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Mittwoch, den 28. Juli 2010 um 22:42 Uhr

We  had a small release last week and have been fine-tuning performance in  preparation for our next release. Improving performance is a major  concern of ours and if you haven't yet, please download the latest Viewer. Search performance depends, in part, on Viewer  performance and every Viewer release improves Search performance.

Just released!

You may have already noticed this additional option appear on your in-viewer Search last week. If not, check it out! You now have the option to browse events straight from the Find window in Viewer 2.


Some features of note:

1) Featured
The editorial team at Linden has stumbled across a few events we wanted to bring to your attention, so we've include one of their selections up top. If you have an event worthy of notice, please send in your  suggestions!

2) Choose a date
By  default, you'll see events listed starting with the top of the current  hour. If you're planning ahead, we have a convenient drop-down calendar  for you to choose another date.

Browse by interest
3)  You also have the option to simply select an Event category. We’re looking to expand categories as well and we welcome your suggestions.

Additional fixes included:

  • Performance tweaks
  • Teleport not triggered for specific locations in viewer search
  • Changes to filtered words (Which included this fix WEB-2023)
  • Multiple repeat Destination guide entries on web search
  • Profiles missing images

Release next week!

The  fix for WEB-2378, finally, is coming along with a number of tweaks to the world pages, like visible html tags, table misalignment, classifieds tracking, and broken group links. Also coming next week, is an updated FAQ with additional information on how Search works, including suggestions for all of you who would like to appear higher in listings for your keywords.

We're working hard to increase the frequency of releases and enable the Search team to deploy when needed in order to fix bugs in a more timely manner. Thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding.

On a related note, thank you to everyone who is talking about Search  publicly, in social media, comments, and in forums everywhere. It's a tremendous resource and we value your input highly. Please keep it up!

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