23:07:00Yordie Sands: My Wonderful Fantasy – 2011
22.12.2011 22:57:00Thinking About Relying on the Marketplace for SL Christmas Gifts? Think Again. (Plus Five In-World Alternatives)
22.12.2011 22:22:00You Can't Learn a Lot From Lydia (But You'd Likely Like To)
22.12.2011 21:42:002011's Top 10 Facebook Games by Popularity - My New Inside Social Games Report
22.12.2011 16:26:00Java Jive Grand Reopening and Holiday Party
22.12.2011 15:00:00Survey: How Much Would You Pay For High Quality Streaming of SL on Browsers, Phones, and Tablets?
22.12.2011 11:50:00Nur noch heute erhältlich: Das Bonbonparadies!
22.12.2011 08:02:00LED mounted in a contact lens: virtual / AR displays
21.12.2011 21:00:00Second Life Winter Fashion Favorites from Artilleri, Pink Fuel, and Wasabi Pills
21.12.2011 18:30:00Schütze Dich!
21.12.2011 18:00:00SL Machinima With Einstein's Official Avatar Depicts Results of Fundraiser for Real World Medical Research
21.12.2011 11:17:00Marvel announces official MMO title: Marvel Heroes
21.12.2011 11:10:00Using virtual reality to cure real-life PTSD
21.12.2011 03:52:00Ekphrasis: The Dresden Gallery in SL
21.12.2011 00:15:00Top PC Games, October 2011: WoW Grows Audience, Second Life Doubles Share, 3 of the Top 10 are MMOs
20.12.2011 22:46:00Das Doofe am Kranksein ist, ...
20.12.2011 21:56:00Open Forum: What Simple Features or Changes Would Significantly Improve the Second Life User Experience?
20.12.2011 18:00:00Got SL Events, Contests, Announcements to Promote? Send to My Social Media Channels, So I Can Reshare!
20.12.2011 13:17:00Tag der Geschenke!
20.12.2011 12:22:00Bilderwettbewerb @ smeet [Noch 4 Tage]
20.12.2011 08:55:00We’re still here! A quick update
20.12.2011 08:09:00RIP: Star Wars Galaxies 2003 – 2011
20.12.2011 08:02:00OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide
19.12.2011 23:48:00Kirsten's SL Viewer Development Ends Because 1000s of Its Users Declined to Help Fund It
19.12.2011 23:03:00My Latest Inside Social Games Analysis Reports: How Facebook Game Sequels & Old Top Games Perform
19.12.2011 21:27:00Top Winners of UWA's SL Machinima Contest: Navarantha's "Welcome to the Other Side" & Siamendes' "Art Washers"
19.12.2011 18:05:00Der neue Roomcontest !
19.12.2011 17:41:00Was für ein Spektakel!
19.12.2011 16:00:00Last Week's Top Six Highlights in New World Notes
19.12.2011 15:05:00My Grown-Up Christmas List for Digital Events
18.12.2011 23:58:00iED Summit Europe 2011: Get Beyond Virtual Worlds | Rezzable
18.12.2011 23:51:00A marketing push
18.12.2011 23:36:00Prim Perfect wishes you the compliments of the season with our special Christmas issue!
18.12.2011 19:50:00Teleplace/QWAQ Liquidated By Financial Singularity?
18.12.2011 17:52:00Lesung in der Schneekugel
18.12.2011 15:38:00Die große Weihnachtslesung der Brennenden Buchstaben
18.12.2011 12:31:00Having a Pleasantville Christmas with Designing Worlds!
18.12.2011 12:19:00Diamantene Eisblumen mit extra Home Points nur heute erhältlich!!!
18.12.2011 10:32:00Weekend Open Forum: What Should We Be Blogging About More in New World Notes, and Why?
18.12.2011 07:31:00How Disney’s Club Penguin Became the Biggest Social Network for Kids
18.12.2011 07:21:00Beginning Content Creation In Second Life: the one-prim paperback
17.12.2011 22:01:00Talks at the Expo: Dr Who Panel
17.12.2011 15:25:00Walking in a SUYS Wonderland!
17.12.2011 15:12:00Talks at the Expo: Ey Ren of Second Norway
17.12.2011 00:41:00What Linden Lab Can Learn From Zynga (Which Learned a Lot From Linden Lab Early On)
16.12.2011 23:51:00I Keep Liking the SL Images That Cajsa Lilliehook Likes
16.12.2011 20:57:00Talks at the Expo: Misprint Thursday and Blue Tsuki
16.12.2011 20:27:00Filming today for Happy Hunting!
16.12.2011 20:24:00Holiday Hunts on Happy Hunting!
16.12.2011 20:00:00Saints Row The Third: Great Game, But Good Example of How Developers Still Fail Female Gamers
16.12.2011 18:00:00Newt Gingrich's Second Life Cited by Washington Post Columnist As Example of Candidate's Intellectual Failings
16.12.2011 17:18:00Freaky Friday - Weihnachtszimmer
16.12.2011 14:37:00So süß schmeckt Weihnachten!
16.12.2011 13:46:00Pia Piaggio auf LEA6
15.12.2011 22:11:00SL Insider: 70% of SLers Don't Regularly Explore SL, But Mostly Stay in Their Last Logged-In Location
15.12.2011 21:34:00Bundesligatippspiel
15.12.2011 21:31:00Raum-Contest: Winterzauber
15.12.2011 18:10:00Sic Transit Gloria Mundi … the Dresden Art Museum closes in Second Life
15.12.2011 18:06:00Weihnachten wird sexy!
15.12.2011 18:00:00New Chouchou Album Coming Soon, Here's an Advance Preview in a Gorgeous Machinima
15.12.2011 17:18:00Talks at the Expo: Csteph Submariner talks about the 1st World War Poetry sim
14.12.2011 23:08:00Is Virtual Faux Fox Fur Fashion Still Not Faux Enough?
14.12.2011 22:19:00Talks at the Expo: DeAnn Dufaux
14.12.2011 22:05:00My Multi-Racial Skyrim Avatar, Let Me Show You Him
14.12.2011 15:49:00Leise rieselt der Schnee...
14.12.2011 13:02:00After Long Absence, Original "Your World. Your Imagination" Second Life Slogan Returned to SL Homepage, Trailer!
14.12.2011 10:20:00Neu bei Smeet: Der Wert deines 3D Homes!
14.12.2011 00:06:00Marketplace Survey Results: Linden's E-Commerce Website Has Influenced Over 50% to Shop in SL Less
13.12.2011 23:04:00Linden CEO: Last Names for SL Avatars Returning January 2012 With Extra Features
13.12.2011 22:51:00didacta 2012 – die Bildungsmesse
13.12.2011 21:32:00Talks at the Expo: Callie Cline
13.12.2011 20:33:00Noch 4 Tage...
13.12.2011 19:13:00Neues bei Smeet
13.12.2011 19:00:00Interesting Quora Question on Second Life's "Failure"
13.12.2011 18:00:00Conspiracy Keanu on Female Avatars
13.12.2011 13:00:00NWN in Japanese:Second LifeがWisconsin州にあるリタイアメントホームで、住人の意見を取り入れた施設をデザインする為に利用された‐SLを使った、素晴らしいRLアプリケーション
12.12.2011 22:58:00Frank Ambrose Leaves Linden Lab: Senior VP's Departure Second Senior Loss to Second Life Team in as Many Months
12.12.2011 22:53:00Zuwachs bei den BB
12.12.2011 22:01:00OnLive Cloud Streaming Coming to Tablets & Smartphones
12.12.2011 20:30:00What Linden Lab's Logo Could Have Looked Like
12.12.2011 20:01:00Identity theft attack on Prim Perfect
12.12.2011 20:00:00Second Life & Tech/Gaming News Highlights from Last Week's NWN
12.12.2011 18:55:00Talks at the Expo: Pooky Amsterdam
12.12.2011 18:42:00Oh du schöne Weihnachtszeit!
12.12.2011 15:16:00Heiraten bei Smeet
12.12.2011 15:05:005 Ways to Get Started with Google Plus (#googleplus)
12.12.2011 12:30:00Designing Worlds wishes you all a Pleasantville Christmas!
12.12.2011 09:44:00Das Wochenende ist vorbei - aber die Party geht weiter!
12.12.2011 03:21:00AVENUE Magazine December 2011
11.12.2011 19:53:00Talks at the Expo: Gwen Carillon
11.12.2011 18:12:00Misprint Thursday wins 2011 UWA 3D Open Art Challenge!
11.12.2011 11:41:00Unser Supertalent
11.12.2011 10:40:00Sonntags Special: 50% auf stylische Weihnachtsleinwände!
11.12.2011 04:11:00What could possibly go wrong when Designing Worlds pays a seasonal visit to New Babbage?
10.12.2011 21:47:00Lesung im Wintergarten
10.12.2011 20:38:00Lesung in Mannheim
09.12.2011 23:28:00For Virtual Art to Gain Recognition With the Wider Art World, Must It Be More Commercial -- and Physical?
09.12.2011 21:03:00Will Linden Realms' Tools Be Abused for Spam & Griefing?
09.12.2011 20:13:00Advent, Advent ein Lichtlein brennt ...
09.12.2011 20:08:00SL Machinima Contest on Black & White Theme
09.12.2011 18:00:00Gingrich's Second Life on Ryan Lizza's New Yorker Blog!
09.12.2011 17:59:00Talks at the Expo: Jayjay Zifanwe
09.12.2011 14:21:00Sequoia, Elara and Sway join Happy Hunting today to share all their Hunt News!
09.12.2011 12:06:00Freaky Friday - Hochglanz Party Plaza!
09.12.2011 07:29:00Weihnachtsevents @ Smeet
08.12.2011 22:57:00Ophelia's Gaze: 3 Second Life Marketplace Banners That Get Under My Skin (And How I'd Fix Them)
08.12.2011 21:33:00Dimensions, Augmented Audio iOS Game Co-Created by Robert "Dizzy Banjo" Thomas, Launches!
08.12.2011 21:24:00Talks at the Expo: Candy Cerveau of Ozimals (and Pufflings)
08.12.2011 21:21:00Made in Germany: Augmented Reality by metaio – SDK jetzt kostenfrei für Entwickler
08.12.2011 20:42:00Ekphrasis: ‘Second Libations’ by Haveit Neox
08.12.2011 18:00:00If Kirsten's Viewer Development Isn't Fully Funded By December 17th, Kirsten's Viewer Development Will End
08.12.2011 17:19:00Christmas Expo 2011
08.12.2011 15:19:00Wintergames bei Smeet!
08.12.2011 10:43:00JETZT: Die X-Mas Outfits!
07.12.2011 22:38:00Talks at the Expo: Auryn Beorn of Black Tulip
07.12.2011 22:37:00My 3 Favorite Skyrim Mods So Far: User-Made Enhancements for Your Character and the World's Water
07.12.2011 21:20:00The BBC Covers SL-to-RL 3D Printed Fractal Cubes
07.12.2011 20:31:00Conspiracy Keanu on Second Life Noobs
07.12.2011 19:29:00Bilderwettbewerb @ smeet
07.12.2011 18:39:00X - Factor
07.12.2011 18:00:00Linden Lab Thanks Me For Not Paying Bill to Linden Lab
07.12.2011 14:18:00Virtueller Leichenschänder?
06.12.2011 23:26:00SL's Top 50 Sims for 11/11: Only 10 New Entries from October (I.E., Why SL Sims Should Have a Download Option)
06.12.2011 20:56:00Neal Stephenson: Enough On Me & the Metaverse Already!
06.12.2011 20:08:00Talks at the Expo: Eliza Wierwight of Patron
06.12.2011 14:14:00Nikolausgeschenk bei Smeet - Jetzt abholen!
06.12.2011 11:38:00My Post on Newt Gingrich's Second Life Now Up on Kotaku
06.12.2011 10:36:00Do you have Christmas News for Prim Perfect?
06.12.2011 00:09:00Linden Lab on Linden Realms: It's Not For Growing the User Base, It's for Established SLers and SL Developers
05.12.2011 21:31:00Cull TV Helps Catapult Indie Musician Toward Stardom
05.12.2011 20:47:00Want a New Laptop That Runs Second Life Well? Check Out The ASUS G73SW-XA1 Republic of Gamers
05.12.2011 20:18:00Talks at the Expo: Debs Regent of the London Sims
05.12.2011 19:47:00Last Chance to Take the SL Marketplace Website Survey!
05.12.2011 18:34:00Newt Gingrich in SL, Old Republic Style, Linden Realms Launches, and Other NWN Highlights Last Week
05.12.2011 17:48:00Am 06.12. ist Nikolaus!
05.12.2011 15:17:00Designing Worlds pays a seasonal visit to New Babbage – what could possibly go wrong?
05.12.2011 15:05:00Why Every Virtual Event Needs a Community Manager (by @LaurenEHarper) #cmgr
05.12.2011 13:41:00When is an advertisement more than an advertisement?
05.12.2011 10:47:00NEU: Weihnachtsoutfits für deine Pets!
05.12.2011 10:31:00Einladung zum 29. AK E-Learning am 08.12.2011
04.12.2011 22:12:00One Hundred and Forty Days of Silence (virtually)
04.12.2011 21:57:00Viele viele bunte Modis
04.12.2011 19:18:00Ekphrasis: The Loveliness of the Virtual Art World
04.12.2011 18:30:00Designing Worlds discovers the rich world of Retropolis
04.12.2011 11:47:00Sonntags Special: Limitierte Booster Weihnachtsbäume!!!
04.12.2011 07:39:00See Glyph Graves' Spectacular Kinect to Second Life Mixed Reality Performance Tomorrow at 6pm SLT
04.12.2011 01:49:00The Christmas Expo for 2011 is open – and we have the Guide to share!
03.12.2011 21:21:00Provide Answers to Virtual Events Questions (#engage365 Twitter Chat)
03.12.2011 02:32:00Coffee & Power Now Trading L$ for Coffee Dollars; Smart Way to Connect Real World Work Tasks to SL Projects
02.12.2011 22:13:00Second Life Concurrency (Now Below 70K) is Not the Best Indicator of SL User Activity, Here's Why
02.12.2011 21:38:00Top Facebook Farming Games: Most Are Popular Internationally, and Farm Town is a Virtual World
02.12.2011 20:13:00Glitch Going Back to Beta To Add User Creation Tools
02.12.2011 19:13:00Freaky Friday Special - romantischer Weihnachtsgarten!
02.12.2011 19:13:00Freaky Friday - romantischer Weihnachtsgarten!
02.12.2011 18:53:00Live bei Smeet - Radio fridayatsix
02.12.2011 15:41:00Happy Hunting! is filming today with Peace on Earth and prizewinners to announce!
02.12.2011 14:28:00Pia Piaggio bei #Occupy Wall Street
02.12.2011 12:54:00Christmas is a-coming – and many stores will help you count down the days!
02.12.2011 00:36:00Hey Linden Lab: Instead of Streaming Linden Realms, Why Not Put It Into the Second Life Client Itself? UPDATE: Linden CEO Rod Humble, Ex-LL Dev Qarl Comment
02.12.2011 00:33:00Ask Me a Question on Virtual Events (#engage365 Twitter Chat)
01.12.2011 21:03:00Star Wars MMO Style Watch: BioWare's Old Republic Alien Avatars are So Awesome, Humans Seem Drab
01.12.2011 19:00:00One Big Way Skyrim is Not Like Second Life
01.12.2011 17:06:00Sie sind wieder da: Unsere sechs Royal Smeekiez!
01.12.2011 16:57:00Ich tanze meinen Namen ….
01.12.2011 15:42:00Der Smeet Adventskalender!
01.12.2011 14:25:00Die X-Mas Smeekies sind los!
01.12.2011 12:46:48Grand Finale: UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
01.12.2011 09:14:00Welt AIDS Tag 2011 - Zeig deine Solidarität!
01.12.2011 07:48:00Join the Expo Conversation with Prim Perfect!
01.12.2011 00:24:00Newt Gingrich's Second Life: The Leading GOP Presidential Candidate Visited the Virtual World With All-Female Avatar Bodyguards, Suggested Congress Meet in SL Too
30.11.2011 21:03:00Utopisch-satirische Lesung
30.11.2011 19:48:00Winter Styles - AVENUE's November Issue
30.11.2011 19:00:00Iris' Vintage Fair Favorites: Sexy Lingerie & Classic Bed for Your SL Avatar
30.11.2011 17:00:00Conspiracy Keanu Asks a Crucial Question
30.11.2011 14:43:00Endlich Platz für alle Räume!
30.11.2011 09:32:00Bericht in der NRZ
30.11.2011 03:05:00The destruction of the Pompeii Court at the Crystal Palace: the closure of another educational region
30.11.2011 00:53:00How to share your Hunt news with Happy Hunting!
30.11.2011 00:34:00Coming Soon: Dimensions, Augmented Sound Game Co-Created by Robert "Dizzy B" Thomas - Want a Beta Invite?
29.11.2011 23:48:00Germany in 3D lädt zur offenen Sitzung
29.11.2011 22:45:00Digitaler Analphabetismus – Wer ist betroffen?
29.11.2011 22:14:00Survey: Has SL's Marketplace Website Changed Your SL Shopping Habits?
29.11.2011 21:07:00Rejuvenation - AVENUE's November Issue
29.11.2011 21:07:00Facebook's Top 5 PvP Strategy Games: My New ISG Report
29.11.2011 18:30:00Great SL Machinima Mixes McLuhan & Mixed Reality Footage
29.11.2011 16:21:00Global virtual meeting for Gifted Education in secondlife! 17. 12. 2011
29.11.2011 10:09:00Tell us about your Favourite Winter Place!
29.11.2011 00:12:00Fractal Cube Originally Made in SL Now on Sale in RL
28.11.2011 23:20:00Machinima Links Metaverse Art With 20th Century Futurism
28.11.2011 22:40:00The Fate of Subscription-Based MMOs in 2011: Go Free-to-Play, or Die
28.11.2011 20:45:00Open Forum: What's the Best Laptop to Run Second Life?
28.11.2011 19:36:00Top 5 New World Notes Highlights Last Week
28.11.2011 19:19:00Wartungsarbeiten!!
28.11.2011 16:57:00Es schneit, es schneit!!
28.11.2011 15:15:004 Social Apps and Services You Need to Know More About (@socialtables, @ideaflight, @MeetMeme, @sonarme)
28.11.2011 13:44:00Designing Worlds explores the diversity of Retropolis
28.11.2011 11:12:00Wusstest du schon? ...
28.11.2011 01:12:00Two Steps Forward for Mesh … but can there be any more?
27.11.2011 20:48:00The Dragons Pay Tribute to Anne McCaffrey
27.11.2011 13:37:00Lesung & Ausstellung
27.11.2011 12:00:00Sonntags Special: 50% Rabatt auf exklusive Designerstücke!!!
27.11.2011 11:52:00Wondering where we’ll be headed with this week’s Designing Worlds?
27.11.2011 09:46:00Im Kulturdorf tut sich was …
27.11.2011 09:38:00Berliner Mauer
26.11.2011 08:08:00Gestern Lesung
26.11.2011 00:05:00Hilarious SL Machinima About Virtual Art Custodians
25.11.2011 23:49:00What Would Your SL Avatar Look Like Off the SL Grid?
25.11.2011 23:49:00What Would Your SL Avatar Look Like Off the Grid? (UPDATED)
25.11.2011 23:41:00How to Add Multiple SLurls to Your SL Land
25.11.2011 16:53:00Freaky Friday Special - gemütlicher Herbstraum!
25.11.2011 14:02:00Happy Hunting! broadcasting today – come and see the show!
25.11.2011 00:17:00Open Forum: What in Second Life Are You Thankful For?
24.11.2011 22:58:00Kicking Second Life Addiction – A Life Outside The Grid
24.11.2011 11:58:00Sale Sale Sale!
24.11.2011 11:45:00300.000 Leuten gefällt Smeet!
24.11.2011 11:14:00Morgen Lesung in Duisburg
24.11.2011 10:23:00Celebrate Thanksgiving with Designing Worlds!
23.11.2011 23:42:00Skyrim: Seriously Great Game, Serious Style Shortcomings
23.11.2011 22:40:00Avatar Meets Wind Up Doll in Lovely SL Machinima
23.11.2011 21:54:00iTeems sucht wahre Künstler
23.11.2011 20:15:00Kinect Hardware & Firmware for Windows Devs Coming Soon
23.11.2011 18:00:00Hey Activision -- Want Call of Duty Treated Seriously? Then Seriously Incorporate Civilians into Call of Duty
23.11.2011 12:32:00Punschen & Shoppen - Vorweihnachtszeit @ smeet
22.11.2011 23:22:00"Love Prayer": SL Machinima Tells a Sinister Fairy Tale
22.11.2011 21:28:00Top 5 Hidden Gems of Facebook Gaming - My New ISG Report
22.11.2011 19:50:00SL's Vintage Fair, Four Favorites: Things that Swing from Curio, Icing, Shag, and Stuff Store
22.11.2011 18:15:00Wasser
22.11.2011 13:09:00Paris Hilton Glamour für alle!
21.11.2011 23:23:00Kim Salzer Leaves Linden Lab: Former Head of Marketing Advertised Second Life's Virtual Animals, Instituted Tighter Company Communication
21.11.2011 21:47:00Machinima Merges SL Art Installations With RL Paintings
21.11.2011 19:14:00An Open Letter to Chip and Dan Heath about Second Life
21.11.2011 18:00:00Last Week's Top 7 Posts: SL as RL Architecture Prototyping Tool, Official Einstein Machinima, Skyrim vs SL & More
21.11.2011 17:53:00Historisches Ambiente
21.11.2011 15:51:00Der Weihnachtsmarkt ist eröffnet!
21.11.2011 15:45:00Hier werden Herbstträume wahr!
21.11.2011 15:27:00Join us on Designing Worlds for a Thanksgiving Dinner with a Difference!
21.11.2011 02:46:00AVENUE Magazine November 2011
20.11.2011 19:50:00Is Linden Lab making a Bad Situation Worse?
20.11.2011 13:24:00Sonntags Special: Wunderschöne Luxus-Aquarien für dein 3D-Home!
19.11.2011 15:46:00November SUYS – Flashback!
19.11.2011 13:24:00Designing Worlds heads back to the mainland!
19.11.2011 11:22:00Heute wird´s schwül
19.11.2011 07:43:00Victuals! November Aether Salon
19.11.2011 00:26:00No, Second Life Founder Philip Rosedale Probably Doesn't Think Second Life is "Dead"
18.11.2011 23:22:00SL Effects Wizard Tyrehl Byk Has a New Show This Weekend
18.11.2011 22:32:00SL Web Profiles Get More Twitter-Like With Trending Tab
18.11.2011 21:38:00Experiment in Glitch Greed Undone by Glitch Generosity
18.11.2011 19:50:00Epic SL Steampunk Fashion Spread is Epic
18.11.2011 17:44:00Happy Hunting! is filming today – so come and find out if you’re a winner!
18.11.2011 16:30:00Pia Piaggio bei Ballet Pixelle
18.11.2011 15:31:0028.AK E-Learning “PTSD Therapie und Aufklärung in virtuellen Welten”
18.11.2011 15:20:00I Finally Joined Google Plus, So Let’s Circle Each Other
18.11.2011 14:04:00Freaky Friday Special-Fairy Garden
18.11.2011 09:03:00Historische Lesung
17.11.2011 23:38:00Second Life Used to Design Wisconsin Retirement Home With Input from Senior Citizens - Excellent RL Application of SL
17.11.2011 21:47:00Ophelia's Gaze: 4 Reasons Why Skyrim is Like Second Life as a Single-Player RPG
17.11.2011 20:01:00Cull TV's Cool Video Streaming Service Comes to Second Life
17.11.2011 17:18:00Hell Race
17.11.2011 14:29:00Sports-News: Wichtige Bekanntmachung in Sachen Tippspiel!
17.11.2011 10:36:00Der Gewinner der SMS Happy Hour!!!
16.11.2011 23:27:00Einstein's Official Avatar Used in Awesome Second Life Machinima to Promote Medical Research Fundraiser
16.11.2011 22:12:00Second Life's Facebook Page Gains Over 200K Fans - I.E. Probably About 20% of SL's Active Userbase
16.11.2011 21:05:00Linden Lab Board Member Will Wright is Creating HiveMind, a Game That Connects to Your Real Life (Somehow)
16.11.2011 16:01:00100% mehr Coins! Nur heute zwischen 18-19 Uhr!
16.11.2011 12:12:00Puzzle-Meister aufgepasst!
16.11.2011 06:30:00Iris' SL Vintage Fair Featurette: Retro Coolness from Alice Project, Indie Rose, and Lara Hurley
16.11.2011 00:46:00Are You Your Avatar?
16.11.2011 00:19:00Will Linden Lab's Customers Get to Improve Upon Linden Lab's Discarded Projects?
15.11.2011 22:15:00Karl's Crowdsourced Second Life Mesh Fix Update: Linden Lab Working With Him, But Progress is Delayed
15.11.2011 20:04:00How to Create an Awesome SL Avatar for 2 Bucks Plus Change (i.e. L$550)
15.11.2011 15:55:00Lüfte das Geheimnis des Wunderwaldes!
