Luxurious Living Another Look at AVENUE Magazine October Issue 
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Sonntag, den 24. Oktober 2010 um 21:05 Uhr
AVENUE consistently brings you the best in luxury living and entertainment from across the grid. Check out what's new this month:

Page 246-256
The Lyrical Movement: Art Through the Spoken Word
By: Aaliyah Munro

Words spoken over an open mic have the power to inspire, transform, and heal. Read on to learn more about spoken word poetry in SL from the people who consistently "bring it."

Page 215-220
Enter The Void
By: Sensuous Soulstar

Take yourself to a place where time stand still at The Void, AVENUE's Club of the month. Read on to learn more about this chic club and how you can find your place amidst the still of nothingness.

Page 181-190
Seasons of Change
By: Vixie Rayna

As the seasons change, so does SL residents desire to decorate. Find out more about the places that house the warmest, most luxurious furniture and accessories for your home and surroundings.

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Read on: Luxurious Living Another Look at AVENUE Magazine October Issue


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