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Page 172-181
Exploring the Best Places to Call Home
By: Sensuous Soulstar

Home is more than where you change; an expression of who you are, picking the place that feels right to you can become an arduous task. With the vast selection of land out there, there's bound to be some confusion; Sensuous Soulstar shares with us some of the best places to consider when looking for a stylish place to hang your hat.

Page 196-203
SL's Answer to Frank Sinatra
Harry Frychester

Harry Frychester seeks to capture the essence of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble as he croons in jazz joints throughout the grid; read more to learn of his history, motivations, and where he will perform next.

Page 223-229
The State of Haute Couture Homme
By: Carissa Sockington

Machinima, an art form steeped in creative expression, has taken on many forms over the years; this article delves into the history and current state of the genre through the eyes of its major players.

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