15.11.2011 12:32:00Mit gemeinsam Musik im Social Web erleben
14.11.2011 23:56:00Is Skyrim More of a Virtual World Than Second Life?
14.11.2011 22:25:00New SL Viewer Comes With Mouseover Help Text, Point-and-Click Movement, Twitter & Facebook Update Integration
14.11.2011 21:44:00Win Up to $L10,000 for Judging Second Life Machinima
14.11.2011 21:08:00Tell Reddit's SL Community Your Favorite SL Sites!
14.11.2011 19:08:00Top 7 NWN Posts and Second Life News Posts Last Week: Debunking Why SL Failed to Go Big, Explaining Why SL Artists Should Use Their RL Names, and More
14.11.2011 17:29:00Logos:
14.11.2011 17:00:00Screenshots:
14.11.2011 15:55:00Exploring the arts and crafts of the mainland with Designing Worlds
14.11.2011 14:41:00Die glücklichen Hochzeitspaare
14.11.2011 14:40:00Why Second Life Passes The Milkshake Test (But Fails In Other Ways)
14.11.2011 11:12:00Watch Happy Hunting! on the web (and win the prize!)
14.11.2011 10:42:00Die Server machen Probleme
14.11.2011 09:29:00Gelingt dir der große Wurf?
13.11.2011 19:39:00Riding the Trails, Riding the Rails! Designing Worlds visits the mainland
13.11.2011 17:50:00TUTANCHAMUN – Virtuelle Archäologie
13.11.2011 04:34:00Don’t miss the Third Annual Fleet Week in the Steamlands!
12.11.2011 09:30:00Ausstellung in München
12.11.2011 00:09:00First Showing of Happy Hunting! UPDATE
11.11.2011 23:18:00SL Production of Through the Looking Glass Debuts
11.11.2011 22:06:00Second Life Client Gets Big UI Upgrade: Customizable Icons & Toolbars, Basic & Advance Modes Merged, More
11.11.2011 21:25:00First showing of Happy Hunting!
11.11.2011 20:46:00A Beautiful Second Life Art Sim Called HuMaNoiD
11.11.2011 20:09:00How to Light Second Life Photos the Graphic Dix Way
11.11.2011 18:08:00Are You Fascinated by the Virtual World of Skyrim?
11.11.2011 16:38:0011 Millionen Smeeter!
11.11.2011 12:33:00Freaky Friday Special - romantische Hochzeitsräume!
11.11.2011 11:24:46Philip Rosedale spruiks new venture, talks down Second Life?
11.11.2011 10:58:00Ein Blick in die 3D-Glaskugel
11.11.2011 07:21:00Imagine Peace Fest
10.11.2011 21:16:00Second Life Art Maven Bettina Tizzy Explains Why SL Artists Should Credit Works With Their Real Life Names
10.11.2011 18:00:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: The Etiquette of (Public) Second Life Voice Chat
10.11.2011 15:16:00Die Fantasy Pets sind los!
10.11.2011 11:00:00NWN in Japanese: 美しいファッションモンタージュ マシニマ ft. Chouchou
10.11.2011 06:52:00Bücherregal
09.11.2011 23:11:00The Myth of Second Life's Failure to Go Big: It Wasn't Lack of Practical Applications, But Poor Execution & Market Timing
09.11.2011 21:21:00The Sims Social: The Virtual Goods & Demographics That Make The Facebook Game So Big
09.11.2011 17:30:00DECO's New Mesh Parkas Show How Revolutionary Mesh in Second Life Fashion Can Be
09.11.2011 10:41:00Wusstest du schon?...
09.11.2011 07:58:00Historiker entdecken Filmdokument
09.11.2011 00:07:00The FBI Thinks Second Life is a Likely Haven for Real Life Gangs -- Here's 5 Reasons Why That's Probably Not True
08.11.2011 20:18:00Top 20 PG-Rated Second Life Sims for October 2011 - Most Much Less Popular Than the Top Mature & Adult Regions
08.11.2011 18:04:00Got an Etiquette Question About Using Voice in SL? Ask Miss Metaverse Manners!
08.11.2011 14:42:00Deine Hochzeit am 11.11.2011
08.11.2011 13:29:22’3D Virtual Campus Tours’ gains traction
08.11.2011 08:19:00Nochmal FdL: Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen
07.11.2011 23:31:00Second Life's Auto-Loading HUDs: Important Step for Growing and Expanding SL's Market
07.11.2011 22:00:005 Ways to Spot a Breakout Facebook Game - My Analysis
07.11.2011 20:31:00Beautiful SL Fashion Montage Machinima Ft. Chouchou
07.11.2011 19:17:00Top 9 New World Notes News Items from Last Week
07.11.2011 18:41:00Pia Piaggios 100 Wortstreifzug
07.11.2011 14:40:00The New Klout Scoring Model Reflects a Shift to Klout 2.0
07.11.2011 14:17:00Designing Worlds takes to the trails and rails of the mainland
07.11.2011 02:04:00Colors of Fall - AVENUE Magazine
06.11.2011 21:43:00Is the Marketplace killing the Mall?
06.11.2011 19:59:00Peace, Love and Belief V – The 60 Sim Second Life Mega Concert
06.11.2011 08:00:00Kunst und Krimi
05.11.2011 13:00:00Watch out – there’s a scammer about!
05.11.2011 09:18:00Heute Abend wird´s kriminell
05.11.2011 00:21:00AVENUE Magazine November Exclusive - GizzA
04.11.2011 22:19:00The Paulse of Fashion - AVENUE Magazine
04.11.2011 22:10:00Big SL Event With Music & Art to Benefit PTSD Victims Opens
04.11.2011 19:10:00Linden Launches Monster-Dodging Game for Premium Users UPDATE: Rod Humble Explains -- It Was Made With New Tools Coming Soon for SL Game Developers
04.11.2011 18:21:00Style Oven: Fantastic SL Fashion Blog From RL Photographer
04.11.2011 16:18:00Freaky Friday Special - VIP Eingangshalle!
04.11.2011 12:07:00Do YOU want to come to the filming of the very first Happy Hunting?
04.11.2011 08:36:00Neue Nachbarin
03.11.2011 22:54:00Insiders Share How Will Wright Will Influence the Future of Second Life & Linden Lab
03.11.2011 21:14:00Moral Revolution: About Half Who Played Deus Ex's Malik Mission Earned the Difficult "Good Soul" Achievement
03.11.2011 18:37:00Sims 3 Pets: Great Sims Expansion, but PetVille, Pocket Frogs & Meeroos Fans May Hate the Breeding Limitations
03.11.2011 09:48:00Designing Worlds explores the wonderful world of Cutea Benelli
02.11.2011 20:38:00Philip Rosedale's Coffee & Power Can Succeed on a Massive Scale in Ways Second Life Could Not -- Here's Why
02.11.2011 18:46:00Zeit für filmreife Auftritte - Movie Week bei Smeet
02.11.2011 18:32:00Bid for My Time Or That of Many Other SLers on AllThis
02.11.2011 11:49:00Das GIM ist da
02.11.2011 01:15:00Happy Hunting! to launch on
01.11.2011 23:32:00Top 50 Most Popular Second Life Sims for October 2011
01.11.2011 22:26:00Popular Request for Last Names in SL Finally Under Review
01.11.2011 21:07:00What I Blog About on New World Notes (Besides Second Life)
01.11.2011 19:03:00F*** My Second Life: Hilarious Machinima From the Creator of Man Vs. Second Life (Mildly NSFW)
01.11.2011 16:18:00Einladung zum 28. AK E-Learning am 10.11.2011
01.11.2011 09:39:00Gestern war Halloween ...
01.11.2011 09:13:00Die Gewinner stehen fest!
01.11.2011 02:34:00Metaverse Art Episode 13: The Path
31.10.2011 23:43:00Buy & Sell Someone's Real Time With Virtual Tokens
31.10.2011 22:11:00Kirsten's Viewer Crowdfunder Update: 13% Raised So Far, In-World Volunteers & Promoters Needed!
31.10.2011 20:11:00Portal 2 Puzzle Creator Coming Soon -- Hey Valve, Please Let Creators Sell Their Levels on Steam!
31.10.2011 17:48:00Top 10 NWN Posts Last Week: Will Wright Joins Linden Lab, Why Bitcoin Can Be Free & Much More
31.10.2011 16:42:00Designing Worlds celebrates Halloween … in a Linden Home?
31.10.2011 14:40:00Top 5 Ways Virtual Events Are Like Football Games
31.10.2011 11:48:00Halloween-Lesung
31.10.2011 10:23:00Be afraid … be very afraid of the new issue of Prim Perfect!
30.10.2011 21:30:00Metaverse Arts Episode 13: The Path
30.10.2011 18:04:00Can you hear me at the back? Do I need to speak up?
30.10.2011 16:26:00Anbau
29.10.2011 15:39:00October SUYS – still Falling
29.10.2011 01:35:00Misunderstanding SL's Magic Circle Leads to SL Social Strife
28.10.2011 23:15:00Google Still Maintains Policy of Deleting Pseudonymous G+ Accounts, Reports Jamie Zawinski
28.10.2011 22:38:00Tonight: SL Halloween Party for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
28.10.2011 21:00:00Second Life Connection Troubleshooting Advice
28.10.2011 19:52:00The SL Photos of Maclane Have a Lonely & Luminous Beauty
28.10.2011 15:27:00Freaky Friday Special - Roter Kochtempel!
28.10.2011 10:54:00Halloween Luxus Paket!
28.10.2011 09:57:23Will Wright joins Linden Lab Board of Directors (and a quick Sims Social review)
28.10.2011 00:01:00Turn Your SL Avatar into a Lichtenstein Painting for Virtual Halloween With This Makeup Layer Inspired by His Style!
27.10.2011 22:31:00Bitcoin Can't Be Free from the Powers That Be, Because It Rides on Rails That They Control
27.10.2011 19:06:00How Graphic Dix Makes Amazing Post-Processed SL Images
27.10.2011 17:16:00Avalon Town Scary Art Auction to Benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
27.10.2011 10:03:00Exploring the mysteries of Insilico on Designing Worlds
27.10.2011 00:35:00How Will Will Wright Help Second Life? Linden Lab Replies
26.10.2011 21:30:00Get all Dolled Up for Halloween in Second Life with DOLL COCO's Mesh Ball-Jointed Doll Avatars
26.10.2011 20:37:00US Army's 2012 Virtual Worlds Challenge Now Accepting Entries -- $25K Prize for 2 Real World Applications
26.10.2011 19:47:00Today is a good news day – a little late!
26.10.2011 12:13:00Raum Contest: Halloween! und weitere Events!
26.10.2011 04:34:00Game God Will Wright Joins Linden Lab's Board of Directors!
25.10.2011 23:44:00Deus Ex's Missing Link Mission Provocatively Evokes Post-9/11 Fears, Poses Morally Complex Choices
25.10.2011 21:28:00Challenge Accepted: SL Users Raise $5400 to Hire Ex-Linden to Fix SL Mesh Issues in Under 3 Weeks
25.10.2011 19:56:00US Army Experimenting With Second Life to Create Inception-Like Dream Therapy for PTSD Victims. Really.
25.10.2011 17:09:00Das Buch zum Festival
25.10.2011 13:41:00Spare 10%!
24.10.2011 23:47:00Sims 3 Pets: Big Competitive Threat and Opportunity for Second Life's Huge Virtual Animal Market
24.10.2011 22:36:00Facebook Testing Credits on Third Party Sites -- Big Move to Become the Internet's Main Virtual Currency
24.10.2011 21:46:00SL Crowdfunding Update: Karl Stiefvater's Mesh Project Very Near $5K Goal, Kirsten's Viewer Project at 12% Target
24.10.2011 20:13:00Don't Miss These Top Ten NWN Posts From Last Week
24.10.2011 15:30:00How Facebook’s Latest Changes Point To The Future of Virtual Event Experiences
24.10.2011 14:55:00The Kafkaesque Case of the missing Nexus Burbclave
24.10.2011 11:04:00Pia Piaggio im Goethe-Institut
24.10.2011 10:59:00“Is it safe?” Join Designing Worlds as we probe the mysteries of Insilico
24.10.2011 03:50:00Understanding the “Little Hitlers” of Second Life
23.10.2011 22:16:00Promitalk @ smeet [The beste Comedian]
22.10.2011 14:41:00Fall into SUYS – weekend 1
22.10.2011 12:34:00Origo 3D-Drucker druckt Spielzeug im Kinderzimmer
22.10.2011 11:17:00Visiting Insilico
21.10.2011 22:11:00Open Source Spinoff of Second Life Slowly Smothering Revenue Base of Second Life Itself
21.10.2011 21:34:00SL Weekend Event Will Celebrate Lives Lost to Gay Bullying
21.10.2011 21:10:00Open Course Workspace Learning 2011 / 2012 #ocwl11
21.10.2011 21:06:00New SL Viewer 3 User Interface: Not Glorious Yet!
21.10.2011 20:00:00SL Poses Inspire Patricie Sapphire to Take SL Fashion Photos of Lucid and Shadowy Beauty
21.10.2011 18:00:00Linden Lab Attributes Megaprim "Blacklist" to Griefing Issue, Says Functionality Has Been Restored
21.10.2011 17:29:00Freaky Friday Special - Halloween Raum!
21.10.2011 12:17:00Die Geisteroffensive!
21.10.2011 08:53:00Rückblicke
20.10.2011 23:50:00Virtual Cosplay: How to Turn Your SL Avatar Into Miyazaki's Kiki for Halloween
20.10.2011 22:07:00Guardians become Griefers (again)
20.10.2011 21:04:00Glitch MMO Gets Engulfed With Second Life Users, Who Create One of the Game's Largest Groups
20.10.2011 20:01:00Eine kleine Szene vom FdL: Zause rastet aus...
20.10.2011 19:50:00Improving Mesh in Second Life and beyond
20.10.2011 19:38:00Google+ to Allow Pseudonyms Soon (But I Wouldn't Start Celebrating Yet)
20.10.2011 17:27:00Macht euch schick für Halloween!
20.10.2011 15:28:00#HybridEvents: A Look Back and A Look Ahead via @bXbOnline
20.10.2011 02:07:00Urgent Message from Builders Brewery – please rejoin the group!
19.10.2011 23:38:00In 2 Weeks, Nearly $4000 Pledged to Hire Ex-Linden to Fix Second Life Mesh -- Future Trend for SL Development?
19.10.2011 22:00:00BettiePage's Little Red Riding Hood: Cute Classy Costume for Your Second Life Halloween & Virtual Closet!
19.10.2011 20:16:00Watch Login 2 Life, Acclaimed Film About the Real Lives Behind the Avatars of SL & WoW Online Free This Week
19.10.2011 18:02:00The Next Generation of Virtual Interaction is Being Shaped by Kinect and Sesame Street
19.10.2011 15:23:00Turn Outings into Professional Networking Opportunities with @sonarme
19.10.2011 13:46:00Kunst, Code und Maschine
19.10.2011 09:50:00Zockerfreunde aufgepasst!
19.10.2011 00:28:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: How to Deal with Entitled SL Customers -- And Avoid Being One Yourself!
18.10.2011 23:40:00Resource for Playing Zombie Games in Second Life Reminds Me How Much SL's Game Dev Tools Need to Improve
18.10.2011 21:33:00Google+ Has Become My Least Effective Platform for Social Media Promotion (Even as My G+ Circle Keeps Expanding)
18.10.2011 20:30:00Letzte Chance!
18.10.2011 18:52:00Doku
18.10.2011 18:00:00MetroPCS Blocking Second Life Access Via Mobile?
18.10.2011 00:05:00Second Life Grows Slightly in Q3 2011: Now 1.05M Monthly Users (Good), 475K Monetized Users (Better)
17.10.2011 20:36:00Kirsten's Viewer, Popular Third Party SL Viewer, Becomes Crowdfunded Project - Here's Why You Should Invest
17.10.2011 19:54:00Top 10 New World Notes Posts from Last Week
17.10.2011 13:19:00We need to talk about Mesh … on Designing Worlds
17.10.2011 09:37:00FdL Streichhölzer
17.10.2011 01:25:00AVENUE Magazine October 2011
16.10.2011 16:30:00Pondering The Future With PCMA, VEI and … Event Camp?
16.10.2011 12:02:00Designing Worlds visits the playa to explore Burn2
15.10.2011 14:00:00Treet goes mobile!
14.10.2011 23:46:00Herbstferien @ smeet
14.10.2011 23:01:00"The Path", New SL Art Installation by Bryn Oh & Other Leading Metaverse Artists, Open Now
14.10.2011 22:15:00OpenSim Updates: Mesh, NPCs, Amazon Cloud Deployment (UPDATE: Watch These 40 Alien NPCs Dance to Dubstep)
14.10.2011 21:08:00Project to Highlight Beautiful Builds on SL's Mainland
14.10.2011 20:17:00Kotaku Features NWN Post on Giving Felicia Day's Dragon Age Character a Second Life Makeover!
14.10.2011 18:03:00Just Look at This Awesome Second Life-Based Image Which Was Created by Mr. Graphic Dix
14.10.2011 15:30:00Demand Generation Has Evolved: The Convergence of Lead Generation & Lead Qualification
14.10.2011 15:23:00Freaky Friday Special - Heute: Die Farboase!!!
14.10.2011 12:28:00Nur noch heute - Super Preise bei Paula!
14.10.2011 12:27:00Smek braucht deine Hilfe!
14.10.2011 11:00:00NWN in Japanese: 2011年Second Lifeは、650シム&100万ドルの年間収入を失っている:SLはニッチのままでは生き残れない
14.10.2011 08:38:00FdL Nachlese
14.10.2011 04:05:00Neo-Surrealism Takes A Virtual Turn Down ‘The Path’
13.10.2011 23:03:00Felicia Day's Dragon Age II Character Tallis Needs a Virtual Fashion Makeover -- Here's How She Should Look!
13.10.2011 20:00:00Lovely Machinima Commercial for SL Mesh Boots
13.10.2011 18:00:00When You Ask the iPhone's Siri About the Meaning of Life, Shouldn't the Soul of Steve Jobs Come Out?
13.10.2011 16:51:00Announcing Æther Salon: The Second Edition
12.10.2011 23:44:00Coming Soon: Big User Interface Changes to Second Life!
12.10.2011 22:13:00Want an SL Halloween Under the Sea? Check Out This Beautifully Detailed Mesh Mermaid Costume!
12.10.2011 21:14:00I'm Co-Judging a SL Machinima Contest With L$300K in Prizes -- Here's 5 Things I'm Looking for in My Selections
12.10.2011 18:00:00Cool Augmented Reality Demo Makes Me Think About the Future of Virtual Worlds
12.10.2011 14:46:00Do you have Halloween News for Prim Perfect?
11.10.2011 22:58:00Occupy Wall Street Adds Second Life as a Protest Spot - And Why It's a Legitimate Place to Rally
11.10.2011 21:13:00Plurk is Proportionally the Most Engaged Social Network For My Blog - More Than Twitter or Even Facebook!
11.10.2011 20:46:00Hinter den Kulissen
11.10.2011 20:32:00What Deus Ex Human Revolution's Malik Mission Taught Me About Player Efficacy
11.10.2011 18:00:00Got a Question on Dealing with a Sense of Entitlement to User-Made SL Content? Ask Miss Metaverse Manners!
11.10.2011 10:27:00Making Meshes
10.10.2011 23:10:00Linden Lab Adds Web-Based User-to-User Messaging to Its SL Social Network; Message Me at Hamlet.Au!
10.10.2011 22:48:00Metaverse/3D Artists: Linden Lab Offering 20 New Sims for SL Art, Here's How to Apply
10.10.2011 22:16:00LEA Granted the Annual Use of 20 Sims for Promotion of SL Art
10.10.2011 21:40:00Shaker Gets $15 Million in Venture Funding, Renewing Valley Interest in Synchronous Avatar-Driven Socialization
10.10.2011 20:20:00If Bitcoin Creator "Satoshi Nakamoto" Isn't Michael Clear and Remains Unknown, How Can it Be Trusted?
10.10.2011 19:42:00FdL Nummer drei
10.10.2011 18:42:00Don't Miss These Top 9 NWN Posts from Last Week!
10.10.2011 14:49:00Missing Burn2 already? See it on Designing Worlds!
10.10.2011 13:15:00Nur noch diese Woche - Super Preise bei Paula!
10.10.2011 13:02:00LEA Negotiates 20 Lab-Sponsored Sim for Art!
10.10.2011 12:30:00Do you have questions about mesh and the mesh project? Ask Designing Worlds!
10.10.2011 11:16:00Pia Piaggio in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek
09.10.2011 23:41:00Second Life Twitter War Goes Beyond Nasty
09.10.2011 20:33:00ADV: Who Killed Pixeleen?
09.10.2011 19:18:00Pat the Rat rats Herald 8th Birthday
09.10.2011 18:39:00FdL Nummer zwei
09.10.2011 17:35:00Stepping through the Looking Glass with Designing Worlds
09.10.2011 14:18:00Second Sunday in Avalon: Ash Takes Over!
09.10.2011 12:37:00Promitalk [Smeet <----> Hollywood] Walk of Fame
08.10.2011 11:12:00FdL Nummer eins
08.10.2011 01:28:00Second Life Style Report: Looking for SL Flesh in Mesh Clothing
07.10.2011 23:10:00Virtual Wall Street Protest in Blue Mars Light This Sunday
07.10.2011 22:40:00Cool SL Events This Weekend? Tweet Them to @SLHamlet!
07.10.2011 21:41:00In Unbearable Break from Tradition, Rod Humble's Linden Bear is... a Pink Pony With a Pastel Rainbow Mane
07.10.2011 20:05:00Isabelli Blogs Fantastic SL Fashion & Places Fantastically
07.10.2011 19:44:00"Virtual Blogging": Facebook Group for SL Bloggers
07.10.2011 18:53:00Eröffnung
07.10.2011 18:00:00New Sim in SL Seems Like Terry Gilliam Animation in 3D
07.10.2011 16:59:00Metaverse Arts Episode 12: Burn2
06.10.2011 23:33:00Ophelia's Gaze: SL Fashionista Entitlement is Bad for the Economy, Bad for Creators, and Bad Karma for Everyone
06.10.2011 23:14:00In Memory of Steve Jobs – Meine ersten Berührungen mit Apple
06.10.2011 22:59:00Watch "Princess M": Best Creative Impression Winner in the 48 Hour Machinima Contest
06.10.2011 21:04:00Paying Respects to Steve Jobs at Second Life's Church of the Mac - Please Share Other Jobs & Apple Tributes in Comments
06.10.2011 19:13:00Isle of Tune, Brilliant User-Generated Music Sharing Toy, Comes to the iPad - and I've Got 3 Free Copies for Readers!
06.10.2011 12:40:00Was ist das?
06.10.2011 11:24:00Stylen, gewinnen, Preise abräumen!
06.10.2011 09:05:33On the fly 3D surface reconstruction: KinectFusion
06.10.2011 09:05:33Linden Lab CEO: enter the bot armies!
06.10.2011 09:05:33Virtual University Collaboration: ENCKE
06.10.2011 06:29:00Alphaville Herald Celebrates 8 Years on October 6!
06.10.2011 05:52:00"Death is the Single Best Invention of Life" - Mahalo, Steve
05.10.2011 23:20:00The iPhone's Siri Will Be the First A.I. We'll Fall in Love With
05.10.2011 22:09:00SL Mesh Users Launch Fundraiser for Ex-Linden Dev to Fix Mesh Issues Now That Linden Lab Has Delayed Fixing
05.10.2011 20:41:00Nachbarschaft
05.10.2011 20:14:00Top 50 Second Life Sims, September 2011: Amid Sexy Chat and Porn, Gerontology Education Training
05.10.2011 19:17:00SLers on Reddit: Introduce Yourself in /r/secondlife!
05.10.2011 16:08:00Conference Networking with @MeetMeme Social Trading Cards at #jw11
05.10.2011 11:08:00Mesh: A Cry for Help, Answered!
05.10.2011 00:49:00Stewart Butterfield on How Glitch, His New MMO, Will Introduce User-Generated Content
04.10.2011 22:30:00New Virtual Life & NPC Features Coming to Second Life: Should Disrupt SL's MMO & Virtual Pet Industry, and Fix the "Crowded Empty" Problem
04.10.2011 21:14:00SL Machinima "The Lucid Journey" Wins 48 Hour Machinima Contest Co-Judged by R2D2's Creator
04.10.2011 19:39:00YouTube's Machinima Channel Earning Up to $8.6M a Year!
04.10.2011 19:39:00Die Gewinner des Garten Contests!
04.10.2011 05:13:00Can Weapon Sales Save FurNation – And Second Life?
