Not To Miss More Highlights from the August Issue 
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Samstag, den 28. August 2010 um 22:28 Uhr
Page 62-69
Body Heat
By: Kyrie Source

This season, don't let your summer favorites lie dormant in your inventory; be tantalized as our models show you how to get the most of your barely there swimsuits and bodysuits.

Page 82-93
Art of Fashion
By: Boe Cortes

Explore the concepts of fashion and art as they intertwine in this piece; embrace your flavor of -ism, be that modernism or futurism, and open your mind to exciting pieces to suit all flavors.

Page 128-135
The State of Haute Couture Homme
By: Jarl Soderstrom

Some like it haute; the men of SL tend to be largely overlooked as it relates to high fashion. This piece explores haute couture for men in different forms, and provides ways to create a look reminiscent of those seen on the runway.

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