First Look August Issue Highlights 
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Freitag, den 27. August 2010 um 02:57 Uhr

Page 34-43

Mea Culpa

By: Sensuous Soulstar

Guilty never looked so good. Try the guilty pleasures of Mea Culpa Designs. Where you can break all the rules.

Page 74-75

Get Morphed

By: Imani Enzo

What is all the controversy around Morphed pictures? Love it or like it you can’t deny that you love when such art is brought to life. Be intrigued by one of Second Life’s best Morphographer’s Haedeon Gateau.

Page 46-59

Success in Two Worlds

By: Thalia Jie

Success never looked so good from two worlds. Meet the owner’s of Boudoir and be mesmerized and tantalized by their creative designs. These women have a thirst to go way beyond the boundaries and to push the limits on sexy, elegance and timeless beauty.

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