03.10.2011 23:38:00Duran Duran Incorporates Second Life Machinima In Their Live Concerts - Smart Mass Market Use of SL
03.10.2011 22:12:00SNL's Sketch on Anonymous Internet Comments Reminds Me of Facebook & Google's Misguided Thinking on Real Names
03.10.2011 21:12:00Interesting Thread on SL & Gender in Reddit's Transgender Community
03.10.2011 20:19:00Last Week's New World Notes News Highlights
03.10.2011 19:44:00Das Festival steht
03.10.2011 17:23:00Burlesque for Breasts! Tonight!
03.10.2011 12:19:00Step through the Looking Glass with Designing Worlds
03.10.2011 09:46:00Occupy Wall Street Protesters Accepting Donations in Bitcoin; Big Test for the Controversial Virtual Currency
02.10.2011 19:50:00PaleIllusion and Nexuno Take UWA In September
02.10.2011 16:15:00Uhrzeiten
02.10.2011 15:36:00For BoobieThon, Artists Lay It Bare
02.10.2011 02:19:00Fall Look Book - AVENUE's September Issue
01.10.2011 20:32:00"Das Festival der Liebe" - Wie soll man denn da den Überblick behalten?
01.10.2011 19:04:00Opening today: The Home and Garden Market Village
01.10.2011 16:46:00Events Starting this Weekend: Burn2
01.10.2011 05:42:00Op/Ed: The Perils And Promises Of Multi-User Shared Environments
01.10.2011 05:00:00Exploration of the Senses - AVENUE's September Issue
30.09.2011 23:25:00Five of My Favorite Second Life Blogs
30.09.2011 22:34:00Events Starting this Weekend: BoobieThon
30.09.2011 21:43:00Lindens Mark Major SL Mesh Fix Request "Someday/Maybe"
30.09.2011 21:32:00Fall Revival - AVENUE's September Issue
30.09.2011 20:13:00Have You Seen SL's Pink Floyd-Streaming Secret Spheres?
30.09.2011 18:00:00Suicide Cabinet Actually Contains SL Fashion Photos of Unique & Dreamlike Beauty
30.09.2011 10:41:00BC
30.09.2011 03:07:00Designing Worlds explores the Isle of Wyrms
29.09.2011 22:58:00Ophelia's Gaze: 3 Reasons Why I Hate the Weird (and Weirdly Popular) World of SL Avatar Morphs
29.09.2011 21:33:00World of Goodcraft: Woman Feeds Real Homeless for Virtual Dollars (Which Helps Her Level Up)
29.09.2011 20:26:00Miss Metaverse Manners: Should You Wear a Mesh Dress to Your Friend's SL Wedding? And Other Mesh Social Concerns
29.09.2011 11:16:00Wichtige Zahlungsinformation!
29.09.2011 06:22:00Second Life SexBed Industry Thrown Into Chaos
29.09.2011 05:26:00Jumpman Lane – The “Kang” of Second Life
29.09.2011 00:54:00Watch My Cull Channel of SL Music Video Machinima!
28.09.2011 21:47:00Awesome SL Build for Burn2 - Found on Reddit's /r/secondlife
28.09.2011 21:33:00Radio
28.09.2011 20:14:00"The Watchers": Epic Sci-Fi Machinima is Epic
28.09.2011 19:11:00Why Does My SL Viewer 3 Install Have an SL Viewer 2 Icon?
27.09.2011 23:41:00Meshed Up Decision by Linden Labs
27.09.2011 22:48:00Is Linden Lab Building a 2D Game Platform, or a New World? UPDATE: Not an Adventure Game, Humble Tweet Suggests
27.09.2011 21:38:00Playstation Vita kommt in 2012 mit Augmented Reality
27.09.2011 21:13:00Neal Stephenson on Second Life and the Metaverse: I'm a Storyteller, Not a Future Predictor
27.09.2011 19:35:00Second Life Does Have a Reddit Community -- Join Us There!
27.09.2011 01:52:00Maybe Future Virtual Worlds Will be Movies From Our Mind
27.09.2011 01:13:00Got an Etiquette or Ethics Question About SL Mesh? Ask Miss Metaverse Manners!
26.09.2011 22:05:00In SL User Survey, Mesh Viewer Adopted by 56%, Mesh Content Purchases by 17% - But 1 in 4 Get No Mesh at All!
26.09.2011 21:07:00Open Forum: Who Wants an SL Community on Reddit?
26.09.2011 20:21:00Top New World Notes Posts from Last Week
26.09.2011 15:15:00The #SocialMedia Revolution Is Here. Here’s How to Adapt.
26.09.2011 12:36:00Here be Dragons! So don’t miss today’s Designing Worlds show!
26.09.2011 02:38:00Next Up for Linden Lab: 2D Text Games for iPads?
26.09.2011 00:39:00Lab Breaks Vehicle Brakes – Causes Hundreds of Fatal Accidents
25.09.2011 20:54:00Nochmal Bookcrossing
24.09.2011 22:21:00Take to the seas – and the air – with the new issue of Prim Perfect!
24.09.2011 21:22:00AVENUE Magazine September 2011
24.09.2011 19:36:00Bookcrossing
24.09.2011 15:54:00SUYS – final exam!
24.09.2011 11:18:00Pia Piaggio entdeckt Warhol
24.09.2011 00:33:00Is Linden Lab Losing Land Revenue Due to the Recession? Only Like It's Causing AOL to Lose Dial-Up Subscribers
23.09.2011 22:21:00How's Your SL Avatar Evolving? Share It on Flickr!
23.09.2011 21:19:00Got Second Life Events to Promote? Tweet Me the Info!
23.09.2011 19:00:00I Like Looking at the SL Images That Cajsa Lilliehook Likes
23.09.2011 18:00:00Last Chance to Vote in NWN's Mesh and Second Life Survey!
23.09.2011 16:57:00Raum Contest: Garten
22.09.2011 23:34:00Beautiful & Innovative Short Movie on Arcade Gaming Culture Mixes Real Documentary Video, SL Machinima
22.09.2011 22:02:00War Commander Shows Just How Quickly Facebook Games Are Evolving to be More Immersive and Wordly
22.09.2011 19:18:00Ophelia's Gaze: Paper Couture's New Femme Fatale Fall/Winter Collection in SL Will Steal Your Virtual Heart
22.09.2011 09:37:47Emergency birth at home simulation
22.09.2011 08:53:00Das Festival steht !
22.09.2011 00:26:00Designing Worlds Revisits Old Friends!
21.09.2011 23:41:00Second Life Founder Philip Rosedale Advocates Adding Gaming Systems to Second Life
21.09.2011 21:29:00Meet KK Jewell: Second Life Architecture Advocate, Real Life Helmut Newton Model
21.09.2011 19:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: SL's Jewelry Fair Has Overdone Builds, But Elegant Masks
21.09.2011 18:10:00Aliens in Smeet!!! Hast du sie schon gesehen?
20.09.2011 23:18:00SL Can Grow to Have 5-20M Users (If Deployed Much Better)
20.09.2011 21:26:00SL Survey: Do Use a Mesh Viewer? Buy Mesh Content?
20.09.2011 19:29:00What Can SL Content Creators Do With Their Works and Their Land When They Need to Temporarily Leave SL?
20.09.2011 15:34:00Morgen ist Weltfriedenstag!
20.09.2011 09:14:00Datapanic
20.09.2011 05:31:00SLCC 2011 Drama!!! Avatar Identity: Privacy and Transparency in Social Media
20.09.2011 00:05:003D-Content durch Lichtfeldfotografie
19.09.2011 23:55:00Hey Facebook & Google: If Real Names Are So Important, Why Is Pseudonym-Friendly Twitter Still Growing?
19.09.2011 22:26:00Cull TV, New User-Curated Music Video Streaming Service from Linden/SL Alum, Launches With New Features
19.09.2011 22:11:00Virtuelle Auferstehung Hatsune Miku’s durch Augmented Reality
19.09.2011 21:54:00Why Are So Many SL Fashion Designers Without a Web Marketplace Presence?
19.09.2011 20:57:00Deus Ex's Giant & Invisible Air Ducts Tickle My Immersion
19.09.2011 20:18:00How to Comment on NWN Without Making Multiple Copies
19.09.2011 19:42:00Last Week's Top Posts: Shaker & SL, Krugman & Bitcoin, Lynch & DynaFleur, Linden & Lost Revenue, Mesh & Bugs
19.09.2011 18:35:00Designing Worlds is back today – re-visiting some old friends with exciting new builds!
19.09.2011 09:08:00Festival der Liebe
18.09.2011 22:34:00The Artemis Fate Interview: Justice League is Unnecessary and Overzealous
17.09.2011 23:33:00The Biggest Star [Smeet <----> Hollywood]
17.09.2011 15:12:00SUYS gives you a pop quiz.
16.09.2011 23:13:00This Sunday, Ask SL Style Expert Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins Your SL Fashions Questions
16.09.2011 22:32:00Just Look at this Little Big Planet-esque SL Mesh Avatar
16.09.2011 22:14:00Witch Hunt 2011: SL Fashion Hunt for Halloween Coolness
16.09.2011 21:40:00How to Teach Students to Use Second Life for Education in 30 Minutes (Which Still Seems Too Long and Too Short to Me)
16.09.2011 20:13:00Xanthe Audeburgh Blogs SL Fashion Beautifully Flooded With Light
16.09.2011 12:44:00Gesucht: Hot Dog Verkäufer/innen
16.09.2011 00:18:00Second Life Has Lost Over 650 Sims & $1 Million in Yearly Revenue in 2011; This is Why SL Can't Survive as a Niche
15.09.2011 21:29:00Shaker, Valley-Hyped Startup, Aims to be "Second Life, Except You’re Yourself"; I'm Not Convinced It'll Succeed
15.09.2011 20:32:00Inworldz hosts its first Homes and Residences Exhibition
15.09.2011 20:02:00ZOMBIES, RUN! iOS/Android Game Project Combines Audio Immersion With Real World Running
15.09.2011 19:40:00Second Thoughts On Second Life: Virtual Dental School Trains Real World Dentists
15.09.2011 14:47:00byebye Koblenz
14.09.2011 23:30:00Ophelia's Gaze: The Bug in Second Life's Mesh Viewer That Keeps Me From Blogging About Second Life Mesh
14.09.2011 21:04:00Paris Bar Designed by David Lynch Reminds Me of an Art Installation in Second Life
14.09.2011 20:39:00Niederländische Impressionen
14.09.2011 18:05:00Watch Wikipedia Being Globally Edited in Real Time Online
14.09.2011 16:30:00Die günstigsten Pets, die es jemals gab!
13.09.2011 23:25:00Sim Deathwatch: Master Steampunk Builder Sextan Shepherd Leaves SL for Another Platform
13.09.2011 20:14:00Want to Improve the Way SL Mesh Works With Avatars and Avatar Fashion? Vote and Follow JIRA SH-2374
13.09.2011 19:03:00Most Successful iOS Games Are Freemium -- and Not Immersive 3D
13.09.2011 16:20:00Deine Bayerische Almhütte!!!
13.09.2011 11:24:00The Stolen Village – and other copyright infringement problems
12.09.2011 23:31:00Kirstens' Viewer Development Could Continue - If Kirstens' 8500 Users Donated $6 Each!
12.09.2011 22:34:00NWN Seeking More Guest Posts - Here's How to Pitch Them
12.09.2011 20:17:00Nobel-Winning Economist Paul Krugman on Bitcoin: "Um, No"
12.09.2011 19:00:00Last Week in New World Notes: The Essential 7
12.09.2011 00:27:00Cheergirl Allen Smacks Justice League Unlimited
11.09.2011 20:28:00Bryn Oh, Rose Borchovski and other SL artists Featured in Vogue
11.09.2011 16:05:00The Second Life for Virtual Worlds: Vertical Solutions
11.09.2011 10:22:00Twitterparade
10.09.2011 21:52:00Cosbycoin Hack Pops Bitcoin Forum Bubble
10.09.2011 19:54:00SL Designers Remix – Act II is here!
09.09.2011 21:00:00To Save Second Life, Linden Lab Must Create Something Successful Besides Second Life (Guest Post)
09.09.2011 19:00:00The Trouble With Mesh and the "Plump" SL Avatar
09.09.2011 18:00:00A Roleplay Steampunk Sim Ideal For Machinima Making
09.09.2011 11:57:00Pia Piaggio studiert Astronomie
09.09.2011 05:21:00Event Horizon — Post 6 Grrrrrrl
08.09.2011 22:03:00Ophelia's Gaze: How to Create the Ideal Heroine for Assassin's Creed Cosplay... in Second Life!
08.09.2011 21:02:00R2D2 Creator to Judge a Machinima Contest - And Explains the Pros & Cons of Machinima for Filmmakers
08.09.2011 19:24:00Kirsten's SL Viewer Ends Development Due to Personal Emergency
08.09.2011 19:00:00Einstein Avatar Contest Extended to September 16
08.09.2011 16:04:00A Little Taste of Next Season on Designing Worlds
08.09.2011 10:15:00A Slideshare presentation about Slideshare presentations
07.09.2011 22:59:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Should You Stay Friends With a Virtual Cheater? And How to End a Weak SL Business
07.09.2011 22:41:00Here's My Social Media Channels -- Just No Linkedin, Please!
07.09.2011 20:53:00Second Life's Top 50 Popular Sims for August 2011: Sexy Socialization, Roleplay & Virtual Porn Continue Dominating
07.09.2011 19:44:00Unity 3D Graphics Coming to Flash Soon - i.e. 3D for All
07.09.2011 19:43:40Chatbot comedy
07.09.2011 11:07:00Why do we need to “watch” the Jira?
06.09.2011 23:49:00Einstein's Official Avatar is Coming to Second Life & There's a USD$2500 Contest to Recreate Him for the Digital Age
06.09.2011 23:49:00Einstein's Official Avatar is Coming to Second Life & There's a USD$2500 Contest to Recreate Him for the Digital Age (UPDATE: Deadline Extended)
06.09.2011 21:59:00Real World Fashion Designers Incorporating 3D Graphics & Machinima Into Their Shows
06.09.2011 19:00:00Last Week's 7 NWN Posts You Don't Want to Miss
06.09.2011 17:54:00Extrem limitierte Klamotten – jetzt individuell stylen!
06.09.2011 16:33:00insideAR 2011 – Augmented Reality goes 3D
06.09.2011 05:09:00Interview With Green Lantern Excelsior of the JLU
06.09.2011 03:10:00Second Names for Second Lives! the second simple step to make Second Life residents happy
05.09.2011 20:56:00MobileTech Conference 2011/2
05.09.2011 17:45:007 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand Online
05.09.2011 16:05:00Fake Admins
05.09.2011 13:18:00Art News: UWA Challenge and Artists at Burn2
04.09.2011 20:12:00Neue Medien für den Leser 3.0
04.09.2011 16:29:00Do You have September News for Prim Perfect?
03.09.2011 13:14:00Wer wird Almkönig oder Almkönigin 2011?
03.09.2011 06:27:00Designing Worlds says goodbye to the Northpoint studio with DRUM! Elrik Merlin and Funkyfreddy
02.09.2011 22:46:00Can Second Life Founder Philip Rosedale Transform the Way We Work in Our First Life? Watch Our Interview & Decide
02.09.2011 21:34:00Second Life Mesh Clothing Raises Real Life Body Issues
02.09.2011 20:21:00SL Store Owners: Get a Social Network Display!
02.09.2011 18:30:00A Great, Story-Filled Fashion Blog for the Stylish SL Man
02.09.2011 14:28:00Einladung zum 27. AK E-Learning am 08.09.2011
02.09.2011 03:18:00Two simple steps to make Second Life residents happy (and one is cheap as well): Step 1 – Support
01.09.2011 23:01:00Awesome Machinima Mixes McLuhan, Metaverse, Mixed Reality Footage (Somewhat NSFW)
01.09.2011 21:16:00Academic Study: People Get More Happiness from Being in Second Life Than Good News from Real Life
01.09.2011 20:35:00Fans flock to Virtual Worlds on Facebook
01.09.2011 19:00:00Will Mesh in SL Open Up New 3D Printing Opportunities?
01.09.2011 12:40:00Twinizens love Twinity!
01.09.2011 11:10:00NWN in Japanese: Meet Bibbe: Andy Warholと一緒に活動していたアーティストが、SLの中で芸術作品を作っている
01.09.2011 00:00:00How to Build a Personal Brand and Advance Your Career with Social Media
31.08.2011 23:42:00Linden Lab on Display Name Confusion: It's "Easy" To Confirm an SLer's Real Username
31.08.2011 22:23:00Game AI as Improv Theater: Or, Why Deus Ex's Cops Can't See You in the Elevator
31.08.2011 20:08:00Wish I Could Get a Better Pic of This SL Airship Made of Mesh
31.08.2011 15:30:00Favorite Book Quotes from “Reality Is Broken”
31.08.2011 14:41:00Einen großen Dank an unsere treuen Smeeter !
31.08.2011 09:33:00Sparfüchse aufgepasst! 12000 Coins kaufen und 33% sparen!!
31.08.2011 04:16:00Jacon Cortes Slams Justice League Unlimited!!!
31.08.2011 00:30:00Should Access to Social Networks be a Basic Human Right? Google & Facebook's Recent Moves Make Me Think So
30.08.2011 23:23:00How to Skin Clothing Mesh for SL in Blender - Tutorial
30.08.2011 21:44:00Chat With Award-Winning Cleverbot A.I. Here on NWN
30.08.2011 20:28:00Niemand versteht Second Life
30.08.2011 19:00:00Sim Deathwatch: Second Life Loses 2 Grendel's Children Sims After Losing Linden Lab's Attention
30.08.2011 15:35:002011 Professional and Industry Speaker Survey
30.08.2011 10:56:02Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail: a hands-on
30.08.2011 10:56:02Euclideon and Unlimited Detail: no cookies for you…yet
30.08.2011 10:56:02Relay for Life 2011 in Second Life: Success Plus
30.08.2011 10:56:02Ballet in Second Life: Archidance
30.08.2011 10:56:02SLCC 2011 Wraps Up: how about some machinima?
30.08.2011 10:56:02Linden Lab CEO: we’re growing but we’re not sure why
30.08.2011 10:56:02Gamification of work: a pointed critique
30.08.2011 01:06:00As goes Grendel’s, so goes the Grid: two out of four sims closing, citing lack of Lab support
30.08.2011 00:08:00SL Relay for Life 2011 Raises $375K From 115K Donations
29.08.2011 21:52:00Deux Ex Human Revolution Shows The Limits of Immersive Storytelling (Except for Shooting People, Flushing Toilets)
29.08.2011 20:03:00Last Week's Top 7 New World Notes Post: My Picks
29.08.2011 14:35:00iTeems sucht dich!!!
29.08.2011 11:38:00Der Sandmann erobert die 90er
29.08.2011 08:31:00Should You Use Your Real Name On The Internet?
28.08.2011 16:14:00Pia Piaggio im Atomkraftwerk
28.08.2011 15:46:00Something else for the weekend? Solkide Auer’s Astonishing Tower
27.08.2011 23:20:00Es ist geschafft!
27.08.2011 22:08:00Something for the weekend? Isle of Wyrms Festival and Garden of Dreams Anniversary
27.08.2011 17:28:00Styled Trends - AVENUE's August Issue
27.08.2011 15:44:00SUYS – Tea Time
27.08.2011 12:54:002 Leben – 1 Tod | Krimi mit zwei Leben
26.08.2011 21:21:00Cool SL Sims to Visit This Weekend
26.08.2011 20:56:00How to Make SL Mesh Shoes With Blender 2.5 - Tutorial
26.08.2011 20:32:00SL Display Names Causing Account Identity Confusion - and Opening Potential for Malicious Impersonation
26.08.2011 20:26:00Fashion Excellence - AVENUE's August Issue
26.08.2011 19:40:00Anemysk Karu's Sumptuous SL Fashion Blog Also Raises the Bar for How Great SL Photos Can Be
26.08.2011 17:57:00Designing Worlds encounters the Time Lords in Second Life
26.08.2011 15:00:0012 Reasons to Consider Hybrid Events
26.08.2011 05:46:00JLU Shamed – Green Lantern Excelsior Turns His Back on SLUniverse
26.08.2011 01:09:00Meet Bibbe: The Artist Who Created Art With Andy Warhol and Now Creates Art in SL
25.08.2011 22:14:00Pressekonferenz zum "Festival der Liebe" am Sonntag um 16 Uhr im Kafe Kruemelkram
25.08.2011 21:37:00Ophelia's Gaze: 3 Great SL Fashion Items Which Show Off the Potential -- and Limitations -- of Mesh
25.08.2011 20:27:00Has Cloud-Based Gaming Reached a Tipping Point? By Knife Fighting OnLive, GameStop Sure Seems to Think So
25.08.2011 18:30:00Computeranwendungen in der Zukunft
25.08.2011 15:16:00Second Life Community Convention 2011 – This is NOT a game!!!
25.08.2011 10:02:00Der Flohmarkt im TV
25.08.2011 00:02:00Beautiful Second Life Machinima Inspired by Snowcrash & Thoughts on Humans & Being Virtual
24.08.2011 21:13:00How to Create SL Mesh Objects with Google Sketchup
24.08.2011 20:48:00There's Advertising Deals for Ads on New World Notes
24.08.2011 20:12:00New Client Update
24.08.2011 19:52:00How to Use Virtual Currency for Real World Marketing
24.08.2011 03:46:00Open Forum: Mesh Finally Goes Gridwide Across SL, What Do You Think & What Have You Seen?
24.08.2011 00:20:002 Ways Forward For Second Life: Evolution & Preservation (Highlight NWN Comment by SL/iOS Innovator Dizzy Banjo)
23.08.2011 22:53:00DeviantArt's Top Artists Get Tens of Millions of Views
23.08.2011 20:56:00Life 2.0, Acclaimed SL Documentary, Makes Cable Debut on Oprah Winfrey Network This Thursday, 8/25 at 9/8c
23.08.2011 19:22:00What Mesh Will Do for SL Avatars -- and Machinima
23.08.2011 14:57:00Branded Virtual Goods – The (Virtually) Definitive List
23.08.2011 11:09:00NWN in Japanese: Linden Labは、SLとは別に、新しいWeb/タブレット対応のSL-Light版をリリースする。(SLCC2011基本方針のハイライト)
22.08.2011 23:45:00Google Profiles Adding Twitter-Style Verification Badges for Identified Users; Backdoor Solution to the Pseudonym Mess?
22.08.2011 22:17:00High Noon, Innovative iOS Shooter With MMO-esque Features, Now Has 1 Million Monthly Players
22.08.2011 20:04:00Mesh-Based Fashion Starts to Appear in Second Life
22.08.2011 18:58:00Top 8 New World Notes Posts from Last Week
22.08.2011 17:46:00Achtung! Schwarzer Drache gesichtet!
22.08.2011 14:51:00Designing Worlds travels through space and time with the Hands of Omega
22.08.2011 04:56:00Second Life Economy In Double-Dip Recession
21.08.2011 22:18:00PaleFire’s Open Letter to Kalel Venkman
21.08.2011 11:57:00Gestern war er satt
21.08.2011 04:10:00It Has To Be Said: Pseudo-Realities
20.08.2011 15:30:00Prim Perfect celebrates Relay for Life of Second Life with a special souvenir issue!
20.08.2011 15:06:00Saturday Night
20.08.2011 14:30:00SUYS invites you to tea.
19.08.2011 23:24:00Philip Rosedale Adds Gaming System to New Real Work-for-Virtual Cash Startup (Bet Aspects Would Work in SL Too)
19.08.2011 22:07:00Sid Rufus' SL Fashion Photos Are Gorgeous & Make Great Use of Depth of Field
19.08.2011 21:28:00How to Create a Second Life Avatar With a Last Name (If You Hate SL's New Naming System, Which Many Do)
19.08.2011 20:40:00Abbotts Aerodrome, One of SL's Oldest User-Made Installations, Saved By a Last-Minute Buyer
19.08.2011 19:46:00Why Does Plurk Seem to Provoke So Much Drama?
19.08.2011 18:23:00Bookcrossing-Aktivität
19.08.2011 16:24:00How The Web Is Transforming Learning, Instruction and Education
19.08.2011 14:34:00Literarischer Besuch im Kafé
19.08.2011 13:13:00We can create a new style resident with an old style name – so why is Linden Lab reluctant to let us?
18.08.2011 23:07:00Awesome Kinect Hack Links Real World Facial Expression to Dynamic Sculpture in Second Life
18.08.2011 20:47:00Watch Level 20-Something, a Hilarious Cartoon About Videogame Character Temps (Featuring Keiko Takamura!)
18.08.2011 19:27:00Blue Mars Launches Light Client for Mac/PC With Google Street View Feature to Put Avatars in RL Locations
18.08.2011 09:51:00Age Profiles: All worlds
18.08.2011 09:29:00Age profiles: Chimpoo, Poptropica and Stardoll
17.08.2011 23:22:00Second Life No Longer Among Nielsen's Top 10 Most Played PC Games (Most of Which Are About as Old as SL)
17.08.2011 23:08:00Sport-News: Bundesligatippspiel
17.08.2011 22:38:00Ich sags dir jetzt zum 100. Mal !!!!
17.08.2011 21:55:00Literary Bad Boy Tao Lin Making a Second Life Movie
17.08.2011 21:02:00John Romero Plays Minecraft With Brenda Brathwaite's Kids: 20 Years of User-Generated 3D Gaming in One Photo
17.08.2011 19:30:00New Patch Today – Places Menu Refresh
17.08.2011 19:30:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Plurk Etiquette for the Avatar Who Wants to Avoid Stalkers, Backstabbing & More
17.08.2011 18:55:00Wo ist eigentlich ehem. Linden Lab CEO Phil Rosedale?
17.08.2011 16:42:00Second Life: Festvial der Liebe
16.08.2011 23:10:00Ozimal Stats: Virtual Animal Business in Second Life Has 1000s of Customers, 30 Employees & 1 Blind Lead Developer
16.08.2011 21:07:00Linden Lab Reports Second Life Has 1 Million+ Monthly Users (After Changing Their Definition of SL User)
16.08.2011 19:36:00Why So Few People Using SL at SLCC? Probably Because They're Using Social Media Instead
16.08.2011 10:45:00Age profiles: Moshi Monsters vs Bin Weevils
15.08.2011 23:21:00Linden Lab's Product Team on JIRA, NPCs, Prims, Exporting Content, and More (SLCC11 Highlights)
15.08.2011 21:51:00Linden Lab Adds SL Content Specialty Roles (Art, Fashion, Games, Etc.) to Product Team - Here's How to Contact Them
15.08.2011 19:38:00Top 10 Must-Read NWN Posts from Last Week
15.08.2011 00:39:00Linden to Add Game Mechanics to SL's New User Experience
14.08.2011 19:11:00So what were these community gateways? An answer for Rodvik Linden
14.08.2011 09:45:00Gestern war heute noch morgen ...
13.08.2011 23:58:00Linden Lab Launching Separate New SL-Light Experience for Web & Tablets Soon (SLCC 2011 Keynote Highlights)
13.08.2011 12:06:006th designer challenge: the house
13.08.2011 08:41:02Unlimited Detail: simulation implications
13.08.2011 08:41:02Registered Virtual Worlds Accounts: 1.4 billion and growing
13.08.2011 08:24:00Erinnerung
13.08.2011 02:48:00Linden Lab Debuts Mandatory SL Viewer 3 Beta With Mesh
13.08.2011 02:48:00Linden Lab Debuts Mandatory SL Viewer 3 Beta With Mesh (Updated)
13.08.2011 00:08:00Be your Avatar – Natürliche Interaktion mit der digitalen Welt
12.08.2011 22:47:00Second Life is Now (Arguably) 10 Years Old: This Version of "Linden World" Was Running in August 2001
12.08.2011 21:41:00Google Engineers Suggest They Get the Importance of Pseudonyms & Just Need Time to Do Them Right
12.08.2011 21:23:00Make sure you catch the opening of The Nest!
12.08.2011 20:45:003D … alles im GIF
12.08.2011 19:42:00Nana Minuet Shoots SL Fashion Beautifully, Cinematically
12.08.2011 18:42:00Designing Worlds explores the Relay for Life of Second Life sims!
12.08.2011 12:41:00Gewinne 500 Coins!
11.08.2011 23:52:00Brain-Computer Interface for Disabled People to Control Second Life With Thought Available Commercially Next Year
11.08.2011 22:19:00Trooblad: Custom Pose for 3 Avatars to Recreate Rolling Stone's Sexy True Blood Cover!
11.08.2011 21:15:00How to Generate Registrations and Attendees to Your Virtual Event
11.08.2011 18:48:00Ophelia's Gaze: Swimwear for Summer in SL, Part 2!
11.08.2011 16:28:00Habt ihr schon gesehen, dass ...
11.08.2011 14:27:00Pia Piaggio besucht Duran Duran
10.08.2011 23:45:00KZero Reports Total Virtual World Accounts as 1.4 Billion - But Actual Virtual World Users Are Much Less Than That
10.08.2011 21:59:00Want an Early Invite to Play Creatarr, Jim "Babbage Linden" Purbrick's New Collaborative Social Game Project?
10.08.2011 20:45:00Will Quanah Be the Next Breakout Pop Star to Peform in SL?
10.08.2011 19:27:00SL Global Concurrency Map in LL's Office Coming to Viewer
10.08.2011 13:46:00Cross Grid Rally: Amazing 4 Continent Race Across Mainland!!!
10.08.2011 12:05:00VIP Update is Live
10.08.2011 11:00:00NWN in Japanese: Coming Soon:Facebookで動作する、ダイナミックコンテンツ制作、内部経済、バーチャルランドを含む、OpenSim用3Dプラグイン 
10.08.2011 01:36:00Linden Adds Guide to Other Users Online in SL's New Login Screen - User Growth to Follow?
10.08.2011 00:25:00Minecraft Interior Design: Contempercraft Texture Pack!
09.08.2011 23:22:00Got Plurk Etiquette Questions for Miss Metaverse Manners?
09.08.2011 22:40:00Jibe Android: Unity3D Virtual World Platform for Mobile
09.08.2011 21:31:00Petables Virtual Animal Creators Leaving SL, Citing Exploit Unfixed by Linden Lab for 5+ Years
09.08.2011 20:02:00What Mesh Will Do for Second Life Fashion - Illustrated
09.08.2011 14:49:00Start der großen Mottowoche
09.08.2011 08:37:00Neuer Anlauf mit Avaya web.alive – Der Schritt ins Internet.3D ?
09.08.2011 01:44:00Google Restores Suspended Pseudonymous Plus Profile -- Then Sends Owner Contradictory E-mail (WTF+ )
09.08.2011 00:26:00North Korea Now Supplementing Itself With Virtual Gold
08.08.2011 23:11:00Andy Serkis is Our First Avatar-Based Movie Star -- But There Will Likely Be Others Soon
08.08.2011 21:30:00Mixed Reality Clubbing in SL's Club Republik and SF's DNA
08.08.2011 19:56:00Seven Not-to-Miss Posts from Last Week's New World Notes
08.08.2011 17:58:00Next Twinity update and NEW VIP Pass!
08.08.2011 17:37:00Revisit the RFL Builds with Designing Worlds
08.08.2011 15:30:00This Week: Achieving Success with Online Events (#AMAAdobe)
08.08.2011 14:24:00Sports-News: Bundesligatippspiel
08.08.2011 13:37:005th designer challenge: the outcome
08.08.2011 00:22:00Interspecies Intermingling on Upswing in Second Life
08.08.2011 00:12:00AVENUE Magazine August 2011
07.08.2011 22:06:00Ekphrasis Extra: (Inter)Faces of Glyph
07.08.2011 21:34:00Meeroo Food Supply Safe At Last Thanks To Cordon Sanitaire?
07.08.2011 16:33:00SL eBook in Kindle-Edition + iTunes
07.08.2011 15:17:00Kinect 3D-Kamera von Microsoft macht immer mehr Spaß
06.08.2011 12:15:00See You Dancing at 9pm Tonight at Club Republik in SL (If I Don't Dance With You at the DNA Lounge in SF)
06.08.2011 10:57:00Der Sandmann im Schaumbad
06.08.2011 06:13:00AVENUE Models Summer Search 2011
06.08.2011 00:35:00Good Conversation About SpotON3D's Second Life & OpenSim Deployment for Facebook
06.08.2011 00:03:00Good SL Resource Guide for Fashion-Centric Noobs
05.08.2011 22:04:00Light SL Client Adding Scene Viewer for Basic Visuals
05.08.2011 20:55:00Harry Potter Roleplay Sim in Second Life Coming Soon
05.08.2011 19:34:00Token Chic is an SL Fashion Blog With Screenshots of Such Luminous Beauty They Seem Like Paintings
05.08.2011 15:40:00#eventprofs Profile: Jenise Fryatt (@JeniseFryatt) on Event Evolution and More
04.08.2011 23:32:00Google's Real Names Policy an "Abuse of Power" (Which Probably Stems from Google's Elitist Corporate Culture)
04.08.2011 22:15:00Facebook Strategy Games Played by 80 Million -- Another Example of Gamers Moving to Web & Social
04.08.2011 21:39:00Beth Odets Update: SLers Raise $6K+ in Donations in 2 Days!
04.08.2011 20:08:00Liebesnest Paket!
04.08.2011 19:17:00Ophelia's Gaze: Swimwear for Summer in Second Life, Part 1
03.08.2011 22:06:00Big Breakthrough: You Can Run Second Life in Facebook with SpotON3D's Browser Plugin Wrapper!
03.08.2011 20:15:00Mottowoche @ Smeet
03.08.2011 19:59:00Beth Odets, Longtime SL Community Leader & Artist, Needs Brain Surgery IRL - Famed SL Designer Eshi Otawara Selling Her Fashion 50% Off to Help Cover Costs
03.08.2011 15:03:00Meeroo Scandal No Surprise – LL Hides Behind Privacy Shield
03.08.2011 15:02:00Natalia and Slave 3 — Post 6 D/s Lifestylers
03.08.2011 09:20:00John Carmack on Euclideon's Unlimited Detail Demo, Notch's Reaction To It & Carmack's Own Plans for a Voxel Renderer
02.08.2011 22:02:00I Talk Google Profiles, Pseudonyms & Second Life on the BBC
02.08.2011 20:06:00Meeroos Starving Due to SL Griefers Selling Fraudulent Food & Linden Lab Closing Their Legitimate Food Source (UPDATE: Meeroos Account Reopened, But SL Still "Flooded With Unauthorized Food")
02.08.2011 11:30:00Nicht den Kopf in den Sand stecken ...!
02.08.2011 10:57:00Zurück in die Zukunft II.
02.08.2011 10:02:00Einladung zum 26. AK E-Learning Jutta Dierberg “Lösungsorientiertes Coaching” am 11.08.2011
02.08.2011 00:37:00Google Continues Suspending Pseudonymous Profiles, But Promises Profiles for Non-Real "Entities" Soon
02.08.2011 00:23:00SLCC 2011: Mesh Hair Net Shortages May Threaten Convention
01.08.2011 23:21:00This Saturday at San Francisco's DNA Lounge: RL/SL Mixed Reality Mashup Clubbing!
01.08.2011 21:42:00Wall Street Journal Puts Second Life's Virtual Animal Lawsuit on the Front Page
01.08.2011 20:12:00Last Week's Top 5 New World Notes Post: My Picks
01.08.2011 18:04:00What’s happening on Designing Worlds this week?
31.07.2011 15:38:005th designer challenge: the fish
31.07.2011 13:48:04Disability Rights Conference in Second Life
31.07.2011 13:48:04Relay for Life in Second Life: 2011
31.07.2011 13:48:04Virtual Worlds and Metaverse Platforms: New Communication and Identity Paradigms
30.07.2011 16:25:00Book Review: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh (@Zappos)
30.07.2011 14:50:00SUYS cozies up to your coast once again!
30.07.2011 05:52:00What Do You Think About the 36 New Default Second Life Avatars?
30.07.2011 01:25:00This Sunday in SL: Music Benefit for Norway's Terror Victims
30.07.2011 00:54:00SL Bloggers Blog About SL's New Web Profiles Social Network
29.07.2011 23:59:00Tutorial: How to See SL From a Human Perspective
29.07.2011 22:49:00A Lovely SL Tribute to the Artist Audrey Kawasaki
29.07.2011 22:22:0015 SL Places to Explore Outer Space in Virtual Space
29.07.2011 21:00:00SL Secret: Like PostSecret, But the Hidden Darkness, Joys, Dramas of Virtual Life
29.07.2011 18:00:00Suri Yangtz Makes SL Fashion Seem Like a Waking Dream
29.07.2011 16:45:00#Zukunft: Raumstationen im All ausdrucken!
29.07.2011 12:51:00Slideshare presentation of KZero Radar chart Q2 2011
29.07.2011 12:42:00KZero Radar chart Q2 2011
29.07.2011 03:10:00Virtually Artistic - AVENUE's July Issue
29.07.2011 01:20:00Welcome Amarelo Manga to Couture AVENUE
28.07.2011 22:57:00Coming Soon: 3D Plugin for OpenSim in Facebook with Dynamic Content Creation, Internal Economy, Virtual Land
28.07.2011 21:57:00New World Gaming: Brooklyn Politician Too Busy Running Virtual City to Help Care for Actual City
28.07.2011 20:59:00SL Issue Update: Adam and Eve Avatar Folder Not a Virus
28.07.2011 19:36:00Thursday Machinima: SL's Petrovsky Flux Vs. Polish Dubstep
28.07.2011 09:24:00Das GermanGrid wird 3 Jahre alt
27.07.2011 23:32:00Why Call Second Life "Second Life" When Few People Use Second Life Long Enough to Really Have a "Second Life"?
27.07.2011 21:20:00Second Life Still Among Nielsen's Top 10 of PC Games in US
27.07.2011 19:34:00Ophelia's Gaze: SL Fashion for a Virtual European Vacation
27.07.2011 16:52:00Neue Booster sind online!!!
27.07.2011 16:15:00Virtual Events Q&A
27.07.2011 15:32:004th designer challenge: the outcome!
27.07.2011 13:10:00Slideshare presentation of Q2 2011 Universe chart
27.07.2011 12:22:00Q2 2011 VW cumulative registered accounts reaches 1.4 billion
27.07.2011 11:01:00NWN in Japanese:Linden Lab はソーシャルネットワーク形式のSLおすすめフレンド機能とユーザーE-mailへのフレンドリクエスト機能を追加した
27.07.2011 09:34:00Neuer Job: Hilf Smeet's Hausmeister!
27.07.2011 03:53:00Second Life: Sex, Hair and Dancing!!!
26.07.2011 23:42:00Second Life Web Profiles Now Live - I.E., More Social Networking for Your Social Networking
26.07.2011 22:20:00Second Life Mesh Sandboxes Now Open for Testing (But Your Mesh May Be a Mess)
26.07.2011 21:35:00Blues
26.07.2011 20:37:00Avatar Kinect Now Free on Fun Labs -- What Do You Think?
26.07.2011 20:32:00Sports-News: DFB-Pokal Runde 1
26.07.2011 18:32:00Berlin – Feuer im Ostbahnhof
26.07.2011 15:30:00Das ist magisch!
26.07.2011 12:05:00Virtual Church in SL's Second Norway Becomes Impromptu Memorial Shrine to RL Terror Victims
26.07.2011 02:50:00AVENUE Press Release :: AVENUE Magazine Staff Transitions
26.07.2011 01:43:00Stunning Creations - AVENUE's July Issue
25.07.2011 22:45:00Features for Google+ Pseudonyms Coming, Says Google VP; Profile Suspensions Aren't to Push Real Names Only
25.07.2011 21:19:00What OpenSim Looks Like Running on the Web in Unity
25.07.2011 20:34:00First Linden Lab Office Once a Gay Sex Club, Now Between Blue Bottle Coffee & Burning Man-esque Sculpture
25.07.2011 19:25:00Last Week's Essential 5 New World Notes Posts
25.07.2011 17:47:00Die neue Boost Funktion
25.07.2011 15:49:00Erster Weltkrieg in Alltagsdokumenten: Europas virtuelles Gedächtnis
25.07.2011 15:26:00Designing Worlds is back – with a visit to Alien Isles!
25.07.2011 00:03:00Fashion @ Summer's End - AVENUE's July Issue
24.07.2011 23:13:00Shocking ‘Man-of-Steel’ Incident Mars SL SciFi Convention
24.07.2011 22:31:00So … remind me. Who is this all about, again?
24.07.2011 18:06:00Der Sandmann kommt "Die Zweite"
24.07.2011 14:08:00Pia Piaggio in der Eis Galerie
24.07.2011 09:58:00Einmal ärgerlich, einmal nostalgisch
23.07.2011 23:07:00Watch "Traveling", a Machinima That Beautifully Moves Us Through Beautiful SL Spaces
23.07.2011 16:45:00Why Twitter Should Stay at 140 Characters
23.07.2011 15:48:00July SUYS
23.07.2011 07:14:00Lyrical saturday
23.07.2011 00:09:00Second Life Fashion Inspired by Game of Thrones
22.07.2011 23:39:00Behind the Scenes of SL's Island of Milk & Cream
22.07.2011 22:50:00SL Relay for Life's Steampunk City That Helped Fight Cancer
22.07.2011 22:08:00Kreative Köpfe
22.07.2011 21:28:00Want Last Names Back in SL? Vote On & Watch This JIRA
22.07.2011 20:15:00Google+ Adding a Game Network Soon: Good Opportunity to Allow Gaming Pseudonyms Too!
22.07.2011 19:01:00Boost, Baby!
22.07.2011 12:51:00Umbau
22.07.2011 02:43:00Lorne Aeon — Post 6 Grrrrrrrl
21.07.2011 23:42:00Join Me in a Live Chat on Second Life Re-Branding & Other Topics on the CMO Site, Tomorrow at 10am Pacific/SLT
21.07.2011 22:52:00Apple Patents 3D Gesturing & Avatar Customization for 3D Environments on the iPad
21.07.2011 21:16:00SL's Official Facebook Page Still Strongly Growing (Despite Reports of Avatar-Based Profile Bans)
21.07.2011 19:58:00Wer ist denn eigentlich dieser Boost?????
21.07.2011 19:50:00SL Mesh Coming Very Soon, But in Very Limited Fashion
21.07.2011 17:09:00Das Fashion Schaf ist los!
21.07.2011 00:17:00Google Reinstating Pseudonymous Plus Accounts -- But Company Says Policy Against Pseudonyms Hasn't Changed
21.07.2011 00:13:00Design House Tributes - AVENUE's July Issue
20.07.2011 22:08:00How to Take & Publish a Gorgeous SL Fashion Screenshot
20.07.2011 20:12:00Second Life's Emmy-Nominated Virtual Mine Played 5000x by a 1200+ Users, Including RL Appalachians
20.07.2011 17:50:00Kaffee im Kafé
19.07.2011 23:25:00Google, Here's Why You Should Allow Pseudonymous Accounts: There's Likely 150 MILLION+ in the West Alone!
19.07.2011 21:55:00Tuesday Machinima: "Hit The Beat", SL Music Video With Impressive Visual Effects
19.07.2011 21:38:00Wedding Bells will chime – in the summer issue of Prim Perfect!
19.07.2011 19:47:00Second Life Project "Deep Down (The Virtual Mine)" Gets an Emmy Nomination!
19.07.2011 19:24:00Virtual Economy Pioneer Edward Castronova Skeptical of Bitcoin (So, So Am I)
19.07.2011 18:11:00What’s In A (Sur)Name?
19.07.2011 16:15:00Share Ideas Across iPads with Idea Flight
19.07.2011 08:54:00Mysty Mellison
18.07.2011 22:03:00Google Engineer's Informal Advice: To Avoid Pseudonymous Profile Suspension, Pick an Identity That'll "Look" Real
18.07.2011 20:17:00Since Few Want a Second Life, Stop Calling Second Life Second Life: My New Post on Rebranding SL on The CMO Site
18.07.2011 17:25:00Nochmal: Lesung in der Brauerei
18.07.2011 09:52:00Don't Miss These 7 Essential NWN Posts from Last Week
18.07.2011 02:33:00RFLSL2011 – Seasonal Highlights – Winter warmers
17.07.2011 23:16:00RFLSL 2011 – Seasonal highlights – Autumnal glow
17.07.2011 22:13:00Iwoleit hat´s drauf
17.07.2011 14:28:00RFLSL 2011 – Seasonal Highlights – Summertime
17.07.2011 04:07:00Google+ Suspends Pixeleen Mistral – Nerfs Data Liberation Front
17.07.2011 00:32:00Memorial to Kelvinblue Oh, Beloved & Recently Deceased Blues Master, Tomorrow at 10am SLT
16.07.2011 23:35:00Go Support Relay for Life, Bitches.
16.07.2011 21:03:00Interview
16.07.2011 17:00:00In This Era of Digital and Social, The Extended Family is Closer than Ever
16.07.2011 16:00:00Couture AVENUE Look - July Semi-Finals
15.07.2011 23:25:00New SL Site Inspired by Alice: Madness Returns Videogame is Strange, Beautiful... and a Good Place to Buy Sex Beds
15.07.2011 21:46:00Citing Too Small Market, Treet TV Ends Live SL Broadcasts
15.07.2011 19:51:00Linden Lab Adds Social Network-Style SL Friend Recommendations and Friend Requests to User E-mail
15.07.2011 18:36:00Twinity Update June 15th
15.07.2011 15:45:00How Mobile Video Changes Things
15.07.2011 01:12:00Thursday Machinima: "Dedication", Excellent Sci-Fi Short About the Last Human at World's End
14.07.2011 23:45:00I've Loving Turntable.FM, a Cool New Live Social Sharing Site for Music With Chat, Avatars, Virtual Goods
14.07.2011 23:39:00AVENUE Magazine July 2011
14.07.2011 21:28:00Results of Second Life Patriotism Surveys: User Opinion Still Mostly Positive, But With Significant Minority of Negativity
14.07.2011 20:56:00New Access Pass!
14.07.2011 18:30:00AVENUE Models Academy :: Graduation :: July 17
14.07.2011 04:04:00Freespirit Crumb — Post 6 Grrrrl
12.07.2011 09:42:00Kulturklitsche
11.07.2011 18:04:00Piano
11.07.2011 03:57:00Squatting Second Life
11.07.2011 00:00:00BlueMars freut sich über Medaillienregen
10.07.2011 19:45:00Extra-Schicht: Häppchenlesung
09.07.2011 18:15:00A Look at The Future of Online Instruction
09.07.2011 10:49:00Pia Piaggio in Griechenland
08.07.2011 23:20:00Second Life: 3D-Internet bald auf iPad und Android-Tablets?
07.07.2011 19:31:00Twinity Update on 7th July
07.07.2011 00:41:00Blues im Kafé
06.07.2011 17:29:003D Drucker – Bericht von @Focusonline
06.07.2011 13:26:00Michael Iwoleit
05.07.2011 16:15:00Why Facebook Is The World’s Largest Virtual Event
05.07.2011 05:50:00SHOCK!!! Rez-Anywhere Exploit P0wns No-Rez Land!!!
04.07.2011 21:56:00Twinizens RL Meeting in Berlin
04.07.2011 21:43:002 July 4th Post 6 Grrrrrrls
04.07.2011 11:01:00Einladung zum 25. AK E-Learning am 14.07.2011
04.07.2011 10:27:05The Power and the Passion: Star Wars gamers
04.07.2011 10:27:05Paisley Beebe calls it quits
04.07.2011 10:27:05The Lab: virtual worlds learning at its very best
04.07.2011 10:27:05Journal of Virtual Worlds Research: new issue
04.07.2011 10:27:05Emotion transference: Telenoid
04.07.2011 10:27:05Avatars and body image: further research participants needed
04.07.2011 10:27:05UWA’s third machinima challenge: what a field
03.07.2011 20:04:00It’s not the end of the world as we know it …
03.07.2011 19:33:00SLCC seeks business presenters
03.07.2011 18:26:00©MusicTime© sucht Dich!
03.07.2011 16:32:00Tiny Encounters (and Resident Builds) at SL8B with Designing Worlds
03.07.2011 07:06:00Zwei Rezis
02.07.2011 21:43:00Exciting new Home and Garden Project Opens – SL Designers REMIX
02.07.2011 20:41:00New OpenSim market launches with three grids
02.07.2011 18:54:00OpenAvatar could help avoid vendor lock-in, improve appearance
02.07.2011 12:45:003d designer challenge: bathroom
02.07.2011 12:06:00No More Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe
01.07.2011 21:07:00Ophelia's Gaze: The State of Lolita Fashion in Second Life
01.07.2011 19:32:00OpenSim Developers form Non-Profit Company to Get Around Linden Lab Non-Compete Clause
01.07.2011 19:11:00New World Gaming: Zynga Files for IPO, Reports $839 Million Revenue from 232 Million Users
01.07.2011 18:33:00AVENUE of Life and GOL present: RePlay4Life
01.07.2011 17:55:00How to Find SL Users on Google Plus: Google "Second Life"!
01.07.2011 14:06:00Anonymous to Launch HackerLeaks
01.07.2011 13:19:00Rezension: Gamecrime und Metacrime
30.06.2011 23:00:00Second Life Social Profiles Now Come With Plurk Integration (Plus Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn)
30.06.2011 22:17:00New World Gaming: Kinect Turns Child of Eden into Immersive Synesthesic Experience
30.06.2011 21:22:00Linden Beta-Launches Social Network Features (Timeline, Comments, Friending) to SL Users' Web-Based Dashboard
30.06.2011 19:59:00Google Circles Are Cool, But Should Be Like Venn Diagrams
30.06.2011 19:12:00Survey: Firms prefer virtual training
30.06.2011 19:00:00The Art of Style - AVENUE's June Issue
30.06.2011 07:55:00Metaverse Arts Episode 11: SL8B
30.06.2011 04:37:00OpenSim devs launch foundation, put OpenSim on solid legal footing
30.06.2011 04:14:00Five top metaverse blogs
30.06.2011 02:15:00Changes on
30.06.2011 02:05:00New Floating Spaces and Outdoors Furniture
29.06.2011 22:02:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Help, My Friend's Addicted to Her Virtual Pets! (& Other Petiquette Problems)
29.06.2011 20:58:00Has Google Finally Done Social Right? Google Plus' Circles UI Makes Me Think Maybe
29.06.2011 19:47:00Coming Soon to Second Life: Havok 2k10 Physics to Make Mesh Much More Physical
29.06.2011 17:34:00Wednesday Machinima: Skye Performs for 75 Avatars
29.06.2011 16:20:00Contest: Wer gestaltet das coolste Spiel?
29.06.2011 16:07:00Let’s Collaborate on The Next Few Blog Postings
29.06.2011 15:29:00Twinity on Wikipedia
29.06.2011 03:28:00Beyond Breedables – The New Needables!
29.06.2011 01:00:00Business of Art - AVENUE's June Issue
28.06.2011 21:04:00IMVU Reports 3M Users & 2M+ Facebook Fans; Says Concern Over Linking RL & Virtual Identities "Not a Big Problem"
28.06.2011 19:42:00Second Life Avatar Height Ranges an Impediment to Quality Builds, Argues Veteran Creator
28.06.2011 19:39:00Sports-News: FIFA Frauenfußball-WM
28.06.2011 18:59:00CONTACT UPDATE: My E-mail Address is Defunct, Contact Me at wjamesau at well dot com
28.06.2011 17:15:00Shopping in der Zukunft?
28.06.2011 15:46:00Das Ende ist nah
28.06.2011 12:45:00Veranstaltung: Lesung im virtuellen Raum
28.06.2011 10:58:00Neue Raumwechsler und coole Jeans!
28.06.2011 10:36:00Got a Question About the Etiquette and Ethics of Virtual Pets? Ask Miss Metaverse Manners!
28.06.2011 05:42:00Jibe vs. OpenSim
28.06.2011 03:08:00Fashion on Your Terms - AVENUE's June Issue
27.06.2011 21:47:00Supreme Court's Upholding Free Speech of Games Mentions Avatars, Virtual Worlds & Posner (Who Has an SL Avatar)
27.06.2011 19:39:00Philip Rosedale's WorkClub a Great Space for Remote Workers (Suck It, Starbucks)
27.06.2011 19:02:00Designing Worlds explores resident builds at SL8B
27.06.2011 12:02:00Sonnenbrille online probieren
27.06.2011 11:10:00Top 7 Essential NWN Posts from Last Week
27.06.2011 09:33:00Testspieler für Teamtraining in OpenSim gesucht!
27.06.2011 01:17:00How and When to Report?
27.06.2011 00:09:00Ein Harter Fall für die Kunst
26.06.2011 21:36:00The Last Day of Prim Perfect Events is All About TV!
26.06.2011 18:54:00(Chat Transcript) Creating a Community: Steampunk Environments
26.06.2011 17:17:00Tukso Rocks the Villa Bar @ Heart
26.06.2011 08:44:00Rezension
25.06.2011 23:10:00Requiem Machinima for the Lost Gardens of Apollo, a Gem-Like Island Lost from Second Life Tomorrow
25.06.2011 22:24:00Community-News: Event-Info & Co.
25.06.2011 15:10:00Bloggergrillen
25.06.2011 01:15:00art.AVENUE
25.06.2011 00:32:00Avatar of the Week: Sami and Sun
24.06.2011 23:11:00Will We Love Virtual Pop Stars as Much as We Love Real Ones? Outside Japan, Probably Not
24.06.2011 21:52:00In Second Life Art Installation, Great Paintings Deconstruct & Reconstruct When Clicked
24.06.2011 21:27:00Second Life Mesh Tutorial for Sculpted Prim Makers
24.06.2011 20:41:00What to See at SL8B: 3D Literature & a Monochrome Scene
24.06.2011 19:33:00Best Days & Times to Publish Blog Posts: Between Tuesday-Friday, 1-3pm & 5-7pm! (Which Means Pithy is Best)
24.06.2011 14:30:00Pia Piaggio entdeckt eBook-Marketing
24.06.2011 10:21:00Garfield bei dir zu Hause!
23.06.2011 23:58:00SL's Famed Crooked House Saved by Silent Benefactor
23.06.2011 21:56:00ProtoSphere wins Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award
23.06.2011 21:22:00When Will We Get Cloud Deployment of 3D Worlds? When Gaikai & OnLive Get Big (If They Ever Do)
23.06.2011 20:03:00Thursday Machinima: Broadway Showtune Meets Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
23.06.2011 18:10:00Ein voller Erfolg für den Klimaschutz...
23.06.2011 16:21:00TEDxBoston goes hybrid with Web.alive
23.06.2011 01:12:00Duran Duran's Official Island in Second Life Finally Opens
22.06.2011 22:52:00Häppchenlesung
22.06.2011 22:14:00Sim Deathwatch: Minoan Empire, Another Featured Second Life Sim, Destined to Disappear July 6th
22.06.2011 21:07:00Come See Me Speak About Facebook Credits at SF's All Facebook Conference - Here's a Discount Code!
22.06.2011 19:49:00Second Life Concurrency Represented in Real Time on 3D Globe; So WTF's Happening Off Madagascar? (UPDATED)
22.06.2011 13:00:00Social Networking and Seat Management with Social Tables
22.06.2011 11:53:00Mit Coca-Cola und Smeet zu My Chemical Romance!
22.06.2011 03:50:00Randy Filmmaker Reveals Cyber-secrets!
22.06.2011 00:15:00High-Profile Performance Art in Second Life Subverted by Emergent Community, Force Field Drama, Robert Redford
21.06.2011 22:20:00What's Linden Lab Working on Beyond Its Peaceful Foyer?
21.06.2011 20:47:00On Second Thought, Maybe Bitcoin Shouldn't Become OpenSim's Main Currency
21.06.2011 18:00:00SL8B Open Forum: What Do You Think So Far?
21.06.2011 17:42:00New Learning System for Virtual World Educators Released
21.06.2011 14:43:00#SL8b – Second Life wird 8 Jahre alt!
21.06.2011 04:39:00Where to get content for OpenSim
21.06.2011 02:32:00AVENUE Magazine June 2011
20.06.2011 23:27:00Sim Deathwatch: Featured Second Life Destination Lost Gardens of Apollo Destined to Disappear This Month
20.06.2011 21:25:00IMVU Gained 10 Million Uniques (While Second Life Stagnated) With AdSense, UI Improvements, Re-Branding
20.06.2011 19:42:00SLCC 2011 Registration Now Open - This Year in Affordable Oakland; Here's Some Local Travel Tips
20.06.2011 19:28:00ProtonMedia raises $4.5 million to improve virtual learning environment
20.06.2011 17:19:00Mit Smeet und Coca-Cola zu My Chemical Romance!
20.06.2011 09:05:00The Top 7 Essential NWN Posts Last Week
20.06.2011 01:54:00Fascination — Post 6 Grrrrl
20.06.2011 01:02:00Curiosity, pioneer spirit drive hypergridders
19.06.2011 06:09:00NWN Comment of the Week: Candy Cerveau on How to Raise Issues and Disputes with Linden Lab in a Drama-Free Way
18.06.2011 17:29:00What Virtual Trade Show Booths Can Learn from The Apple Store
17.06.2011 21:07:0010 marketing triggers
17.06.2011 21:03:00Second Life User Growth & Activity Could Be Maybe Possibly Too-Soon-to-Tell-for-Sure Trending Upward
17.06.2011 20:21:00Remembering the Green Lantern Core of Second Life
17.06.2011 19:30:00SL Community Staff Courtney & Amanda Leave Linden Lab
17.06.2011 19:24:00Educator pens OpenSim guide
17.06.2011 12:15:00Duran Duran's Upcoming Second Life Site Actually a Restoration from Second Life's Gilded Age of 2006
16.06.2011 23:48:00New World Notes' Second Life Bucket List: What SL Sites & Experiences Should You See Before They're Gone?
16.06.2011 22:01:00New Web Service Maps Social Networks of Second Life
16.06.2011 18:55:00Virtuelle Menschen und Weltsimulationen
16.06.2011 18:00:00Latest Second Life Viewer Update Dramatically Improves My Second Life - How About You?
16.06.2011 16:20:00Kitely calls for a push to the web
16.06.2011 12:48:00bodybits – Analoge Körper in digitalen Zeiten
16.06.2011 04:03:00OpenSim cleans out old regions; new grids emerge
16.06.2011 00:45:00Journey for PS3 Aims to Beautifully Expand Multiplayer's Possibilities & Reminds Me of the Religion in Electric Sheep
15.06.2011 21:57:00SpotOn3D seeks gambling partners
15.06.2011 21:08:00Ophelia's Gaze: 3 Ways the Bestselling Second Life Shoe Brand Stiletto Moody Makes Me Moody
15.06.2011 14:18:00Mobiles Internet nach dem Untergang 2012
15.06.2011 05:02:00Of Visionary Art and Unpaid Tier: Ina Centaur vs Linden Lab
14.06.2011 16:40:00This Week: HubSpot Inbound Marketing Virtual Conference
14.06.2011 00:33:00Study: virtual work force a competitive advantage
13.06.2011 19:08:00Kitely adds viewer choice, OAR exports
13.06.2011 16:40:00Virtual Event Audience Generation via Content Marketing
12.06.2011 13:20:00Avatare im Nebel
12.06.2011 06:22:00Nebel
10.06.2011 18:28:00Twinity Update on Friday 10th June
10.06.2011 04:26:001,000 avatars soon coming to a region near you
09.06.2011 22:05:00Public education a challenge for virtual health club
09.06.2011 15:45:00Jack Dorsey’s Awesome Town Square Speech
09.06.2011 03:22:00Winston Omega Storm — Post 6 Grrrrl
08.06.2011 22:31:00The Machinimist Marketer: Low-cost book promotion for authors
08.06.2011 22:17:00VastPark launches open source avatar kit
08.06.2011 22:06:00Utherverse to host virtual business convention
08.06.2011 18:16:00MCF: 2011.Jun.09 | Designing Digitally: How Virtual Business Gets Done
08.06.2011 03:42:00Intel increases OpenSim avatar capacity 20-fold
07.06.2011 20:16:00InteSolv, On24 partner for virtual events in government, high tech
06.06.2011 17:51:00How to hijack the metaverse
06.06.2011 16:15:00Great Example of Audience Involvement
05.06.2011 22:57:00Educator calls for college enclave on OSGrid
05.06.2011 01:36:00Engagement Models to Build Audience Loyalty
04.06.2011 20:30:00Das Blut gefriert - auch im Juni bei 28 Grad
02.06.2011 18:29:00Grauen, Grusel, Groschenmäuse
02.06.2011 16:05:00How Virtual Events Can Generate Leads, Launch New Products and More
02.06.2011 03:27:00MCF: 2011.June.02 | Lisa Dawley, 3D GameLab and Time for GameCamp!
01.06.2011 10:19:00Wettbewerb: Wer hat das schönste Bücherregal?
31.05.2011 21:51:00Die Buchstaben gehen fremd
31.05.2011 13:58:00Gedanken zur Lyrik
31.05.2011 04:37:00Style Amongst Us - AVENUE Magazine May 2011
30.05.2011 00:00:00BlueMars setzt Online-Kampagne für Sheego um
30.05.2011 00:00:00Beauty by Design - AVENUE Magazine May 2011
29.05.2011 16:57:00My Precious Princess' - AVENUE Magazine May 2011
27.05.2011 16:10:00Adding Game Mechanics to Your Event
27.05.2011 12:17:00New Update
27.05.2011 07:21:00Paisley’s New Real Life Business, Promoting Positive Online Collaboration
27.05.2011 04:36:00Timothy Morpork — Post 6 Retrospective
26.05.2011 18:12:00MCF: 2011.May.26 | FCVW.2011 Via the Media Flow
23.05.2011 20:11:00Das Projekt 38 in Leipzig
21.05.2011 17:00:00Virtual Events and Mainstream Adoption
20.05.2011 10:09:00Newletter is out!
20.05.2011 01:32:00Die Jagd nach der verlorenen Geschichte ...
19.05.2011 05:20:00Black Cloud: “Brutal and Long Lasting” Mafia Wars Coming
19.05.2011 03:54:00Informations : Mutual aid Fair / Salon de l’entraide
18.05.2011 00:33:00Lustige Lyrik und mordlüsterne Moritaten
17.05.2011 17:18:00Konspiratives Treffen II.
17.05.2011 05:33:00AVENUE Magazine May 2011
14.05.2011 10:11:00Future of Books, Collaboration Online, & Guitarist AM Quar on Tonight Live This Sunday!
12.05.2011 15:02:00Watching FCVW.11 at Metanomics Studio
12.05.2011 05:11:00Paisley Featured on the Australian ABC Tech and Games Website!
09.05.2011 13:14:00Clawtooth Aker — Post 6 Gremlin
07.05.2011 19:41:00Projekt 38
06.05.2011 19:30:00SL8B Party is June 20-26th – 8 Years of Second Life!
04.05.2011 07:09:00AVENUE Couture of Hope - Exclusive Designs
04.05.2011 03:00:00Cliodhna Dirval — Post 6 Grrrrl
03.05.2011 22:33:00Teleplace open sources OpenQwaq
03.05.2011 19:50:0010 keys to a successful training presentation
03.05.2011 12:48:00Tonight Live Is UP! Great Music, & What Can L.Lab Learn From InWorldz? Greeters Anyone?
03.05.2011 03:51:00Survey: Virtual events now the norm
02.05.2011 19:49:00So ein Theater!
01.05.2011 18:37:00AVENUE Couture of Hope - Fashion Show & Exclusive Sale
30.04.2011 18:34:00Why B2B Webinars Stink And How To Change Them
30.04.2011 13:56:00This Week On Tonight Live, Great Music! and InWorldz Residents Talk About Their Communty
30.04.2011 13:09:00Steampunk Art Festivl ade
30.04.2011 13:09:00Steampunk Art Festival ade
29.04.2011 23:23:00Pressestimmen
29.04.2011 07:02:00My Precious Princess' - AVENUE Magazine April 2011
29.04.2011 00:20:00VastPark teams with Lockbox for virtual security
28.04.2011 19:40:00Utherverse hosts virtual Royal Wedding
28.04.2011 18:38:00MCF: 2011.Apr.28 | Take Your Pick: Space Shuttle? or Royal Landeau?
28.04.2011 15:45:00Chapter 6: Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events
28.04.2011 00:47:00Realism key to 3D training and virtual instructors
27.04.2011 03:54:00Artistic Expression - AVENUE Magazine April
26.04.2011 20:54:00Ein Ringelnatz für alle Fälle
26.04.2011 15:45:00Case Study: Trade Show Lead Generation with American Express OPEN
26.04.2011 02:04:00SLentrepreneur of the Year 2010: SL residents have spoken and the winner is…
26.04.2011 01:55:00SLentrepreneur of the Year 2010 Announced: Pat Wunderland!
26.04.2011 01:51:00The virtual is magic
25.04.2011 20:35:00Philip Rosedale and Tom Boellstorf, Live from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts—Update
25.04.2011 00:38:00At the Second Life tipping point
24.04.2011 21:00:00Meta7 to shut down, citing trademark issues
24.04.2011 17:41:00Beutezug
24.04.2011 17:18:00Spring Fever - AVENUE's April Issue
23.04.2011 15:58:22Japan Benefit Veranstaltung - Das Bärenevent
23.04.2011 14:59:00April 23rd: LIVE! Philip Rosedale and Tom Boellstorff from Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
22.04.2011 18:56:00Outage underscores the need for backups
22.04.2011 17:33:00Steampunk Art
22.04.2011 15:45:00A Flight Attendant Call Button for Virtual Events
21.04.2011 19:45:00NSF grants $297,929 to virtual worlds researchers
21.04.2011 16:35:00MCF: 2011.Apr.21 | A Perfect Jewel of a Forum
21.04.2011 10:39:00Ein Festival der Liebe - Planungstreffen
21.04.2011 06:04:00Conference Presenting: Social TV, Augmented Reality Event and GameTech
20.04.2011 15:30:00Job Posting: Virtual Experience Openings at GPJ
20.04.2011 03:24:00New UK grid offers gambling, $20 sims
20.04.2011 02:46:00Webstock 3D to be held in VirtualU
19.04.2011 23:58:00RealXtend Association formed
19.04.2011 23:17:00Utherverse launches virtual learning platform
19.04.2011 23:06:00OpenSim 103: Securing your grid
19.04.2011 15:30:00A New Approach to Virtual Trade Show Booth Surveys
18.04.2011 21:07:00Blue Mars names new CEO
18.04.2011 19:26:00Designers offer OpenSim goods on Websites
18.04.2011 11:34:00Steampunk Art Festival - mehr Eindrücke ...
17.04.2011 22:37:00OpenSim 102: Running your own sims
17.04.2011 21:34:00Nach voll kommt über ...
17.04.2011 21:00:00Steampunk und keine Ende
17.04.2011 04:02:00AVENUE Magazine April 2011
16.04.2011 00:53:00Clouds help propel OpenSim growth
15.04.2011 16:39:00Twinity Update 15th April
14.04.2011 18:54:00MCF: 2011.Apr.14 | The Hunt for RoboWeek!
14.04.2011 09:32:00This Week On Tonight Live, The Follow, The Machinim UWA III: Journeys Comp & Quest Atlantis
13.04.2011 00:17:00Steampunk Art Festival
12.04.2011 23:59:00BlueMars entwickelt für den BDEW Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft neue Website
11.04.2011 20:20:00No Metanomics Show Today, Consider These Alternatives
10.04.2011 17:41:00Broadcasting Live from NAB Show 2011
08.04.2011 02:30:00The New 2000 Voice Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir Is UP!
06.04.2011 12:57:00G3D Office Hour jetzt regelmäßig am ersten Dienstag im Montag
06.04.2011 07:12:00Designing Worlds visits the amazing Fantasy Faire
06.04.2011 03:50:00Fantasy Faire 2011 – Day 4 Dark Mirage
06.04.2011 03:07:00William Gibson Wants to See a Mixed Reality Photo Blog - UPDATE: Gibson Tweets of This Post & His Original Tweet
06.04.2011 01:09:00Wanted for OpenSim: Marketplace for DRM-Free 3D Content
05.04.2011 21:22:00Please Take This Survey on Second Life Events Listings on NWN, Offer Feedback in Comments!
05.04.2011 21:11:00Waiting for an OpenSim content marketplace
05.04.2011 13:32:00NWN in Japanese: Opheliaの視点から:日本救済の為のファッション募金(買いすぎても後悔なし!)
05.04.2011 05:15:00Metaverse Arts Episode 10
05.04.2011 03:46:00Fantasy Faire 2011 – Day 3 – Forest Of Shadow
04.04.2011 23:24:00Linden Lab Adds Avatar Physics (I.E. Bouncing Breasts) to Latest Second Life Dev Viewer, Here's How to Get Them
04.04.2011 20:44:00US Air Force Academy launches virtual campus tour
04.04.2011 19:04:00Top 50 Most Popular Second Life Sims - March 2011
04.04.2011 18:01:00Top 9 Second Life News from New World Notes Last Week
04.04.2011 15:56:00Designing Worlds pays a visit to the Fantasy Faire!
04.04.2011 11:13:00Wanted – Saffia Widdershins?
04.04.2011 02:41:00Fantasy Faire Day 2 – The Forest of Light
03.04.2011 23:31:00Memorial - Eröffnung
03.04.2011 22:22:00Memorial
03.04.2011 03:30:00Fantasy Faire 2011 – Day 1 round up and Fantasy Faire Central sim guide
03.04.2011 01:15:00How virtual worlds will converge
02.04.2011 21:39:00BUCHSTABEN im German Grid
02.04.2011 02:32:00Huge Second Life Live Music Fest for Japan This Weekend!
02.04.2011 01:16:00Linden Lab Launches Machinima Festival, Start Submitting!
01.04.2011 22:54:00When Second Life Breasts Respond to Physics, Custom Nipples Go Flying
01.04.2011 20:00:00I Need New SL, 3D Tech, Next Gen Gaming Blogs to RSS
01.04.2011 19:28:00The [sYs] Experience . JOIN THE REVOLUTION
01.04.2011 18:12:00Useful Checklist for Second Life Fashion Photographers
01.04.2011 12:27:00New Items: Martial Arts store
01.04.2011 12:22:00New items and Jobs
01.04.2011 12:18:00Users meeting
01.04.2011 11:10:20Kitely: open source virtual worlds simplified
01.04.2011 11:10:20Large businesses in Second Life: they still exist
01.04.2011 10:41:00Linden Lab Acknowledges Second Life Teleportation Problem
01.04.2011 10:08:00Ophelia's Gaze: Get Second Life Skins to Help Japan at Another Fundraiser II (Before They're Gone!)
01.04.2011 07:00:00Visiting the Rose Theatre with Prim Perfect
31.03.2011 19:03:00Artist Compiles Hot Male Avatars for Feminist Art Show -- But Ladies, Are They Hot to You?
31.03.2011 17:14:00SmartBird – Robotervogel by Festo
31.03.2011 17:13:00InXpo’s VX takes virtual events mobile
31.03.2011 17:06:00Hybrid Events Roundtable: Help Us Determine the Questions
31.03.2011 10:49:00Coley's World: Visit Merlino Mayo's Profound New Second Life Art Installation "Naturae"
31.03.2011 05:50:00Robbie Mellow — Post 6 Model
31.03.2011 00:46:00Metanomics Community Forum: All the Kitely-OpenSim- ProtonMedia BUZZ! from Hypergrid’s Maria Korolov
31.03.2011 00:15:00ProtonMedia to develop virtual clinical trial training
30.03.2011 23:20:00How Many Second Life Residents Are in Their 20s? In 2008, They Were Roughly 40% of the Userbase
30.03.2011 21:58:00Second Life, OpenSim hosts can learn from Kitely
30.03.2011 21:14:00PioneerX supports clouds, open to Facebook
30.03.2011 20:19:00New grid to compete with higher prices
30.03.2011 19:00:00In Second Life's New Basic Viewer, User Profiles Come With Leveling System That Encourages Adding Real Life Details
30.03.2011 11:32:00Make your Avatar Rich
30.03.2011 11:23:00Kitely CEO Answers Your Questions About His Cloud-Driven OpenSim Service Kitely
30.03.2011 04:09:00The Primgraph and Steeltopia are hosting The Clockwork Ball!
30.03.2011 00:28:004 Second Life-Based AI Projects With Education, Training, & Research Applications Win Federal Awards
29.03.2011 19:58:00When do cloud-based sims make sense?
29.03.2011 19:03:00Watch the Psychedelic Winner of Giana Factory's Second Life Machinima Video Contest for "Pixelated Truth"
29.03.2011 16:00:00Ask Miss Metaverse Manners About the Etiquette of Avatar Abandonment and Dealing With Crappy Content
29.03.2011 11:08:00Cat Meets Second Life Cat (UPDATED)
29.03.2011 03:44:00Tipodean and Kitely should talk. Seriously, guys!
29.03.2011 02:44:00Tipodean’s Web viewer now in public beta
28.03.2011 21:26:00Proprietary code is good for OpenSim
28.03.2011 17:51:00Join Designing Worlds as we take a trip to the Rose Theatre
28.03.2011 16:15:00Virtual and Hybrid Events Are On The Agenda
28.03.2011 14:03:00The Venus Project Design – Utopie in 3D
28.03.2011 11:19:00The Kitely Revolution: An Easy, Cheap, Cloud-Powered Virtual World Hosting Service the "WordPress of OpenSim"
28.03.2011 10:06:00Artists Amongst Us - AVENUE's March Issue
28.03.2011 10:03:00The sYs Experience
28.03.2011 01:24:00Kitely brings Facebook, instant regions to OpenSim
27.03.2011 01:26:04Flickr Gettr and Second Life
26.03.2011 16:45:00Spruce Up Your Space!
26.03.2011 05:11:00Designing Worlds explores Art Projects in InWorldz
26.03.2011 03:01:00Six tips for selling virtual event sponsorships
26.03.2011 02:53:00Dress for virtual success
26.03.2011 01:50:00Unity 3D training simulations get recognition
25.03.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: More Fashion Fundraising to Help Japan (Perfect for a Regret-Free Shopping Spree!)
25.03.2011 21:04:00How Do You Feel When an Avatar Friend Slips Away?
25.03.2011 19:42:00Paper: OpenSim may help fashion industry
25.03.2011 19:16:00Hol dir den Spielspaß nach Hause!
25.03.2011 19:07:00List of Real Worlds Corporations Still Actively in Second Life
25.03.2011 18:00:00A Second Life Fashion Blog Called A Dream of Oceans
25.03.2011 17:15:00UBM Studios adds new chat tools
25.03.2011 13:18:00Pia Piaggio im E-CNCS
25.03.2011 12:57:00Du willst 32 Coins umsonst bekommen?
25.03.2011 10:47:00Second Life Bloggers, Want More Pageviews? Put a Facebook "Like" Widget on Your Second Life Blog Posts! (UPDATED)
25.03.2011 10:43:00Raumname gesucht!
25.03.2011 07:14:00Avination residents welcome Vivox voice
25.03.2011 02:52:00AVENUE Magazine Exclusive - Aimesi
25.03.2011 01:13:00Beautiful Machinima Video by RL/SL Japanese Hiphop Artist
24.03.2011 23:27:00Is the username dying?
24.03.2011 22:38:00Hear Me Talking Racism & Avatars on The Treatment Here
24.03.2011 21:53:00MobileTech Conference 2011
24.03.2011 21:48:00InWorldz develops own scripting engine
24.03.2011 20:00:00Educators: Stop Asking Why Most 20-Somethings Don't Like Virtual Worlds -- Ask Why Some Do
24.03.2011 19:47:003D ohne Brille für die Westentasche
24.03.2011 18:43:00Karl aus dem Eis!
24.03.2011 18:00:00Visit Second Life's Classic Chakryn Forest, Now Updated
24.03.2011 14:20:00March 24th: LIVE from Gametech Orlando - The Future of Virtual Worlds
24.03.2011 09:34:00Hear Me Talk Avatars & Race on PRI's The Takeaway Today
24.03.2011 05:52:00Why PioneerX matters
24.03.2011 01:50:00Creators wanted for 2011/12 Pathfinder adventure!
24.03.2011 00:43:00Fashion For Life is over and we forge onwards.
24.03.2011 00:40:00Fayette Aeon — Post 6 Grrrrrl
23.03.2011 23:10:00"Schlag das Abzeichen"
23.03.2011 21:35:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: More Alt Avatar Etiquette Questions: Spying on Your SL Partner & Secret Roleplaying
23.03.2011 20:35:00Raining MEN - AVENUE's March Issue
23.03.2011 10:55:00Coley's World: My Top 5 Second Life Sims to Visit This Month
23.03.2011 10:19:00G3D führt Office Hour ein!
23.03.2011 07:56:00PioneerX offers no-fuss grid management
23.03.2011 07:06:00Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe is UP!
23.03.2011 04:13:00Monkey Business and a Hot Date
23.03.2011 00:26:00UK Developer Gets $1 Million in Funding for Language Training in Second Life (That's Not Branded as Second Life)
22.03.2011 22:11:005 More Thoughts on Second Lifers' Resistance to Change
22.03.2011 21:49:00Beware vendors bearing gifts
22.03.2011 18:16:00SAIC demos OLIVE at Defense GameTech
22.03.2011 17:59:00The Many Advantages of Virtual Collaboration
22.03.2011 14:55:00New Patch
22.03.2011 12:15:00"Juroney": Second Life Machinima Takes Post-Apocalyptic, Road Warrior-Style Action to the Next Level
22.03.2011 10:50:00Last minute shopping at Fashion for Life
22.03.2011 08:23:00NWN in Japanese: Opheliaの視点から:売上金が日本へ寄付されるSecond Lifeファッションより、私のお気に入り三選
21.03.2011 23:28:00Sports-News: Endphase der Bundesliga
21.03.2011 15:30:005 Tips for Your Virtual Booth
21.03.2011 14:27:00John “Pathfinder” Lester – Education in Virtual Worlds
21.03.2011 12:03:00In Rod Humble's New "Basic" Second Life Viewer, Avatars Seem Less Like Identities & More Like... Rod Humble's Sims
21.03.2011 09:03:00Designing Worlds explores the Arts Regions of Inworldz in an exciting first for Treet TV!
21.03.2011 09:02:00Top 8 Posts from New World Notes Last Week
20.03.2011 22:39:00Makeover Magic – Look Good, Feel Better at Fashion For Life
20.03.2011 22:22:00All Things Sheeny: Reading Charlie Sheen to Find Meaning in a Secular Age
20.03.2011 20:18:00Op/Ed: Time to Outsource SL Support to India and Botswana?
20.03.2011 12:16:00Kafka Comes to Caledon
19.03.2011 22:48:00Designing Worlds visits Greater Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!
19.03.2011 05:54:00This Weeks Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Sunday 20th March
19.03.2011 02:45:00MMO Expert Scott Jennings on Second Life: "You're Dying", But Better Communication May Save You (But with Whom?)
18.03.2011 22:42:00A Hardscrabble Second Life Sim Called Roche
18.03.2011 20:45:00Second Life Co-Founder Philip Rosedale Live on Justin TV
18.03.2011 18:02:00Neues Spiel online: BALLOON BUSTER!!
18.03.2011 18:00:00Pet Monkeys With Leveling System SL's New Pet Species
18.03.2011 10:41:00John "Pathfinder Linden" Lester Presents Jibe, a Unity/Web-Based Virtual World from ReactionGrid
18.03.2011 03:42:00AVENUE Magazine MWFW 2011 Exclusive
18.03.2011 03:37:00Black and White goes green
17.03.2011 21:36:00Coming Soon to Second Life: "Basic" SL Viewer with Point-and-Click Avatar Movement, Other Noob-Friendly Features!
17.03.2011 18:58:00Farm Alarm!!!
17.03.2011 18:52:00VWBPE 2011 Trumps Metanomics Community Forum
17.03.2011 17:21:00Design firm builds virtual tours, 3D learning games, university grid
17.03.2011 16:03:00Viel Raum für Innovationen – Tim Gorree von Nokia im Gespräch
17.03.2011 11:33:00Ophelia's Gaze: My Three Favorite Second Life Fashions to Benefit Japan -- Buy Them Today!
17.03.2011 02:20:26Virtual worlds and social good: a striking example
16.03.2011 19:55:00zFire Xue and Redzone Collide with Banhammer
16.03.2011 18:48:00Second Life's Survival Seriously Threatened by Second Life Users' Hate and Fear of Change (1st of a Series)
16.03.2011 12:04:00Achtung, Großkatze unterwegs!
16.03.2011 03:03:00Top OpenSim grids gain regions, users
16.03.2011 02:46:00Prim Perfect’s March Issue celebrates Greater Ireland!
16.03.2011 02:35:00Avination first with Vivox voice on OpenSim
15.03.2011 23:54:00Fashion For Life – Passes 3 million Lindens and growing stronger
15.03.2011 23:01:00zFire Xue Slams Redzone Enemies
15.03.2011 22:00:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Is It Wrong to Secretly Gender Bend? And Other Thorny Questions for Avatar Alts
15.03.2011 19:51:00Racism in Second Life and Other Online Communities - Great Article on "E-Race" SXSW Panel
15.03.2011 16:37:00Linden Lab vs. Cataclysm
15.03.2011 15:33:00The Drax Files on Art & Design Episode #1 – Flickr Gettr
15.03.2011 10:48:00Coley's World: Visit DynaFleur, an Immersive, Ambient Second Life Installation That Responds to Avatar Interaction
15.03.2011 04:28:00Open Wonderland marks first anniversary with free workshops
14.03.2011 23:11:00My Top 3 SXSW Talk Takeaways: Avatar Anonymity is (Mostly) for Kids and Has Helped Keep Second Life Niche; In SL, National/Racial Identity in SL Exposed by Chat & VOIP
14.03.2011 21:54:00Look at These F*cking SLipsters Looking Like SXSW Hipsters
14.03.2011 21:00:00Highlights from My SXSW Talk on E-Race, Visually Blogged
14.03.2011 19:01:00Weekly Recap Second Life
14.03.2011 19:01:00Last Week in New World Notes
14.03.2011 16:30:00A Virtual Blog Posting
14.03.2011 13:45:00Designing Worlds celebrates St Patrick’s Day with a visit to Greater Ireland!
14.03.2011 11:52:00Pia Piaggio in der Crossworlds Gallery
14.03.2011 04:33:00AVENUE Magazine March 2011
14.03.2011 01:27:00BURN2 2011 Spring Event March 18th-20th
13.03.2011 19:00:00Fashion for Life in Classic B&W
13.03.2011 18:00:00Blogs Notes for my SXSW Talk for "E-Race: Avatars, Anonymity And The Virtualization Of Identity"
13.03.2011 15:28:00Blue Mars doch nicht am Ende?
13.03.2011 11:45:00RadioTalk im Kafé
12.03.2011 21:53:00Fashion For Life opens at noon today
12.03.2011 21:40:00Die BUCHSTABEN im Radio
12.03.2011 19:18:00Linden Lab Sells Virtual Bears With Japanese Flags to Raise US$ for Red Cross' Japan Disaster Relief Effort - Linden Lab は、日本の旗をまとったバーチャルテディベアを販売し、赤十字の東北地方太平洋沖地震災害救助
12.03.2011 18:55:00Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2011 Conference March 17-19th & HD Video
12.03.2011 17:12:00zf Redzone Security Breached – SL Passwords Compromised?
12.03.2011 01:20:00See Me Speak About Avatars and Race at SXSW 2011!
11.03.2011 22:54:00Sexy Morning After Scenario as Second Life Fashion Spread
11.03.2011 21:45:00Mr. Saiman's 5 Things to Save Second Life (I'm With Him 2/5)
11.03.2011 20:49:00Second Life Avatar Artist Bryn Oh Gets Real Life $10K Government Grant to Develop Her Metaverse-Based Art
11.03.2011 19:07:00Blue Mars Adds In-App Payment of User-Created Content to Its iPhone/iPad App
11.03.2011 15:11:00Designing Worlds gets Animated!
11.03.2011 11:38:00WebGL – 3D im Browser am Beispiel Fractal Lab
11.03.2011 02:53:02‘Pimp your virtual worlds site’ 2011
11.03.2011 02:53:02The Virtually Live Events Project
11.03.2011 02:53:02Virtual International Day of the Midwife
11.03.2011 02:53:02Interview: Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab
11.03.2011 02:53:023D texture breakthrough
11.03.2011 02:53:02UWA’s third machinima contest
11.03.2011 02:53:02Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2011
10.03.2011 23:27:00Marketing Roundtable on Virtual Events and Digital Communities
10.03.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: What Second Life Could Learn from Poupéegirl's Fashionista Incentives
10.03.2011 21:10:00In Second Life Meeting Space, Real World Veterans Need Virtual Walls to Feel Safe
10.03.2011 19:10:00Sim Deathwatch: Numbakulla, Landmark Myst-Style Adventure Game in Second Life, Closes Due to Tier Fees
10.03.2011 19:10:00Sim Deathwatch: Numbakulla, Landmark Myst-Style Adventure Game in Second Life, Closes Due to Tier Fees (UPDATED: Donations Delay Death by 30 Days)
10.03.2011 17:48:00Blue Mars releases 3D app for iPhone, iPad
10.03.2011 11:05:00Free Item @ 0.4
10.03.2011 05:35:00Steve — Post 6 Adonis DNA Tigerblood Boil
09.03.2011 21:57:00VenueGen hosts free talk on immersive learning
09.03.2011 19:25:00Sports-News: Bundesligatippspiel #26
09.03.2011 19:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: My Top Picks from Pure Juice, a Second Life Virtual Fashion Extravaganza!
09.03.2011 18:40:00Paper: Virtual worlds expand uses of 3D models
09.03.2011 16:30:00My Thoughts on Virtual Edge Institute’s Digital Event Strategist Certification
09.03.2011 15:30:00Du willst 40 Coins umsonst bekommen?
09.03.2011 13:29:00T-Systems Multimedia Solutions – Virtuelle Welten als Komfortzone
09.03.2011 11:17:00Giana Factory's Second Life Machinima Video Contest is Closed -- Watch My Favorite Entry Here!
09.03.2011 05:55:00Q Linden Left the Lab Friday March 4th
09.03.2011 05:44:00Second Life Virtual Fashion Video
09.03.2011 05:04:00MCF: 2011.March.10 | Games Simulation Students Speak with Metanomics Community Forum
09.03.2011 04:10:00Relay for Life of Second Life kicks off on March 12!
08.03.2011 21:57:00Linden Lab Calls Facebook "The Best Place" to Find Second Life Content -- and Explains How to Share SL Content Without Exposing Your Avatar
08.03.2011 20:38:00Epochal Shift: Major Corporation Selling Its Premium Content for Virtual Goods (Dark Knight for Facebook Credits)
08.03.2011 19:00:00Send Miss Metaverse Manners Your Questions About Dealing With Alt Avatars!
08.03.2011 17:48:00Survey: 84% of attendees would recommend virtual career fair
08.03.2011 17:36:00Avatars in Class: Der Campus Hamburg auf der VWBPE 2011 am 18.03.2011
08.03.2011 16:53:00Twinity hires!
08.03.2011 16:39:00BlueMars entwickelt Online-Investorenabenteuer für J.P. Morgan Asset Management
08.03.2011 13:17:00Stage Performance Coaching With Paisley Beebe
08.03.2011 10:41:00Artist Whose Second Life Works Dramatized Her Real Life Battle With Cancer Tragically Succumbs
08.03.2011 06:02:006 March Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe is UP!
08.03.2011 05:52:00Ten Challenges 3D Virtual Meeting Platforms Face in Corporations
08.03.2011 02:25:00Ekphrasis: Sabrinaa Nightfire
07.03.2011 22:01:00Top 20 Second Life Sims for February 2011
07.03.2011 19:00:00Meet Andrew Linden, Last of the Very First Lindens (UPDATED: Richard Linden Still Thrives Too)
07.03.2011 17:30:0008.03. – System-Upgrade beim SMS-Payment Provider
07.03.2011 16:45:00E.A. Poe im KrümelKram
07.03.2011 15:23:00It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it – says Designing Worlds
07.03.2011 15:08:00Mit Neurofeedback zum Mentaltraining
07.03.2011 10:51:00Top 10 New World Notes Posts Last Week!
06.03.2011 22:32:00March 7th: At the Intersections - Spirituality in the Age of the Machine
06.03.2011 20:03:00The Hand What Taketh
06.03.2011 14:08:00Das kann ja noch heiterer werden ...
06.03.2011 12:00:49Neue website zu SoKS (Sozial-kreative Sim)
06.03.2011 08:49:00Earn Money With “Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe” 10% Payment To You!
06.03.2011 01:34:00Weekend Machinima: Stunning Second Life Fashion Montage
06.03.2011 01:29:00Ekphrasis: PJ Trenton – Documentary
05.03.2011 22:30:00Do You have March News for Prim Perfect?
05.03.2011 19:45:00Das kann ja heiter werden ...
05.03.2011 16:17:00I see U No 2 – eine Tanzinstallation
05.03.2011 15:59:00At the Intersections - Spirituality in the Age of the Machine
05.03.2011 12:16:00ONE OFF Advertising OFFER on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe
05.03.2011 11:00:00Xchange4LS führt neue L$-Börsen-Funktion ein
04.03.2011 22:36:00Study: People open to avatars at work
04.03.2011 21:00:00Second Life's New Web Community Platform Comes With a Leveling System!
04.03.2011 19:00:003D Graphics Innovator Karl Stiefvater Offers to Re-Linden
04.03.2011 18:31:0004.03. bis 06.03. - Wartungsarbeiten im Rechenzentrum!
04.03.2011 16:24:00Australische Besucher bei Smeet!
04.03.2011 13:01:00New Floor Plan: Designer House
04.03.2011 12:49:00New Items in the Carnival shop
04.03.2011 11:02:00New report, Virtual Worlds 2011+ now available
04.03.2011 10:51:00Look at What WebGL Can Do on the Web Already! (Yes, Web Graphics Will Catch Up With Consoles by 2013)
04.03.2011 10:18:00This Week on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, RedZone, Breedables, SonyaJevette Charisma!
04.03.2011 06:31:00Second Life Launches New Community Platform
04.03.2011 06:26:00Watch Designing Worlds explore the dark fantasy in Winterfell
04.03.2011 05:26:00zFire Xue Interview: RedZone is not Spyware
04.03.2011 03:58:00Majillis Al Jinn
03.03.2011 22:05:00Ophelia's Gaze: What MMO Developers can learn from The Sims 3's Create-a-Sim Experience
03.03.2011 21:50:00My New Social Times Pro Reports on Gamification and MMOs
03.03.2011 20:37:00Hanging with Humble (Linden Lab's Rod Humble, That Is)
03.03.2011 20:09:00Successful virtual engagement marketing
03.03.2011 08:47:00BMBF eröffnet Bürgerdialog Zukunftstechnologien
03.03.2011 05:46:00Metaverse Arts Episode 9
03.03.2011 02:19:00zZKalleZz ©™ In Tha HooD – The Party`s over???
02.03.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: My Favorite Perfectly Imperfect SL Skins
02.03.2011 21:14:00InterCall buys virtual events Unisfair
02.03.2011 20:30:00Linden Lab Removes Redzone from Marketplace, Confirms Community Standards Changed After Complaints
02.03.2011 19:34:00Sports-News: Bundesligatippspiel #25
02.03.2011 16:00:00How Your Virtual Event Can Benefit From Personalized Guides
02.03.2011 11:31:00Twinity Community Awards 3rd Edition
02.03.2011 10:02:00Facebook's Cory Ondrejka: Web-Based Game Graphics Will Catch Up With Consoles "By 2013" - But Second Life for the Web Will Need a New Client
02.03.2011 05:05:00Justanother Oompa — Post 6 Guy
02.03.2011 00:13:00The Typist Speaks: Being Botgirl
01.03.2011 23:35:00How are you planning to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
01.03.2011 20:18:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: The Etiquette of Going AFK in Online Worlds
01.03.2011 15:49:00Mit einem Klick 12 Coins umsonst bekommen?
01.03.2011 12:24:00Coley's World: See "Reverie", a New Show of Four Great Metaverse Artists in the Second Life Sim Originalia
01.03.2011 07:08:00Competition 101 - AVENUE's February Issue
28.02.2011 23:30:00"AmazeCraft": Amazing Minecraft Machinima
28.02.2011 19:45:00February 28th: Cyborg to Borg—Cont’d,  with Michael Chorost
28.02.2011 19:15:00Nicht nur für Landeier!
28.02.2011 16:10:00Designing Worlds explores the dark side of fantasy in Winterfell
28.02.2011 12:41:00Major Second Life Content Theft Lawsuit Against Linden Settled With Promise of Better Protection, Says Ex-Plaintiff
28.02.2011 10:02:00Top 8 New World Notes Posts Last Week
28.02.2011 02:30:00RedZone Circles the Drain
27.02.2011 23:01:00Jimbo Quality and the RedZone of Danger
27.02.2011 05:28:00Fashion Forward - AVENUE's February Issue
26.02.2011 23:16:00Auf dem Marktplatz
26.02.2011 21:57:00Eröffnung im Kafé
26.02.2011 20:36:00Geheimnisvoll verborgen ...
26.02.2011 05:54:00How not to work for free
25.02.2011 22:45:00Meet New World Notes Readers' Favorite Second Life Live Music Performers: Chouchou!
25.02.2011 19:06:00How Widespread is the Redzone IP Tracking Controversy in Second Life? (UPDATED)
25.02.2011 16:34:00Take This Fascinating Academic Survey on Avatars & Real Life Identity
25.02.2011 15:40:00RedZone HUD Forced To Ask to Reveal Alt Accounts
25.02.2011 14:55:00Do the Prokonova – SL’s Next Dance Craze?
25.02.2011 10:31:00Female Artists of Second Life: Stanford Libraries and Lynn Hershman Want Your Art!
25.02.2011 01:40:00Brouchoud offers virtual architecture overview
25.02.2011 01:38:00"Fusion": Beautiful SL Machinima Inspired by Resnais & Second Life Steampunk Art Installations of Bryn Oh
24.02.2011 23:13:00Sports-News: Bundesligatippspiel #24
24.02.2011 23:01:00Ophelia's Gaze: My Top Three Favorite Avatar Skins from Vanity Universe's Skin Fair
24.02.2011 21:27:00Virtual Edge Institute offers virtual events certification
24.02.2011 19:28:00MCF: 2011.Feb.24 | Gamestorming & Icebreakers
24.02.2011 19:00:00Real Time Human-to-Avatar Motion Capture with Kinect -- Has Linden Lab Missed the Boat (And Does That Matter)?
24.02.2011 07:26:00Month of Romance - AVENUE's February Issue
24.02.2011 06:01:00Aurora-Sim newest option for OpenSim servers
24.02.2011 05:27:005 Virtual Events Postings You May Have Missed
23.02.2011 21:00:00Sander's Villa: The Man Who Gave His Father a Second Life
23.02.2011 20:46:00Mit Dampf und Rost ab in die Zukunft
23.02.2011 19:00:0048 Hours Left to Select Your Favorite Second Life Musician -- Chouchou and Skye Galaxy Are Now Neck and Neck!
23.02.2011 15:48:00Plastic Duck Returns To Second Life!!!
23.02.2011 12:35:00Advertisement in World
23.02.2011 11:41:00Dampf und Rost im Kafé
23.02.2011 00:34:00Kinect Integrated Into Snowstorm Second Life Viewer by Merov Linden (Who Also Worked on a Kinect Predecessor)!
22.02.2011 22:50:00Star-Studded San Diego Second Life Meetup This Week!
22.02.2011 22:28:00Kinect to Get Official SDK from Microsoft Soon!
22.02.2011 20:49:00Want to Help Fund a Full-Length Minecraft Documentary?
22.02.2011 19:00:00Got a Great Upcoming Second Life Event You Want to Promote? Post the Blog/Twitter/Plurk/Facebook Link Here!
22.02.2011 15:53:00Hippiestock and the Sense of Community
22.02.2011 00:48:00Expert: Copyright bigger threat than patents to OpenSim
21.02.2011 22:24:00NewWorldGrid to cut self-hosted regions
21.02.2011 22:05:00Linden Lab's Current Position a Little Like AOL's -- Profitable, But From Unsustainable Revenue
21.02.2011 19:45:00All Digital: In Conversation with Author Paul Ford on Media, the Web and Life Online
21.02.2011 19:03:00"Urban Royale": Pretty Cool Example of Second Life Gamer Machinima (Yes, It's Really Second Life)
21.02.2011 18:53:00The Future of Thinking Virtually: Tom Boellstorff on Overlays, Cyborgs and Second Life Culture
21.02.2011 16:04:00When Presidential Candidates Campaigned in Second Life
21.02.2011 16:01:00Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Is UP! Sun 20th Feb
21.02.2011 10:02:00Last Week's Top Eight Posts on New World Notes
20.02.2011 20:09:00February 21, Robert Bloomfield sits down with Paul Ford, Writer and Web Native.
20.02.2011 15:54:00Slideshare Universe presentation, Q1 2011
19.02.2011 23:52:00Last Week to Vote for Your Favorite Second Life Performer!
18.02.2011 23:00:00Friday Second Life Resources: SL Twitter Users and SL Technical Tuning
18.02.2011 22:02:00Half a Million Linden Dollar Second Life Machinima Contest
18.02.2011 21:51:00Rod Humble: Here’s how Second Life can rule the world
18.02.2011 19:09:00Research groups get ‘supersized’ regions in ScienceSim
18.02.2011 19:00:00Leading Second Life Advocate Calls Second Life Too Time-Consuming to Use Much -- I Think He's Half Right
18.02.2011 17:32:00Conventional Wisdom
18.02.2011 00:55:00New World Gaming: John Romero's Social Game Ravenwood Fair Now More Popular Than John Romero's Doom
17.02.2011 20:15:00Hypergrid currency exchange adds Avination’s C$
17.02.2011 19:51:00Watson On Jeopardy: One small step for AI
17.02.2011 09:53:00Couture AVENUE - Exclusive - Osakki Tokyo Dress
17.02.2011 02:48:00In Köln gibt´s mehr als nur den Dom ...
17.02.2011 00:57:00ScienceGrid back on hypergrid
16.02.2011 21:29:00Radiology education goes 3D
16.02.2011 18:46:00The Red Carpet is on Sale
16.02.2011 08:46:00Advertise in our BEAUTIFUL TV STUDIO!
15.02.2011 14:02:00VW registered accounts for Q1 2011 reach 1.185bn
15.02.2011 06:35:00AVENUE Magazine February 2011
14.02.2011 18:40:00February 14: Metanomics is Dark Today
12.02.2011 16:00:00Book Review: Viral Loop
12.02.2011 15:55:00Virtual Dialogues: My Conversation with Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab
12.02.2011 08:25:00Egyptians & Supporters Gather in Second Life's Egypt in Anticipation of Mubarak's End - UPDATE: Jubilation in Second Life Egypt Erupts at News of Mubarak's Ouster
11.02.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: My Top 3 Favorite Second Life Style Blogs
11.02.2011 14:00:00Love is in the air contest
11.02.2011 13:30:00Items of the Week
11.02.2011 13:29:00Avatar of the Week
11.02.2011 11:03:00NWN Poll: Who is Your Very Favorite Second Life Musician?
11.02.2011 02:04:00AVENUE Magazine My Precious Exclusive
11.02.2011 01:34:00Report: Game-based learning 2-3 years to mainstream adoption
11.02.2011 01:00:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: Compromising Positions, Proposing Partnership, and other Romantic Dilemmas
10.02.2011 23:14:00SpotOn3D launches developer program
10.02.2011 22:12:00Avaya announces on-demand pricing for web.alive
10.02.2011 19:43:00February 10th: Event News
10.02.2011 19:10:00Virtuelle Zeitreisen: Das Buch der Zukunft von Andreas Eschbach
10.02.2011 12:27:00NWN Exclusive: Interview with Rod Humble, Linden Lab's New CEO, on the Future of Second Life
10.02.2011 01:27:00Arizona school goes virtual with VenueGen
09.02.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: Dressing for a Virtual Valentine's Day
09.02.2011 20:01:00Hypergrid permissions coming to OpenSim
09.02.2011 02:17:00Utherverse rolls out virtual karaoke
09.02.2011 00:55:00Failure to Disrupt: Why Second Life Failed
08.02.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: The Not-So-Tiny Avatar Shopping Trends of "TinierMe"
08.02.2011 13:46:00Jules Vernes und die virtuelle Welt
08.02.2011 11:04:00Battlestar Galactica Fans in Second Life Successfully Lobby Universal to Allow BSG-Themed Fan Content in SL
08.02.2011 03:46:00Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe HBO Director of “When Strangers Click” 1000 Avatars Project & Trueblood!
08.02.2011 03:28:00Lessons of the NBC agreement with Battlestar Galactica fans
07.02.2011 23:16:00Bibliotheksbesuch
07.02.2011 23:00:00Ophelia's Gaze: Iris' Favorite Second Life Shopping Experiences
07.02.2011 21:11:00February 7th: Daryl J. Bem, Social Psychologist Emeritus Joins Robert Bloomfield at 12pm (PT)
07.02.2011 20:00:001st Hand Report from Egypt by a Nubian Steampunk in Second Life: Street Battles, Escaped Prisoners, Death in Tahrir Square
07.02.2011 18:34:00Can I Get A Woo Hoo For Virtual Events?
07.02.2011 18:30:00Spend This Week With Iris Ophelia!
07.02.2011 17:00:00Top 12 New World Notes Posts From Last Week
07.02.2011 14:00:00NWN in Japanese: Second Life のエジプトで、反ムバラクの発言が禁止された。UPDATE:現在、親ムバラクの看板もSLエジプトに登場している
07.02.2011 05:01:003D text effect with OpenSim
06.02.2011 19:55:00Top Blogging Tips From … Influential Bloggers
06.02.2011 12:20:00Bexstabenverbuchsler
06.02.2011 05:53:00Blue Mars Becomes First 3D Virtual iPhone With User-Generated Content on iPad & iPhone
05.02.2011 13:15:00Lesung bei Froschkönigs
05.02.2011 08:59:00VenueGen hopes to be the WebEx of virtual meetings
05.02.2011 01:02:00No Excuses for Poor Signage
04.02.2011 23:01:00Ancient Egypt Sim in Second Life Welcomes Anti-Mubarak Protestors (As Pro-Mubarak Banners Festoon SL's Egypt)
04.02.2011 22:21:00A Virtual Events Calendar … Maintained By You
04.02.2011 21:22:00Blue Mars releases free iPhone, iPad apps
04.02.2011 21:08:00How Yoz Linden Saved an Accidental Online Community of Douglas Adams Roleplay Fans From Extinction
04.02.2011 17:00:00The Most Immersive 3D Web Page I've Ever Seen Doesn't Use 3D Graphics
04.02.2011 16:22:00Das Ladegerät zum Anziehen
04.02.2011 13:00:00NWN in Japanese: 世界中のエジプト人がSecond Lifeに集まり、リソースや情報を共有し、暴動をサポートしている
04.02.2011 05:43:00Why should virtual events look like in-person events?
03.02.2011 21:47:00The Top Seven Second Life Places By Facebook Likes
03.02.2011 18:27:0022. AK E-Learning am 10.02.2011 um 18:00 Uhr
03.02.2011 17:47:00Second Life: Metanomics with Tom Boellstorff
03.02.2011 17:02:00OpenSimulator: der Weg ins 3D Internet Teil 1/3
03.02.2011 17:00:00Miss Ophelia's Metaverse Manners: SL Shopper Etiquette, Part 1: How to Contact Creators & Spot Copybot Content
03.02.2011 10:28:00Steampunk Flohmarkt
03.02.2011 02:15:00American, Japanese virtual habits differ
03.02.2011 00:39:00Anti-Mubarak Speech Banned From Second Life Egypt UPDATE: Now PRO-Mubarak Signs Also Appear in SL Egypt
02.02.2011 17:00:00The Future Will See You Now
02.02.2011 14:21:00Slideshare Radar presentation
02.02.2011 11:29:00How to Connect Your Kinect to Second Life -- And How This Might Shape the Future of Virtual World Interaction
02.02.2011 04:29:00CliniSpace takes virtual medical training to the browser
02.02.2011 02:03:00Open Forum: What Questions Should I Ask Linden Lab's New CEO, Rod Humble?
02.02.2011 01:13:00Tuesday Machinima: Trailer for Girls in the Sky, an Upcoming Japanese Steampunk Feature
01.02.2011 22:55:00Who Wants to Turn "Pixelated Truth" Into an Official Machinima for Top Danish Pop Group Giana Factory?
01.02.2011 22:07:00Last Day to Nominate Your Favorite Second Life Musicians!
01.02.2011 21:44:00Blue Mars Renewal: Community Collaborate to Revitalize Beach City, Where Blocks Will Be Given Away Free
01.02.2011 17:30:00Second Life Strangers on a Train
01.02.2011 03:17:00Fabulous Finds - AVENUE's January Issue
01.02.2011 01:35:00Bringing Virtual Events into the Mainstream
01.02.2011 01:18:00Makers of EON Icube holodeck to offer educational content
01.02.2011 00:04:00Inception App Reaches 3M Downloads; Co-Developer Robert "Dizzy Banjo" Thomas Talks About the Future of Reactive Music In Virtual Worlds & Beyond
31.01.2011 21:11:00Second Life & Facebook Were Once Considered Social Network Equals (Or, a Case Study in Mistaken Assumptions)
31.01.2011 20:45:00January 31: Masterclass on Digital Anthropology and Our Virtual Lives
31.01.2011 20:00:00Weekly Recap: Ten Must-Read Posts From Last Week
31.01.2011 01:03:00Jamie Leaves liest
30.01.2011 23:44:00Egyptians Worldwide Gather in Second Life to Share Resources, Information, Support for Uprising
30.01.2011 20:50:00Metanomics Monday: Masterclass on Culture, Anthropology and the Meaning of Life
30.01.2011 18:00:00Use Virtual Booths To Follow Up With Leads From Your Physical Booth
30.01.2011 13:07:00Educational worlds in the Radar
30.01.2011 11:38:00Q1 2011 Radar chart: Music, Fashion and Education
30.01.2011 00:30:00Last Chance to Nominate Your Favorite SL Musicians!
29.01.2011 23:03:00Kulturschaukel - Satire und Fotokunst
28.01.2011 23:48:00Why I’m There On Pure Virtual Events
28.01.2011 23:29:00Q1 2011 Radar chart: Existing brands, sports and content creation
28.01.2011 23:05:00What Does Have a Second Life Partner Mean to You?
28.01.2011 17:23:00Pia Piaggio im Krankenhaus
28.01.2011 12:30:00Neighborhood of the week
27.01.2011 17:08:00Touchscreen TV durch AR mit Junaio
27.01.2011 15:21:00The Virtual Explorer and Anna’s Game World Blog
26.01.2011 23:16:00Die Augen sind das Tor zur Seele: Gesten- und Mimik-gesteuerte Avatare in Second Life
26.01.2011 21:58:00Virtual summit lacks virtuosity
26.01.2011 15:16:00Exclusive report for Engage! Expo
26.01.2011 10:06:00Protokoll
25.01.2011 22:22:00SAP Influencer Summit largest to date with virtual platform
24.01.2011 20:36:00Virtua Design Conference abgesagt
24.01.2011 15:46:00Adoption in Second Life
24.01.2011 08:22:00Serious Styling - AVENUE's January Issue
23.01.2011 13:53:00Review: KulturKonferenz
22.01.2011 20:00:00Book Supplement: Virtual Event Lead Management (#leadmanagement)
21.01.2011 23:24:00Impressionen - Live Blogging
21.01.2011 16:00:00The Virtual Book Tour
21.01.2011 03:00:00First Look into AVENUE's January Issue
21.01.2011 02:25:00The Berlin Wall Museum
20.01.2011 22:46:00Kinder in virtuellen Welten vor Pornographie besser geschützt als im 2D-Internet
20.01.2011 13:19:00Happy Birthday, Mr Poe
20.01.2011 10:24:00OpenSim grids reach new peak
20.01.2011 00:22:00Magazine group opens virtual convention center
19.01.2011 02:44:00Why Must Virtual Events Look Like In-Person Events?
19.01.2011 01:48:00Shanghai virtual career fair draws 1,252
18.01.2011 01:57:00Demnächst in diesem Kino ...
17.01.2011 19:30:00Kirchenengagament in Virtuellen Welten – Ein Resumeé
17.01.2011 15:00:00Introduction to HuzuTech: A Social Media Software Company
15.01.2011 23:11:00Virtuelle Welt Blue Mars stürzt ab – Wer macht das Rennen?
15.01.2011 21:02:00AVENUE Models presents ARROGANCE by Diram
15.01.2011 03:05:00AVENUE Magazine January 2011
15.01.2011 01:11:00Boinks Nitely — Post 6 Grrrrrl
14.01.2011 17:58:0021. AK e-learning Projekte 2011
14.01.2011 16:30:00Virtual Event Email Promotions and Hotmail Active Views
14.01.2011 07:15:00Five Best and Worst Virtual Events Trends of 2010
14.01.2011 06:56:00Virtual Event Strategies for 2011
14.01.2011 06:33:00UBM Studios expands virtual events staff
13.01.2011 23:26:00Pia Piaggio im Kino
13.01.2011 15:04:00Einladung zum 21. Arbeitskreis e-learning in virtuellen Welten
13.01.2011 04:00:00Game Dynamics and Games in Virtual Events
13.01.2011 00:09:00Altus delivers events to mobile devices
12.01.2011 04:21:00Angry Elf King to LL: Stop Blocking Our PG Events!!!
12.01.2011 04:13:003D Web events boost engagement
11.01.2011 18:16:00Content is the King! Verlage am Tropf von Apple?
11.01.2011 17:57:00Lausch-Bar
11.01.2011 17:54:00Augmented Reality ist sexy!
11.01.2011 16:04:00Post 6 Party Wrap Up: Tambourines & Dance Poles
11.01.2011 07:57:00VirtualU integrates 2D, 3D conferences
11.01.2011 03:33:00Lead Generation With Virtual Events (#LeadGen Resources)
10.01.2011 19:34:003D-Druck: Instrumente und Querflöten zum ausdrucken
09.01.2011 23:03:00Nochmal Lesung
09.01.2011 08:02:00Second Life Next: 2011
08.01.2011 16:52:00Rückblick
07.01.2011 21:09:0010 Things I Won’t Miss About In-Person Events
07.01.2011 19:11:00Das neue Kafé KrümelKram befriedigt den Spieltrieb
07.01.2011 19:08:00Kinect schafft Raum für virtuelle Körpersprache
07.01.2011 14:48:00Das Ei und die Krise
06.01.2011 15:01:00SLebrities To Throng Sinister’s Club – Post 6 Party January 9
06.01.2011 09:00:00CES in Las Vegas: Deutsches Startup Club Cooee als Launchpartner für Windows 7 betriebene Slate-Tablets
05.01.2011 20:29:00Das große Bauen
05.01.2011 20:03:00BB im Radio
05.01.2011 16:35:00Generation W: WikiLeaks Ignites a New Generation of Hacktivists
04.01.2011 21:38:00Got Free Milk? Virtual Events that Won’t Kill The Cash Cow
04.01.2011 06:39:00How to pick a virtual platform — revisited
03.01.2011 21:45:00Sports-News: Vorschau 2011
02.01.2011 22:28:00And from the ashes…TSO Restoration plans to bring back The Sims Online!
02.01.2011 18:39:002010 In Review for It’s All Virtual
02.01.2011 11:13:00Ausstellung noch da
02.01.2011 01:58:00A Post 6 Grrrrrl New Year: Carine Ceriano, Debbie Hazelnut, Joan Philbin
01.01.2011 22:25:00The Predictive Power of Virtual Worlds
01.01.2011 15:53:00Die Blogzentrale
01.01.2011 05:41:00Amazing Creators: AVENUE Magazine December
31.12.2010 08:07:00New Trends and Faces: AVENUE Magazine December
30.12.2010 22:05:00©MusicTime© wünscht Guten Rutsch!
30.12.2010 10:39:00Most read of 2010
30.12.2010 10:18:00Time Goes By ...
30.12.2010 09:18:00My 2010 predictions scorecard
30.12.2010 01:34:00VComm releases Whisper voice code for OpenSim
29.12.2010 03:08:00FOCUS Best Practices Report: Exhibiting at Virtual Trade Shows
27.12.2010 21:42:00The Great Rod Humble Twitter Metagame
27.12.2010 11:58:00Der böse Wolf ...
25.12.2010 19:21:00Gaming exec to helm Second Life
25.12.2010 16:24:00Ein erfolgreiches Partywochenende geht zu Ende
25.12.2010 00:55:00S4nta Claus — Post 6 Jolly Old Elf
24.12.2010 19:54:00Virtual language students trade TV for lesson practice
24.12.2010 13:59:00Heilig Abend @ sMeet
24.12.2010 02:26:00Homme: AVENUE Magazine December
23.12.2010 20:42:00SLentrepreneur of the Year 2010 Finalists Announced!
23.12.2010 05:00:00Gamification Predictions for 2011
23.12.2010 03:05:242010 virtual worlds predictions review
22.12.2010 12:35:00Schmetterlinge im Winter
22.12.2010 03:10:00Rap News Asks Hillary Clinton – How Does It Feel To Be Leaked On?
21.12.2010 23:11:00Sports-News: Bekanntgabe der Spielstände zur Halbzeit
21.12.2010 16:07:00Prokofy Neva vs. Robert Wright – The Video
21.12.2010 13:29:00New patch released.
19.12.2010 23:00:00©MusicTime©´s Weihnachtsüberraschung
19.12.2010 11:19:00Weihnachtslesung - Nachlese
19.12.2010 02:45:00Persephone Bolero — Post 6 Grrrrl
19.12.2010 00:37:00What Virtual Events Can Learn From Groupon, Quora and FarmVille
18.12.2010 22:39:00Live Bloggen Weihnachtslesung
18.12.2010 00:51:38AIDS Quilt in Second Life
18.12.2010 00:51:38Second Life and gambling reversal on the horizon
18.12.2010 00:51:38Hard to find places in World of Warcraft Cataclysm
18.12.2010 00:18:00First Look into AVENUEs December Issue
17.12.2010 23:43:00UBM ‘Sustainability Now’ event available on demand
17.12.2010 23:03:00Artist Grace Kendal Photographs and Blogs 1000 Avatars
17.12.2010 21:32:00Botgirl Blogs Virtual Worlds Arent Growing and Need Browser and Social Network Integration to Regain Steam
17.12.2010 18:22:00iTeems flotter Dreier
17.12.2010 16:00:00Delinda Dyrssen Memorial Weekend Friends Community Remember and Celebrate a Beloved Second Life Figure
17.12.2010 14:37:00Designing Worlds in Caledon Wishing You All a Happy Christmas
17.12.2010 09:43:00What Were The Most Popular Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Shows Of 2010
17.12.2010 06:32:00BotCars 8211 A Deadly Threat To Second Life Pedestrians
17.12.2010 05:58:00Open Forum Read an Interesting Recent Blog Post About Second Life Other NWN Topics Please Post Links Here
17.12.2010 03:30:00Just In Time For The Holidays Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events
17.12.2010 00:34:00Viewer 24 Released
16.12.2010 23:39:00Behold Googles Body Browser in WebGL -- Google Earth for the Human Body And the Shape of Avatars to Come
16.12.2010 21:40:00Jack Linden Leaving Linden Lab This December
16.12.2010 21:03:00On24 announces private Webcasts
16.12.2010 20:55:00Virtual Edge Summit to be simulcast on six platforms
16.12.2010 20:50:00Sports-News Bundesligatippspiel 17
16.12.2010 20:00:00MCF Community Planning Session and A Holiday Performance
16.12.2010 17:36:00Der Wald ruft
16.12.2010 15:52:00Op-Ed Final Thoughts on the Former FLWVM Closure
16.12.2010 14:36:00Less is More 8211 Don’t be THAT Guy
16.12.2010 14:16:00Naked Paradox Secrets of Sexy Island Second Lifes Most Popular Sim With a Mostly Empty Sex Castle
16.12.2010 00:52:00Top OpenSim grids doubled in size in 2010
15.12.2010 22:36:00New World Cinema Summer Wars Acclaimed Anime About a Virtual World Like Second Life Opens in US This Month
15.12.2010 20:56:00Metanomics Returns to the Air January 17th of 2011
15.12.2010 19:52:00OpenSim company wins 10 000 prize
15.12.2010 19:13:00Weihnachtslesung 2010
15.12.2010 19:00:00MetaverseVille Second Life Advertised as Animal-Raising Game on Facebook
15.12.2010 17:02:00Second Life verliert weitere Federn
15.12.2010 10:04:00Want to Promote an Upcoming Event in Second Life Post Info Here Just Follow the Format
15.12.2010 09:27:00OBCZ im Kafé
15.12.2010 04:42:00Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events
15.12.2010 04:25:00The Numbers are In Virtual Events are The Real Deal
15.12.2010 04:09:00Celebrate the Season with the new issue of Prim Perfect
15.12.2010 01:26:00Executives enjoy networking in underwear
15.12.2010 00:51:00Blade Runner in a Box Second Life Adventure Kit Inspired by Roy Battys Tannhauser Gate Speech
14.12.2010 21:59:00Miss Ophelias Metaverse Manners On Pushy Shoppers Serious Partners and Friends Who Cant Wait to Say Hi
14.12.2010 20:34:00Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on Ending its Second Life Partnership The Virtual Replicas Werent Wright Enough
14.12.2010 19:10:00Content Ratings of Second Lifes Top 50 Sims 54 Moderate 34 Adult 12 General November 2010
14.12.2010 18:44:00SpotOn3D stress-tests OpenSim in the cloud
14.12.2010 12:14:00Blue Mars12月のメンバースペシャル
14.12.2010 00:01:00IDC Prognose 35 Mrd Umsatz im MobileApp-Markt bis 2014
13.12.2010 23:34:00New World Cinema Sucker Punch an Action Movie Set in a Dreamworld of Bebop Reality Awesomesauce UPDATED With Supplementary Awesome
13.12.2010 21:46:00Today Guggenheim Art Curator Becomes Mayor of a Second Life City
13.12.2010 19:50:00December 13 2010 Next - Second Life Virtual Worlds and the State of the Union
13.12.2010 19:00:00FarmVille Knock-Off Advertised on Facebook With Second Life Screenshot
13.12.2010 18:48:00Celebrate Christmas in Caledon with Designing Worlds
13.12.2010 15:18:00 Happy Birthday
13.12.2010 14:42:00Linden do not harm
13.12.2010 14:21:00Party Musik und vor allem SPASS
13.12.2010 06:05:00AVENUE Magazine December 2010
13.12.2010 02:19:00Still Looking for Your Favorite Electronica Ambient Live DJ Japanopop Performers in Second Life
12.12.2010 20:02:00Wild and Wet Winter at Wolf Mountain
12.12.2010 16:24:00iTeems News
12.12.2010 16:00:00It’s All Virtual Turns Two
12.12.2010 02:25:00The Art of Christmas at Patron Gallery
11.12.2010 17:29:00Shock Uri Flaks for the Kremlin Again
11.12.2010 16:00:00The Future Of Book Publishing
11.12.2010 12:57:00Probleme bei Linden Lab Außergewöhnlich hohe Responsezeiten bei Tickets
11.12.2010 06:47:00Cap Estel A Romantic Winter Escape
11.12.2010 06:04:00MC Hammer to host virtual conference
11.12.2010 05:50:00AVENUE Models presents EGOISME
11.12.2010 02:55:00Gus Pixelmaid 8212 Post 6 Dog
11.12.2010 01:38:00Second Life Musician Dizzy Banjo Works With Chris Nolan Hans Zimmer to Develop Official Inception App
11.12.2010 00:30:00Linden Lab Plans to Lift Gambling Ban in Second Life Tateru Nino Reports
10.12.2010 23:53:00See the Designing Worlds show about the closure of the Frank Lloyd Wiright Virtual Museum
10.12.2010 22:56:00Emily Orr on the Joy of Minecraft
10.12.2010 21:52:00Ziki Questis Second Life Events
10.12.2010 13:54:00Second Life Undermines Post-Modernism Sociologist Argues
10.12.2010 07:56:00IBM’s principles of virtual design
10.12.2010 07:44:00Avalon Town Creative Design Contest Horses on Parade
10.12.2010 00:44:00Upcoming Second Life Events
10.12.2010 00:01:00Why face-to-face meetings are here to stay
09.12.2010 23:41:00University gets 25 mil grant for science simulations
09.12.2010 23:38:00Wissensmanagement Erwerb neuen impliziten Wissens durch virtuelle Welten
09.12.2010 22:46:00AR Everywhere Junaio AdInject AR-Tees und Ardoo
09.12.2010 22:07:00BlueMars pitcht erfolgreich für Internetauftritt des BDEW
09.12.2010 20:14:00Sports-News Bundesligatippspiel 16
09.12.2010 19:51:00How to Price Your Virtual Currency
09.12.2010 19:07:00Report Online video most wanted at virtual events
09.12.2010 17:45:00Die Spiele − Mania ist los
09.12.2010 17:00:00Ancient City Life Impressively Simulated With Artificial Intelligence in Second Life
09.12.2010 13:22:00Now That Everyones Becoming Perfect Avatars Maybe Actual Avatars Should Become More Imperfect
09.12.2010 13:06:00Blue Mars Try On Feature for Fashion Shopping
09.12.2010 04:22:00Second Life Winterfest and Cheap Shopping
09.12.2010 02:34:00December 9
08.12.2010 22:15:00Do you have Holiday News for Us
08.12.2010 22:05:00Event Open Forum Want to Promote an Upcoming Event in Second Life Post Info Here Just Follow the Format
08.12.2010 19:00:00Miss Ophelias Metaverse Manners Roleplayers Rendering Cost and Being BFFs with an Ugly Duckling
08.12.2010 11:06:00Vorbereitungen
07.12.2010 23:30:00Second Life Entertainment Market is Saturated but Live Music Audience Still Underserved Report Suggests
07.12.2010 21:59:00New World Tech Researchers Build Kinect-Driven Flying Bot Ideal for Augmented Reality Apps World Domination
07.12.2010 21:10:00My Favorite Place to Write About the Metaverse
07.12.2010 04:05:00ProtoSphere and Lync more than voice
07.12.2010 02:23:00Urban Impressions
06.12.2010 23:53:00Eric Whitacre Talks Music SnowCrash Vomiting Choristers and The Virtual Choir
06.12.2010 22:12:00New World Cinema Watch iSpec the Virtual Reality Video That Launched TRON Legacy
06.12.2010 20:54:00©MusicTime©
06.12.2010 20:07:00Purdue University to build 3D research lab in OpenSim
06.12.2010 19:30:00December 6 Can Being Part Machine Make Us More Human
06.12.2010 19:00:00Top Second Life Sims for November 2010 According to Metaverse Business
06.12.2010 01:14:00Will Twinity8217s Avatar Sex Sell
05.12.2010 15:40:00December 6th 1200 pm PT - Can Being Part Machine Make Us More Human
05.12.2010 13:00:00Ein Ei gegen die Krise - Das Krisenbuch ist da
05.12.2010 02:37:00Live Music Open Forum Who Are Your Favorite Electronica Ambient Live DJ Japanopop Performers in SL
04.12.2010 16:00:00How I Published A Virtual Events Book
04.12.2010 12:41:00Nächster Meilenstein für den Durchbruch des 3D-Internets in Sichtweite
04.12.2010 10:49:00Canvas New Web viewer a breakthrough
04.12.2010 08:06:00ReactionGrid adds groups plans upgrade
04.12.2010 02:43:00Weekend Viewing Anthropologist Tom Boellstorff Talks Coming of Age in SL at the Chicago Humanities Festival
04.12.2010 02:17:00Blue World Notes Why Your Blue Mars Avatar Looks at You
04.12.2010 01:35:11Interview – Treet TV’s Wiz Nordberg and Texas Timtam
04.12.2010 01:35:11World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm lessons for virtual worlds
04.12.2010 00:56:00Can You Tell Who Made a Hot Male Avatar By How Hes Hot
03.12.2010 23:56:00Try Out the New Viewer 24 Beta Now Available
03.12.2010 23:20:00Friday Machinima Sequel to the Strangest Second Life Machinima Ever Made Is Stranger Still
03.12.2010 22:12:00Expos2 to Showcase V3 Platform
03.12.2010 21:12:00Katalabs releases HTML 5 virtual worlds browser
03.12.2010 19:36:00Despite Cease Desist Order Frank Lloyd Wright’s Spirit of Innovation Lives On
03.12.2010 17:39:00Pia Piaggio in The Trap 20 / im Labyrinth
03.12.2010 15:21:00Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Withdraws License to Virtual Frank Lloyd Wright Museum in Second Life -- Then Sends Cease-and-Desist
03.12.2010 04:22:00Second Life8217s New Naming Policy
03.12.2010 03:55:00Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum to Close Sunday
03.12.2010 00:10:00A Sneak Preview of Canvas the Browser-Based Second Life OpenSim Viewer from Linden Lab Vet Chris Collins
02.12.2010 23:19:00FESTO gewinnt Zukunftspreis mit bionischem Handling Assistent am Vorbild des Elefantenrüssels
02.12.2010 22:50:00Blue Mars Top 10 Posts From November
02.12.2010 20:24:002010Dec2
02.12.2010 17:58:00Chestnuts Choices 12/2 - 12/8 Virtual Choir Conductor Eric Whitacre on Tonight Live 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Live Music Readings and Much Much More
02.12.2010 09:52:00How To Watch This Weeks Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Eric Whitacre
02.12.2010 07:32:00Metaverse Arts Episode 6
02.12.2010 01:32:00Our Favorite Christmas Sims – Ceejay’s Traditional Visit to Munich
01.12.2010 20:01:00Achtung scheu
01.12.2010 19:00:00Miss Ophelias Metaverse Manners How to Deal with Indecent Exposure Decently and Other Pricklish Topics
01.12.2010 16:00:00New Book Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events
01.12.2010 14:06:00Beverly Winkler 8212 Post 6 Grrrrl
01.12.2010 12:30:00Programmer Connects Plays Minecraft With Kinect
01.12.2010 12:03:00Just Look at This Blue Mars Skin
01.12.2010 06:29:00Paper Social interaction ‘killer app’ of virtual worlds
01.12.2010 00:51:00Virtua Design Conference mit absoluter Top-Besetzung
30.11.2010 23:49:00Presenting KataSpace an Open Source WebGL-Based Virtual World From Linden/Stanford Alum Henrik Bennetsen
30.11.2010 23:39:00ON24 receives Excellence in Best Practices award
30.11.2010 23:30:00WonderSchool makes Alice immersive
30.11.2010 23:11:00Unity powers 3D military simulations
30.11.2010 23:05:00Coming Soon to Second Life Maybe Depth of Field
30.11.2010 22:52:00Teleplace exhibiting at I/ITSEC conference
30.11.2010 22:47:00Final Look into AVENUEs November Issue
30.11.2010 22:29:00Who Wants to Cover SL Events for New World Notes
30.11.2010 20:11:00How to make virtual speaker programs work
30.11.2010 17:36:00Es weihnachtet sehr
30.11.2010 17:06:00RainTodaycom Podcast Accelerated Lead Generation via Virtual Events
30.11.2010 14:23:00Hazy Memories from Style Street
30.11.2010 12:55:00New World Cinema Bebop Reality Hits The Big Screen in The Warriors Way
30.11.2010 10:50:00Die Immobilie wird virtuell mobil Generische Konstruktion von 3D-Modellen aus 2D-Bildern
30.11.2010 01:58:00Avatars key to equal contribution and opportunity
30.11.2010 01:48:00Corporate uptake of collaborative 3D spaces
29.11.2010 23:09:00Another Peak - November with AVENUE
29.11.2010 23:09:00Robin Harper Becomes VP at Social Gaming Giant Playdom
29.11.2010 22:41:00Web-based viewer released for Second Life OpenSim
29.11.2010 21:02:00Sports-News Bundesligatippspiel 15
29.11.2010 19:55:00November 29 Mashing Multiple Realities
29.11.2010 18:43:00Designing Worlds explores medical training with Imperial College London
29.11.2010 14:52:00Thanksgiving and Fundraising in Costa Rica
29.11.2010 13:36:24Departure from Second Life one story
29.11.2010 13:36:24Original content versus fan content
29.11.2010 13:36:24Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Volume 3 Number 1 released
29.11.2010 13:36:24Reader Survey the results
29.11.2010 13:36:24Second Life in a web browser beta launches
29.11.2010 12:32:00Presenting Canvas Ex-Linden Lab Manager Launches Web-Based Unity-Powered Viewer for Second Life OpenSim
28.11.2010 22:39:00Metaverse Arts Episode VI – Today
28.11.2010 10:38:00November Highlights
27.11.2010 21:38:00Erotik-Nachlese
27.11.2010 20:46:00Metanomics Monday Mashing Multiple Realities
27.11.2010 04:29:00Shopping on Amazon This Weekend Support New World Notes by Checking Out This Alienware or Kinect Offer
27.11.2010 01:40:00Is Violent Misogyny in Second Life a Tolerated Category
26.11.2010 23:50:00Learning from Clever People Lessons for Online Communities
26.11.2010 18:00:00Fan-Made Battlestar Galactica Content Removed From Second Life After Universal Reportedly Files Complaint
26.11.2010 17:21:00Kinect befreit Nutzer von Tastatur und Maus
26.11.2010 15:07:00Blue Mars Black Friday Fashion Specials Today
26.11.2010 03:45:00Thanksgiving Open Forum Who in the Metaverse Are You Thankful For
26.11.2010 01:10:00Peter Greenaways Inspiring Second Life Speech on the End of Film and the Beginning of Machinima as an Art Form
25.11.2010 20:53:00©MusicTime© Zuwachs
25.11.2010 20:05:00Thanksgiving on the hypergrid
25.11.2010 18:24:00Mehr Styles mehr Spielspaß
25.11.2010 13:38:00Minecraft Machinima Discovering Diamonds of User-Generated Content
25.11.2010 12:33:00Eric Whitacre Conductor/Composer of the Virtual Choir on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe
25.11.2010 09:31:00Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education – VWBPE 17-19 März 2011 Call for Proposals
25.11.2010 00:51:00Loco Pocos for Sale After Earning Mid-Five Figures With the Popular Second Life Avatar Brand Damien Fate Moves On
25.11.2010 00:26:00Blue Mars Custom Makeup Tips For This Weekends Contest
25.11.2010 00:23:00Augmented Reality muss sexy werden
24.11.2010 17:44:00Twinity Update
24.11.2010 13:31:00Ophelias Gaze Iris Explores MMO Fashion Starting With Nexons Vindictus
24.11.2010 09:40:00Erotik-Lesung
24.11.2010 04:53:00Virtual Mine an immersive educational experience
23.11.2010 22:24:00Live Metaverse Music as Magic Performance Art
23.11.2010 21:58:00IDIA Lab City Opens in Blue Mars
23.11.2010 21:35:00USGBC announces virtual tour
23.11.2010 21:16:00Blue Mars Education Event Meet IDIA Staff and Get a Tour of Their Immersive Learning City Today at 200 PM Pacific
23.11.2010 16:42:00Answers To Your Virtual Events Questions
23.11.2010 16:00:00New World Tech Open Sourced Kinect Projects Transform the Virtual Into an Aspect of the Real
23.11.2010 09:59:00Blue Mars Sign-Up Special Create an Account by November 29 Get 1 000 Free BLU
23.11.2010 08:28:00Coming Soon Miss Ophelias Metaverse Manners a Guide to Online World Etiquette -- Start Posing Questions Now
23.11.2010 03:16:00AVENUE Exclusive Boudoir
23.11.2010 01:05:00Remembering the Life of Delinda Dryssen in Both Worlds
22.11.2010 23:23:00New iPad App From Mixed Reality Musician Robert Thomas/Dizzy Banjo Makes Music a Tactile Experience
22.11.2010 21:58:00New World Gaming Get an Early Invite to Play Glitch a Web-Based MMO of Supreme Wackiness
22.11.2010 21:40:00Virtuelle INST-Weltkonferenz CCKS Städte Kulturen Wissensgesellschaften
22.11.2010 20:15:00Express Infos
22.11.2010 19:45:00November 22 Masterclass on Game Development
22.11.2010 16:17:00Designing Worlds celebrates Thanksgiving – at the beautiful home of WK Ganesvoort
22.11.2010 00:33:00Second Life Forum SLInside feierte vergangenes Wochenende 4-Jähriges
21.11.2010 22:46:00Sports-News Bundesligatippspiel 14
21.11.2010 20:59:00Designing Worlds explores dieselpunk in Seraph City
21.11.2010 17:47:00Metanomics on Monday Masterclass on Game Development
21.11.2010 15:41:00Metanomics Monday Masterclass on Game Development
21.11.2010 05:39:00Delinda
20.11.2010 16:06:00SUYS gets warm cozy
20.11.2010 13:28:00When Delinda Dryssen Fell Into a Real Life Coma Her Second Life Friends Comforted Her Through a Laptop by Her ICU Bed UPDATE Delinda Has Died Memorial Info Below
20.11.2010 10:54:00For Delinda
20.11.2010 09:59:00Lyrik in der Galerie
19.11.2010 22:28:00What Minecraft Can Teach Second Life and OpenSim -- and How to Play Second Life Minecraft Style
19.11.2010 20:22:00Iris Ophelia Reveals Her Favorite Second Life Fashion Designers to TED Media Maven Johanna Blakley
19.11.2010 19:01:00Avatars ‘compelling’ in nursing training video
19.11.2010 18:15:00Pia Piaggio lauscht Jazz auf Menorca
19.11.2010 14:56:00Die Kleinen im Frack
19.11.2010 11:18:00Tip for Accessing Second Life Via Web-Based Cloud Stream
19.11.2010 10:28:00NWN in Japanese Gaikai クラウドベースストリーミングを利用した、ウェブブラウザからのアクセステストBeta版をSLが発表
19.11.2010 04:58:00Holiday Greetings in Prim Perfect – Great Fun for a Great Cause
18.11.2010 23:10:00KulturKonferenz
18.11.2010 22:31:00Motus a 3D Motion Controller for Games/Virtual Worlds That Could Revolutionize Machinima and Other Applications
18.11.2010 21:45:00Blue World Notes How a Dozen Developers Collaboratively Created the Steampunk City of Caledonia in Blue Mars
18.11.2010 20:34:00Recent Improvements to SL Search
18.11.2010 19:43:00Dorothy of Oz branded social gaming suite launches on Facebook
18.11.2010 19:38:00Metanomics Community Forum Quark Time Creator Siobhan McCallen
18.11.2010 18:51:00Chestnuts Choices11/18 - 11/24 Alices Restaurant Performance Former Moody Blues Photographer Interview Live Production of Henrik Ibsen Play and Much More
18.11.2010 13:40:00Aus Alt mach Neu
18.11.2010 05:55:00OMC I’z transactions grow on OpenSim
18.11.2010 04:55:00Carine Ceriano 8212 Post 6 Grrrrl
18.11.2010 01:29:00Open Forum What Have You Been Doing in the Metaverse Lately
18.11.2010 00:57:00This Week On Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe
18.11.2010 00:44:00Soup Radio 24/7 Station for Second Life Art Eclectic Music
17.11.2010 23:41:00Is your grid a safe harbor
17.11.2010 23:04:00Virtual health club holds open house
17.11.2010 22:16:00Die Welt ist tatsächlich eine Google
17.11.2010 21:55:00New World Gaming Play Adventure Game Classic Out of This World on the Web
17.11.2010 18:35:00Jetzt wird’s kalt
17.11.2010 15:51:00LEGO Universe – Pixel treffen Klötzchen
17.11.2010 14:42:00Sculpties machen Plopp
17.11.2010 10:59:00Wednesday Machinima Nature Meets Virtual in Lyric Lundquists Latest Mixed Reality Video
17.11.2010 09:57:00Das habe ich optisch nicht verstanden
17.11.2010 09:53:00Blue World Notes How To Create Realistic Scars With Blue Mars Custom Makeup Editor
16.11.2010 23:27:00Second Life Co-Founder Cory Ondrejka Joins Facebook But Whats He Doing There
16.11.2010 21:56:00New World Cinema Marwencol Documentary About a Broken Man Whose Therapy is Making an Alternate World
16.11.2010 19:45:00Home Hotshot round 1 recap
16.11.2010 15:28:00Open Simulator erreicht Rekordzahlen
16.11.2010 04:38:00Second Life Launches Beta Web Browser Access Test Using Gaikai Cloud-Based Streaming
16.11.2010 00:12:00Blue World Notes Ball State Universitys Immersive Learning Experience Launches in Blue Mars
15.11.2010 21:44:00Believe the Exodus Apple a Virtual Economy Platform Provider Nearly as Valuable as Exxon-Mobil
15.11.2010 17:34:00Dieselpunk and Designing Worlds
15.11.2010 16:17:41Virtual Mine environment education at its best
15.11.2010 16:17:41Second Life economy flat but steady
15.11.2010 16:17:41Virtual worlds and the law free e-book
15.11.2010 16:17:41Man vs Second Life the sequel
15.11.2010 15:55:00BookCrossing in SL
15.11.2010 07:03:00AVENUE Magazine November 2010
15.11.2010 00:30:00Galactic War Rages 8211 Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life
14.11.2010 20:01:00Sports-News Bundesligatippspiel 13
14.11.2010 14:42:00Manfred J Heinze aka majo aka Case Schnabel ist verstorben
13.11.2010 22:35:00Philip Linden All Copyable Content Will Be Free
13.11.2010 17:05:00Your 5 Step Guide to Virtual Trade Show Success
13.11.2010 11:02:00Case Schnabel verstorben
13.11.2010 10:27:00AVENUE Models The Art of MOTION
13.11.2010 05:44:00HD Video Replace Default Walk with Animation Overide in Second Life
13.11.2010 02:04:00See the Petrovsky Flux a Magnificent Self-Creating Self-Destroying Steampunk City in the Second Life Sky
13.11.2010 01:37:00Blue Mars Makeup Contest Create a Custom Cosmetics Look for BLU Prizes and Glory
12.11.2010 22:40:00Is the Virtual Economy Contributing to Our Real World Recession
12.11.2010 20:53:00Wholl Be First to Hack Kinect to Run on Second Life
12.11.2010 12:12:00Freiheit und Virtualität Von der elektronischen Identität und der Entdeckung des Hypergrids
12.11.2010 10:36:00Minecraft Notes Game Inspires LARP Spoof Poetry Notch Doesnt Understand Minecrafts Comparison to Second Life
12.11.2010 05:04:00Trends from Enterprise 20 The Move to Social Business
12.11.2010 04:56:00Education group to launch grid
12.11.2010 00:07:00Some Second Life Support for Real Life Veterans
11.11.2010 23:30:00Second Life Developer Survey Are You Interested in Also Developing in Blue Mars and What Topics Do You Want to Discuss With Avatar Reality Staff
11.11.2010 19:36:00Chestnuts Choices 11/11 - 11/17 SL Players Challenge Chess Grand Master Content Creators Fair in InWorldz Victorian Vernissage Art Event and Much Much More
11.11.2010 18:14:00Twinity downtime Friday November 12
11.11.2010 18:09:00Tierische Wochen - wunderschön doch ohne Namen
11.11.2010 11:24:00Watch it here Designing Worlds visits Inworldz
11.11.2010 10:09:00Demnächst
11.11.2010 02:13:00Pixel Valley Studio Bones Writer on Musicians in SL and Laika Saintlouis James Schwarz The Hipsters
11.11.2010 00:49:00New World Tech Amazing Holographic Sheet Displays 3D Files on a Portable Surface
10.11.2010 21:48:00Mixed Reality Profile Kudzumai Kinomis The Girl Who Became a Second Life Horse
10.11.2010 11:10:00Ist das Kunst
10.11.2010 10:40:00New World Cinema In Latest TRON Legacy Trailer a High-Tech CEOs Virtual Grid Turns Against Him
10.11.2010 05:06:00Virtual Justice in virtual worlds
10.11.2010 04:23:00The hypergrid’s not for everyone
10.11.2010 02:48:00OpenSim users happy with grids
10.11.2010 00:54:00The Second Life of Mad Men Iris Ophelias Full Collection of Avatars Inspired by the Show
09.11.2010 22:06:00Will COMDEXvirtual match success of physical incarnation
09.11.2010 21:17:00How many avatars can OpenSim handle
09.11.2010 20:32:00Sports-News Sportreporter gesucht
09.11.2010 20:22:00Initiative releases cross-platform mesh standard
09.11.2010 18:46:00Breaking-News Schlagen nicht wortwörtlich sondern verbal
09.11.2010 12:04:00Halloween ist vorbei
09.11.2010 08:21:00Advertising Manager Needed For TV Show
09.11.2010 06:00:00Now Showing Cloud-Rendered Blue Mars Running on a Mac Macbook Air Old Laptop iPad and iPhone
09.11.2010 04:22:00John Pathfinder Lester Joins OpenSims ReactionGrid as Director of Community Development
08.11.2010 23:09:00Harbinger Debuts Terrifying Machinima Short Like Second Life Meets Saw
08.11.2010 22:25:00Meet Up HUD Aims to Answer What Now Question in Second Life Launches L10K Contest
08.11.2010 19:45:00November 8 Virtual Justice - The New Laws of Online Worlds
08.11.2010 19:20:00Zieht euch warm an
08.11.2010 18:00:00Das Ende der Displays – Quantensprung in der Laser-Technologie
08.11.2010 17:51:00Designing Worlds visits Inworldz – and meets the people behind it
08.11.2010 04:40:00Cheerleader of the Day Evolast
07.11.2010 20:43:00Sports-News Bundesligatippspiel 12
07.11.2010 18:27:00Calling all Hotshots
07.11.2010 03:08:00Cheerleader of the Day Blanca
07.11.2010 02:02:00Bones Writer Live Musician Managers and YOU on Tonight Live
06.11.2010 16:07:00Re-Thinking 3D Virtual Worlds Development
06.11.2010 14:14:00Community After Second Life The Case for Plan B
06.11.2010 12:43:00Magic Makeover A celebration of courage and caring
06.11.2010 00:57:00Blue World Notes Meet Suzette the Blue Mars Bot that Won AIs Famed Turing Test Loebner Prize
05.11.2010 21:39:00Dublin Institute of Technology Social Media Course Now Available In Dublin Virtually Live
05.11.2010 21:38:00CD Sales Benefit Toys4Tots Christmas 2010
05.11.2010 21:34:00Second Life Machinima The Amputee Virtual Support System
05.11.2010 20:32:00Facebook 20 und der Sturz der Old Economy
05.11.2010 18:37:00Paper Chatbots now smarter more connected and more emotional
05.11.2010 18:26:00Pia Piaggio schnuppert den Islam
05.11.2010 18:05:00Night Moves Are You a Second Life Addict Five Warning Signs From A Former Metaverse Junkie
05.11.2010 17:14:00Designing Worlds at the Lunatorium
05.11.2010 15:57:00Mini Review Virtual Worlds – Learning in a changing world
05.11.2010 15:57:00The Watch – virtual worlds in the news
05.11.2010 15:57:00Second Life in a browser on the near horizon
05.11.2010 15:57:00Second Life / OpenSim developers sought
05.11.2010 15:57:00Metaverse Journal Reader Survey
05.11.2010 15:57:00Weekend Whimsy
05.11.2010 15:57:00Merged realities – events and issues for virtual worlds
05.11.2010 15:57:00Meth apartment in Second Life
05.11.2010 15:57:00UWA 3D Art Design Challenge Grand Final a triumph
05.11.2010 12:50:00Minecraft Build-a-Thon 1 KM of Track Built in 20 Minutes
05.11.2010 05:56:00AVENUE Models Academy Graduation Nov 7 - 12pm SLT
05.11.2010 04:37:00Avatar of the Day Gillie
05.11.2010 04:07:00Moonray Zsun 8212 Post 6 Robot
04.11.2010 21:50:00Love is in the Air
04.11.2010 18:23:00Holographie entwickelt sich
04.11.2010 17:47:00Einladung 20 AK E-Learning am 11112010 Diplomarbeit Städtebau in virtuellen Welten
04.11.2010 17:03:00mytrend Winter mit Augmented Reality Katalog
04.11.2010 16:58:00Chestnuts Choices 11/4 - 11/10 Innovative Career Education Grand Opening Guy Fawkes Day Party PeaceFest 2010 Celebration and Much Much More
04.11.2010 13:57:00EFF Says Supreme Court Ruling on Videogame Violence May Affect Virtual Worlds Accessible to Minors
04.11.2010 13:03:00Blue World Notes Iris Ophelia Calls Customized Shareable Blue Mars Makeup Revolutionary for Virtual Fashionistas
04.11.2010 10:54:00Smeet präsentiert
04.11.2010 06:51:00Paisley Goes Hipster Ex ILL Clan Now Pixel Valley Studios Animation Machinima
04.11.2010 04:34:00AVENUE Exclusive TD Templates 2010
03.11.2010 22:48:00Ophelias Gaze on the Second Life of Mad Men artillers Retro Decor for the Discerning Virtual Housekeeper
03.11.2010 19:52:00Artist Creates Beautiful Series of Real Life Prints of Second Life Photos -- And Uses Kickstarter to Finance the Printing
03.11.2010 19:51:00Halloween smeet verpasst
03.11.2010 19:37:00OpenSim land survey
03.11.2010 19:37:00Survey 84 of OpenSim users would recommend platform
03.11.2010 16:40:00Sie haben es geschafft
03.11.2010 15:46:36Friedhofsbesitzer Ole Etzel
03.11.2010 14:10:00Das Gruseln hat ein Ende
03.11.2010 08:51:00Bargain region hosting What you get for 990
03.11.2010 07:35:00Linden Lab Promoting Music In Second Life
03.11.2010 07:10:00Virtual designs lack graphical appeal
03.11.2010 00:52:00Man vs Second Life Part 2 Watch the Hilarious Sequel to Viral Machinima Hit Read an Interview With the Creator
03.11.2010 00:34:00Op/Ed You8217ve Lost That Web 20 Feeling
02.11.2010 21:40:00Last Chance to Nominate Your Favorite Rock Industrial and Hiphop Performers Performers in Second Life
02.11.2010 18:50:00UBM Studios Creates Virtual Event Directory
02.11.2010 18:00:00Blue Mars Launches Top New Places Listings With Web Teleport Links a Bit Like SLurls
02.11.2010 13:50:00Kokua New 3rd Party Viewer From Imprudence Team Based on Mesh-Compatible Viewer 2 Launches With Aloha
02.11.2010 09:12:00Green Your Meeting By Going Virtual
02.11.2010 05:20:00This Weeks Tonight Live is UP
02.11.2010 03:16:003 Amazing Second Life Sims You8217ve Never Heard Of
01.11.2010 21:53:00Minecraft Metaverse Creator of Hit Sandbox Game Promises Interconnected Network of Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
01.11.2010 20:06:005 Milliarden L
01.11.2010 19:30:00November 1 Fashion and Virtual Worlds - Innovations in Global Collaboration
01.11.2010 18:35:00What is OpenSim standard time
01.11.2010 17:37:00VirtualWorldsNewscom Merges Into wwwEngageDigitalcom
01.11.2010 15:49:00There’s No Getting Lost in the Lunatorium
01.11.2010 15:00:00Virtual Mingle Rooms Show Them What You’re Talking About
01.11.2010 14:19:00For Virtual Worlds to Grow Avatars Must Become More Like Halloween Costumes Where Faces Can Still Be Seen UPDATED With Responses To Comments
01.11.2010 14:01:00Linden Lab Executive Exodus Continues
01.11.2010 09:35:00Last Weeks New World Notes Posts You Dont Want to Miss
31.10.2010 20:03:00AVENUE Anniversary ChouChou
31.10.2010 19:40:00Last Look The October Issue of AVENUE Magazine
31.10.2010 19:36:00November 1 Virtual Fashion and the Lessons for Global Collaboration
31.10.2010 14:47:00Nachlese
31.10.2010 13:57:00Ekphrasis Eliza Wierwight
31.10.2010 04:04:00Avatar of the Day Sapphirerose
31.10.2010 01:02:00Weekend Halloween Machinima Lainy Vooms Tale From Midnight City a Scary Second Life Classic
30.10.2010 23:40:00Prim Perfect’s Guide to Third Party Viewers The Gridnaut’s Friend – Hippo
30.10.2010 23:07:00Die Lesung ist im Gange
30.10.2010 22:40:00Emotional Bandwidth Virtual Worlds and Games in the Age of Imagination
30.10.2010 22:26:00aktuelle Hutmode
30.10.2010 21:34:00Mikro-Probe
30.10.2010 17:19:00Peaches Limondi 8212 Post 6 Grrrrrl
30.10.2010 16:55:002011 Predictions For Virtual Events
30.10.2010 15:49:00October Spruce part 2
30.10.2010 14:44:00Sendeplan für Halloween bei MT
30.10.2010 09:06:00Makeover Magic FunkyFreddy Republic Vampire Craze
30.10.2010 02:46:00<